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The Leblanc Residence

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N. LeBlanc

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Posted 14 February 2016 - 04:31 PM

*I wake up with my internal alarm clock at 5:30, instead of at 10:00. I look over and I faintly see Hailey getting dressed on, so I yawn-grunt-sign, catching her attention.*

‘Good morning, Hon.’

*I wake up with my phone alarm at 5:00 so that I can get dressed and head to work.  I head into the bathroom and do my hair and my teeth.  When I finish, I head back into the bedroom and start putting on my base layers.  I pull an undershirt over my bra and then I put on a fishing shirt since I figure that I’ll put my uniform on when I get to my locker at the station.  I hear some strange sound previously unknown to man and I turn around, seeing that Nick is awake.*

‘Morning, sleepyhead.’

*I finish getting my shirt and pants on before I get ready to head downstairs and put on a coat from downstairs.*

*I stay laying on the pillow, watching my wife get dressed.  When I see that she’s about ready to leave, I plead with her to stay, even though I know that she has to head out.*

*I hear Nick ask me to stay, but there isn’t anything that I can do since I have work in an hour and a half, so I bend down and kiss him before I get ready to head out.*

‘Gotta go, babe.  But I’ll see you at mass.’

‘Alright, see you then.  I love you.’

*I give Hale a kiss as she heads out of the bedroom.  As she gets ready to close the door, i call after her.*

‘Happy Valentine’s Day, babe.’

*She doesn’t respond that I can see, so I lay back down and pull the sheets up again until I hear my alarm go off at 9:50.  Then I wake up and roll out of bed before I head over to Kyle’s room to make sure that he is waking up.  I see that he is, so I return to my bedroom and start getting dressed.  I brush my teeth and shave before I head over to my closet and pull out a suit and tie since I’m serving communion this week.  I finish getting dressed before I head downstairs and I start grabbing the rest of my everyday carry.  Kyle comes down eventually and grabs a breakfast bar before we get ready to head out.  I set the house alarm to bypass the garage door so that we’ll have a decent amount of time to get inside.  I get a gift card to a restaurant that I already booked reservations to for after mass as a gift to Hailey.  I get into my truck and back out of the garage before Kyle gets in and we head away to mass.  I head inside and sign in to serve before I grab two missalettes and then a pew.  We’re sitting toward the back rather than toward the front since I know that Hailey has to keep her radio on, and this way it’s less embarrassing and quicker for her to get out.  I say a few prayers while waiting for Hailey to arrive and for mass to start.*

*I arrive at the office and change into my uniform in the locker room before I head to the parade room to get my unit assignment.  Once I do, I head out to the car where I kill off a few hours before I make my way over to Church.  I see that the spot is open beside Nick’s truck, on the end of a row, so I back my car in and then lock it before I head inside.  I find the rest of my family in a pew at the back.  I turn my radio down so that it will not be as loud should it go off.  I take a seat on the end so that I can get out of the pew quicker if there is a call.  Nick, Kyle, and I sit through mass until the sign of peace, when I switch spots with Nicholas since I know that he is going to have to go up to the altar to serve communion.  At the right moment, he leaves the pew and heads up, leaving me with Kyle.  As the people in front of us begin to receive communion, I wait until it is our turn to get into the line.  I head all the way to the front of the procession where Nicholas serves us communion and I head back to my seat.  A few minutes later mass ends, so I look to the rest of the family to see where we are planning to go eat, if we are at all.*

‘Okay, so what are we planning on doing now?’

*After we finish mass, I help the sacristan to clear the Credence table before I meet back with my family.  When Hailey asks what we are planning on doing, I smile.*

‘Ahh, but then it wouldn’t be a surprise, would it?  Just follow us and we’ll take you to where it is.’

*I raise an eyebrow when I hear Nick start claiming that the restaurant is a surprise, but I don’t really say anything.  I head out to my car and then turn my radio back up to a normal level so that I can hear it easier.  I watch as Nick and Kyle get into Nicholas’s truck before they head out.  I follow them, now curious as to where we could be eating that is so secretive.  I follow them for a good bit before they pull into the restaurant.  It’s a place that we’ve eaten before which I enjoyed, but it wasn’t quite a surprise.  I pull up next to Nicholas and then get out, locking my unit.*

*I pull up in a parking spot near the front of the building before I unplug my phone and turn to Hailey as she gets out.  I smile as I walk over to her and Kyle closes the door.*

‘Is this a good place, hon?’

*When Nicholas asks if the restaurant is a good place to eat, I nod.*

‘Yeah, it’s a good place.  I think it’s pretty good.’

*As we walk in, I look at the hostess and tell her that we have a reservation.  A few seconds later, she glances up from her book and nods.*

‘Right this way.’

*I let Hailey go in front of me as we approach the table that they are pointing out for us.  I sit across from Hale and Kyle sits between us.  I look over the menu, looking for what I’m going to order.*

*We share a meal as a family, and while it isn’t too romantic since we’re out in public on a Sunday afternoon, it’s still nice to be with family.  We finish eating and Nick uses his credit card to pay the bill and leave the tip.  I give him a kiss and head out to my car to go out on patrol.  I figure that I’ll bounce back in after my shift ends, but for now, I should at least get on the road and do something with my shift.*


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Lieutenant Nicholas LeBlanc, Paramedic, Search and Rescue, HazMat, Diver

Engine 11

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"You might be a firefighter if your entire wardrobe is t-shirts your friends gave you from their

departments for your birthday, Christmas, anniversary, etc."


"If Prometheus was worthy of the wrath of heaven for kindling the first fire upon earth, how

ought all the gods honor the men who make it their professional business to put it out?"

- John Godfrey Saxe

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H. LeBlanc


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Posted 15 February 2016 - 03:48 AM

*Kyle and I return home and we start relaxing for the rest of the day.  Kyle’s does a bit of his homework to wrap up the rest of that, and I then start to set up the Valentine’s Day gifts for Hailey.  I have a few things for her, it’s nothing big, but I figured that I should at least get her something.  I set up the kitchen table with the display of her gifts and a few simple decorations before I head back and wait for her.  I conveniently close the garage so that it will give me a good indication of when Hale is getting ready to come inside.  That way, I won’t look too lazy since I’m busy watching TV right now.  About an hour later, I hear the garage door opening, so I turn off the TV and get out of my chair and walk over to the house door attached to the garage.  I open it as Hailey pulls her car in, and I wait for her at the top of the two steps leading into the house.  As she walks toward me, I greet her.*

‘How was work, babe?’

*I come home from work and I see that Nick is already at the front door of the house, so I smile and give him a hug as I walk inside.*

‘Work was all right.  Not too eventful, so it was pretty good.’

*As I walk inside, I turn to the counter so that I can put my purse there.  As I’m on my way over, I notice that Nicholas has decorated the kitchen and he has gifts lying on the table.  I smile and give him a kiss.*

‘The kitchen looks very nice, hon.’

*I smile to myself when I hear Hailey compliment how I set the kitchen up.  I honestly didn’t think that it was set up that well, but if she thinks it looks nice, who am I to argue?*

‘Well, I just tried to think what my wife would do and then I set it up that way.  Anyway, go ahead and open your gifts.’

*I get a bit excited when I hear Nick tell me that I can open my gifts, but then I realize that I don’t have his out yet.*

‘Well, you need your stuff.’

*I take off and head into the dining room and grab the packages from there and head back to the kitchen where I do my best to quickly arrange them.  I take a step back and then wait for Nick to start opening his presents.*

*I look to Hailey, who is now watching me.*

‘Oh no.  The lady always goes first.’

*I take another step back and motion for her to go ahead and to open up her stuff.  She seems reluctant to go first, but out of common courtesy, she should be the one going first.*

*I smile when Nicholas tells me to go first, and even though I’m not that interested in going first, I do anyway.  I grab the card first and start to read it.  I can tell that it was a well-thought out card because it’s pretty accurate.  I smile and give him a hug before I go to open the rest of the stuff.  The card was pretty moving, but I notice that so were the rest of the gifts.  I smile and I move the rest of the things over to the side of the table and let Nicholas have his turn.*

*I smile as I watch Hailey open her gifts.  I’m glad that she liked the card, considering that I usually go for the funniest card that I can find, rather than the serious ones like I did this year.  As Hailey continues to open her gifts, I’m glad that I found a few good things for her.  Considering that it’s only a few movies and some clothing, I’m glad that she enjoyed it.  Once she finishes, she let’s me go ahead and start.  I read her card and I find that it’s another sensitive card.  I smile as I read it, because it’s also pretty well thought out.  I give her a kiss before I open the two packages that she wrapped.  I don’t even finish unwrapping them before I get up and give her a hug and a kiss.  We head over to the couch and relax as we take in a movie, snuggled up together.*

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Sergeant Hailey LeBlanc

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N. LeBlanc

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Posted 19 February 2016 - 01:17 PM


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Lieutenant Nicholas LeBlanc, Paramedic, Search and Rescue, HazMat, Diver

Engine 11

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"You might be a firefighter if your entire wardrobe is t-shirts your friends gave you from their

departments for your birthday, Christmas, anniversary, etc."


"If Prometheus was worthy of the wrath of heaven for kindling the first fire upon earth, how

ought all the gods honor the men who make it their professional business to put it out?"

- John Godfrey Saxe

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Posted 20 February 2016 - 02:07 AM

*All right babe, I’m going to bed.  Is there anything I can do for you before I head up?’

‘No, thanks, hon.  I’ll finish up with Kyle and meet you up there.’

‘Okay.  See you then.  Good night, son.’

‘Urgh, night dad.’

*I give Hale a kiss and head up to bed.  I put something I recorded on the DVR on TV, set my alarm on the TV, and fall asleep with the TV on.*

‘Kyle, what can I help you with down here?’

‘Not much, mom.  I’m just working on a paper for religion.’

‘All right then, I’m going to go and head up and get a bath.  All right?’

‘Yeah, sure.’

*As mom heads up, I continue working on my computer, tired out of my mind, but I need to get this paper done before school starts tomorrow.*

*I sigh as I head up to get my bath.  I get undressed and use Kyle’s bathroom since Nick is sleeping in the master bedroom and I don’t want to disturb him.  Once I finish, I put my pajamas back on and then head downstairs.  I see Kyle working on his paper still and I grab my binder from the counter and a highlighter so I can keep reading for my CEUs.  I sigh as I look at the clock and see that it’s been half an hour and Kyle is still working like he was earlier.  I don’t want to butt into this work, but since I know that’s it so late and his 18th birthday is tomorrow, I don’t want his awake all hours of the night.*

‘Kyle, how’s it coming?  Anything I can do for you?’

*I don’t acknowledge my mother as she comes down and grabs her stuff to work on, but I keep plugging away.  When she asks how much work I have left, I get a bit angry before I answer her.*

‘I dunno.  I need to get this done.’

‘All right, well about how much longer do you think?’

‘I don’t know.  I guess an hour.’

‘All right, because you still have to get a shower.’

‘I know mom.  Just give me some time.’

‘Sure.  If I can help you, then please ask.’

‘Yeah all right.’

*I keep working on the paper and eventually, I bring it to a conclusion.  I read it to my mother out loud before I show it to her and she approves.  I shut my computer, head upstairs, get a bath, and head to bed.*

*As Kyle heads up and to bed, I sneak into Nick’s room.  I pat him on the shoulder and I see him jump up from sleeping.*

‘Sorry, hon.  Kyle’s asleep.’

‘All right.  I’ll be there in a minute.’

*I get up and head downstairs.  I’m still wearing a pair of sweats and T-shirt, so I could really give less of a care about changing.  I grab my tennis shoes and a baseball cap before I get my truck keys.*

‘All right.  I’ll follow you once we get there.  The car’s got about a quarter of a tank left, so we need gas for Kyle in the morning.’

*After I wake Nicholas up, I grab a pair of jeans from the closet and then a quarter zip as I head downstairs.  I grab the new keys and then nod as Nick formulates a plan.*

‘All right, let’s go.’

*We head out to Nicholas’s truck and head out to the fire house.  When we get there, Nick stops the truck and lets me out of it right in front of a silver RAV 4.  It’s similar to my car, so I get in and hook my seatbelt up.  I start the car and as Nicholas turns his truck around, I flip the radio onto the XM channels.  The first channel that I find is a Pitbull channel.*

‘Hell no.  That’s got to go.’

*I scan through, looking for something country that Kyle will like, but I’m not having any luck yet.  I’m not really worried about it though, so I start off toward a gas station on the corner of Philly Blvd.*

*As Hailey heads out, I follow behind her.  I don’t see any traffic, and a glance at the clock confirms why.  It’s 3:30 in the morning.  As Hailey pulls in, I figure that I might as well top off my truck, so I pull to the pump directly behind her and start gassing up.*

*I walk around the car and I notice that the body shop people who were supposed to wash the car didn’t do such as good job, but at least they fixed the damage.  I sigh and wait for the click of the pump shutting off.  I reach over and grab the lever, intent on getting it up to an even dollar amount.*

‘Bam, 35 bucks.  We’re good, hon.’

‘All right.  I’ll follow you home, but let me pull in the garage.’


*I get back into the car and I head out again.  A few minutes later, I pull to the side of the road, shy of the driveway, to allow Nick to park his car.  Once he’s in the garage, I pull behind my car and shut down the car.  I head inside and grab the magnets for the side of the car that I plan to put on the side of the car.  I give Nick the keys so that he can put them in the box on the table for Kyle.  Once I finish with everything, I sigh and head inside.*

‘All right, Nick.  You can lock it.’

*I head Nick lock the car as I go and grab a sign to put at the bottom of the stairwell for Kyle when he comes down in the morning.  When I think we’re finished, I give Nick and kiss and head back to bed.  I glance at the clock and I see that it’s 4:30 all ready.  We’ve got to get Kyle up in another hour and a half, so I decide that I might as well just stay awake and sleep after Kyle leaves since I’m off work tomorrow.  I start watching TV again.  I chuckle when I find some reruns of shows that I used to watch a few years ago.  Good TV always seems to be on late at night.*

*I help Hailey get everything ready for the morning and then I head up to the bed.  I see Hailey watching something that I’m really not interested in, so I roll over and start thinking about Kyle over the years.  Inevitable, Jennifer comes up in the mind and I start thinking about her.  I sigh and look toward the ceiling.  I start thinking about what Jennifer would have done for Kyle, and I realize that it’s pretty similar to what Hailey did.  I start remembering the good days as I roll over again.  I see Hailey sitting up in bed, eliciting a smile from me as I go to sleep, dreaming about Jennifer and Kyle.*

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Lieutenant Nicholas LeBlanc, Paramedic, Search and Rescue, HazMat, Diver

Engine 11

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"You might be a firefighter if your entire wardrobe is t-shirts your friends gave you from their

departments for your birthday, Christmas, anniversary, etc."


"If Prometheus was worthy of the wrath of heaven for kindling the first fire upon earth, how

ought all the gods honor the men who make it their professional business to put it out?"

- John Godfrey Saxe

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Posted 26 February 2016 - 03:05 AM

*The alarm clock goes off and I roll over and rub my eyes as I walk up.  I look over to Nick and see him doing the same.  I get out of bed and then head over to Kyle’s room to make sure that he’s awake.  Once I head over to his room, I gently hit the lights and rub his shoulder.*

‘C’mon Kyle.’

*I head out, leaving him to get up himself before I head to my bathroom and brush my teeth.  Once I finish with that, I change the brush head for Nicholas and let him get to the brush and then I head downstairs and get a bowl, milk, and a container of cereal out for Kyle.  I see Nick come down and sit down in his normal spot at the table as he starts to read through the news.*

*I wake up with the alarm clock and sigh.  Another beautiful day.  I look out of the window and I see that it’s pretty cloudy, but the good thing is that it’s a Friday.  I head over to the bathroom and grab my razor.  I start to shave off my neck beard that accumulated overnight before moving on to the rest of my face.  Once I finish with that, I put my razor back on its charger and then move over to brush my teeth.  When I finish that, I see Kyle walk in and start brushing his teeth and combing his hair.  I walk back into the master bedroom, adjacent to the bathroom and I flip through the TV channels before Kyle is finishing up.  I shut the TV off and head down behind him.  I’m a bit excited for him, but I’m more anxious to see his reaction.  He gets downstairs and I sit down in my spot and start to glance at the news as he begins to open the box that contains the car keys.*

*My parents, along with my alarm clock, wake me up, just like any other day.  I to my bathroom, shave, get dressed in my room, head to the master bathroom, brush my teeth, and head downstairs.  When I get downstairs, I see that it’s still dark outside because of the time, but I sit down at my chair and I get ready to start making my bowl of cereal when I see that a box is in front of me.  I look at it, and it turns out to be something for my birthday.  I open it and start to look through it and I start unfolding the tissue.  Eventually, I find that a pair of Toyota car keys comes out.  While I’m surprised that I got a car for my birthday, I knew that I was getting a car because my dad had let out some of the beans in December.  I look over at the car keys and then at my parents.  I finally got a car, and now I have a lot more freedom.  I see that both of my parents are looking at me as I look through the box.*

*I watch as Kyle look through the box until the car keys come out.  He initially looks at them as though they are my keys that I gave him to drive me to the grocery store.  I’m sort of upset that he wasn’t completely surprised.*

‘I see that you’re not too surprised.’

‘No I am quite surprised.  I knew that I was getting a car, but I wasn’t sure when it would be.’

‘Wait, what?  How did you know that you were getting a car?’

‘Dad said that he had to go to the title place to get a car put in his name, and I kinda assumed that it was mine.’

*Damn it.*

‘Oh, well…  Let’s go take a look at it.’

*I get up and head outside, behind Kyle.  We look over at the car and I turn to him.*

‘Well, c’mon.  Let’s start it up.’

*I head outside, keys in hand.  When my mother tells me to start the car up, I unlock it, get inside, find where the ignition is, and insert the key.  I give it a turn and I hear the car purr to life.*

*I myself am pretty excited as Kyle starts the car for the first time, and I hear some of the music come on that I found for him after I pulled into the driveway earlier.*

‘Sorry, but that’s all I could find.  You get satellite radio, and that’s all that I could find.  I don’t know how to change it to your regular radio station.’

‘That’s all right.  I’ll figure it out.’

‘Okay, well I have your magnets for school.  I can’t find the Ellis one…  We’ll get you a new one once we get down there.’

‘It’s right on the coffee table in the living room…’

‘Oh, well, then go and get it.’

*I get out the car and I head inside through the still open door and start looking around on the coffee table.  After only about 30 seconds, I find the magnet and head back outside, eager to put the stuff on the back of my car.*

*As Kyle comes out of the house, holding his magnet, I give him the one for his graduation year as well as the one for his Boy Scout troop.  He finds a place for them before he shuts the car off and heads inside to finish up with his breakfast.*

*I follow Kyle inside and then sit down and read through some of the news as Kyle starts eating.*

‘All right, what the plan is is that your dad is going to follow you to school.  All right?  When you come home, I’ll follow you home.  I’ll meet you one block North and a block East of school.  Call me when you get to your car.  All right?’

*I’m still rather excited that I’ve now got a car in the first place, but I listen to my mother when she tells me the plan.*

‘All right.’

*I finish eating and then I get to my car and start it up.  I see my dad head to his truck and back out of the garage after me.  I wave to my mother as I put my car in drive and round the corner, on my way to school.*

*I start my truck and back out, following Kyle to school.  It’s sad to watch him driving, but I know that he’s a good driver and that I won’t have to really worry about him.  It’s still shocking though that my child is already driving.  I sigh as I start my radio and follow him.  Once he pulls into the parking lot, I roll down my passenger window and pull up to him to remind him of the plan that his mother and I came up with.  He says that he remembered, so I pulled out of the space and head to the exit of the parking lot.  As I do, I get my car to dial home so that I can tell Hale that our son reached school safe, sound, and on time.  She answers and then she tells me that she’s getting a nap, something that I wish that I could do, but right now, I’m focused on going into work since I’ve already got a mutual agreement that’s been holding for an hour.*

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Sergeant Hailey LeBlanc

Field Training Officer

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H. LeBlanc


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Posted 28 March 2016 - 04:57 AM


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Sergeant Hailey LeBlanc

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Posted 05 July 2016 - 08:48 AM

*I pull into the garage and cut my car off.  I grab my purse from the passenger seat, hold down the rear door button, get out, grab my duffle bag, close the garage door, and then walk inside.  I see Nick in the recliner and I smile at him as I walk over to the counter and put my purse down.  I make some small talk with Nick and then head over and start making dinner, the events of the day still fresh on my mind.*

*I smile as I hear Hale come in.  I start normal small talk about how her day was and things like that, but I get the normal response of “fine.”  Not that I can blame her, I mean I’m the same way.  I get up and head over to the kitchen since I hear her starting dinner up.  I look to see what I can help her with.  I grab the things that she needs to make whatever it is that she said that she was making, considering that I forgot what we were supposed to be having for dinner anyway.  I can sense that she’s tense and that she’s holding something back, but I don’t want to push to hard right now.  We finish up with preparing dinner, eat, head to the living room to relax a bit, then we head up to bed.*

*I get some sleepwear, head into the bathroom, start up the shower, and climb in.  As I bathe, I look at all of the marks left by my life.  I have scars from the military and scars from surgery, but the ones that I can’t see are the most troubling.  I rest my hands on the wall in front of me and I let the water run over my hair.  I’m glad that I’m not in Audrey’s shoes, but I’ve served my time.  I take a deep breath, push myself off the wall, pull my hair behind my back, and squeeze most of the water out.  I dry off, put my sleepwear on, and head over to bed.  I et under the covers and try to get comfy.*

*I lay in bed, now with Hale as she twists and turns in every different direction.*

‘Hon, what’s going on?’

‘Nothing.  I just had a call hit close to home.’

‘Oh…  I’m sorry.  You wanna talk about it?’

‘I dunno.  Not really.’

‘All right.  Well, it’s up to you.’

*I keep tossing and turning again until I finally decide I might as well spill.*

‘There was a domestic today and I was first on scene.  Woman and a man were arguing loudly, so we went in.  I took the woman out in the hall and started talking to her.  She had a lot of bruises and cuts, so I assumed that she was abused.  Turns out that she was.  When I arrested the husband and got him in the car, he had some choice words.  I didn’t really think much of it because I was so angry at him initially that I didn’t even think of the parallels, but once we got him locked up, I started thinking about Greg.  I kept thinking about how close I was to that abused woman...’

*I listen and start to hug Hale as she tells her story.  As she starts to tear up and stops telling her story, I can understand where she is coming from.  I don’t even begin to understand how she feels, but I’m just here to comfort her right now.*

‘I’m sorry hon.’

*I wipe my eyes and manage a smile at Nick.*

‘...You don’t have to be sorry.  It wasn’t your fault.  Besides, you’re the person who helped to save me from that.’

*I smile again as we drift off to sleep.*

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Lieutenant Nicholas LeBlanc, Paramedic, Search and Rescue, HazMat, Diver

Engine 11

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"You might be a firefighter if your entire wardrobe is t-shirts your friends gave you from their

departments for your birthday, Christmas, anniversary, etc."


"If Prometheus was worthy of the wrath of heaven for kindling the first fire upon earth, how

ought all the gods honor the men who make it their professional business to put it out?"

- John Godfrey Saxe

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Posted 27 March 2017 - 03:58 AM

*I come home from the firehouse and I toss my keys, wallet, and Leatherman on the counter.  I head over to the living room and yawn as I flip the TV on.  I normally watch a little TV before I get a nap.  I find a sitcom rerun from the early 2000s and I start to watch it.  I lean back on the couch and zone out.  In about half an hour, when the show ends, I yawn and head upstairs.  I grab a T shirt from my drawer, a pair of sweats, a pair of underwear, and socks.  I toss them into the bathroom and I start the hot water in the shower.  I then step out and I take off my dirty uniform.  I leave everything on the ground before I step into the shower.  After letting the hot water run over my back and my head for a few minutes, I shut off the shower and dry off.  I step out and get dressed.  I bring my uniform over to the laundry hamper.  I put my underwear, socks, and a few Navy blue fire shirts in the washer, add some of the detergent to the tray at the top of the machine, start the washing cycle.  Next, I grab my uniform pants from the hamper and turn them all inside out, just like the tag wants.  Then I do the same with my Class C shirts, removing the name tapes from the shirts and pairing them on the top of the machine.  I leave them on the floor and bring the name tapes over to my drawer.  I put them in next to some of my other random things before I remove my badge, name plate, and collar devices from my last Class B shirt.  I bring that over and toss that in the hamper before I put everything on another Class B shirt so that I can wear it when I head back to work.  I yawn and look at the clock in the bedroom.  It’s almost 8:30, so I figure that I’ll go to bed and wake up around noon.  I send Hailey a text to let her know since she’s working.  I leave my phone on the night stand and crawl into bed.*

*A few hours later, I hear the house phone ring.  I yawn and roll over to reach it during the first two rings, clear my throat and answer on the third.*


“Hi, this is Jenny with Credit Card Services.  May I speak with Nicholas please?”

“Uh no.  He’s out of the house right now, but he should be back any second now.”

“No, Okay then.”

“Yeah it’s no problem.  Let me go see where he is…”

*I put the phone down on the bed and smile to myself.  I wait for another few seconds, so it’ll have been just a few minutes.  I pretend that I’m talking to someone in the background for the full effect.*

“Yeah, no problem.  I’ll let her know.  M’am, are you still there?”

“Yes I am.”

“Okay, that’s good.  I think he’s about done.  He’s just finishing with the gasoline now.”


“Yeah, he said that he’s burning his credit cards because he’s tired of getting you people to call him when he’s on the National Do Not Call Registry.”

*I don’t hear anything for a few seconds, so I ask if she’s still there and I’m answered with the beep telling me that the line is dead.  I click off of the phone and drop back down to the bed.  I glance at the ceiling for a few seconds before I look up and see that it’s 11:30.  I sigh, sit up, replace the phone in the cradle, and head to my closet.  I grab a pair of Chapman work pants and put them on before I head outside to cut the grass.  I grab a trash can and drag it over to the edge of the driveway, right next to the street.  Then, I head to the back garage, open it, and push the riding lawnmower out.  I start it up and I turn it around, driving to the front yard through the car garage where Hailey usually parks.  I line the mower up with the first section of grass, drop the blade, and kick the mower into gear again.  I keep the line straight as I mow down the yard.  I turn at the corner and then mow the side yard.  Once I do two laps, I head back to the trash can and dump the clippings.  I replace the container and start mowing again.*

*In about an hour when I’m finished cutting, I put the lawnmower back in the garage where it belongs and head inside again.  I’m a little hungry, so I figure that I’ll go out and get a sandwich or something.  I change my pants into a pair of jeans and call Hailey from the house phone.*

“Hey Hon, what’s up?”

“Not much, what’s up with you?”

“Oh not much, I just cut the grass and did a batch of laundry.”

“Oh, good.  What did you do?’

“My darks.”

“Sounds good.”

“Yeah.  Have you eaten yet?”

“No, why?”

“Well I’m thinking about going to get a burger.  Want to meet me?”

“That’s fine.  Where are you planning on going?”

“I don’t know.  Probably Five Guys.”

“Okay, that’s fine.  I’m in Crescent Falls, so give me like half an hour.”

“Sounds good.  Just call me when you get off the interstate.”

“Will do.  I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

*We hang up and I sit back down.  I’ve got a few minutes to kill, so I put the TV on again and play a little on my phone.  Suddenly I get a call from Hailey, so I answer it and she confirms that she’s getting off the interstate.  We finish up as I grab my, wallet, phone, Leatherman and keys.  I put a baseball cap on as I walk out to my truck.  I start it up and just back out since the garage door is already open.  I put on my seatbelt, my sunglasses, and the Waze app on my phone before I pull onto June Road.  I pull up at the Five guys first because I don’t see a cop car yet.  I sit listening to the HIghway on the radio before I see her pull up.  I hear her gently hit the horn as the cop car pull in next to me.  I turn my truck off, get out, and lock it.  I wait for her to get out as we walk over to the door.  I take my hat and sunglasses off as we walk inside.  I let her order first since she usually takes longer to pick what she wants on the burger while I’m far less adventurous.*

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Lieutenant Nicholas LeBlanc, Paramedic, Search and Rescue, HazMat, Diver

Engine 11

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"You might be a firefighter if your entire wardrobe is t-shirts your friends gave you from their

departments for your birthday, Christmas, anniversary, etc."


"If Prometheus was worthy of the wrath of heaven for kindling the first fire upon earth, how

ought all the gods honor the men who make it their professional business to put it out?"

- John Godfrey Saxe

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Posted 22 April 2017 - 08:16 AM

*I pull into the driveway and hit the door opener and wait a few seconds.  I see that Kyle’s 4-Runner is already in the spot, so I decide to block him in so that Hale can get out and head to work tomorrow.  I turn my truck off, take my phone off of the charger, close the Waze app, and get out.  I lock my truck as I walk toward the door inside of the garage.  As I walk past the opener on the wall, I press it, letting the door close.  I find and insert my house key into the door.  I unlock it and head inside.  I look into the living room where I see Kyle playing something on his computer in front of the TV.*

‘Hey Kyle.’

*I listen to the garage as I hear it open, meaning that my dad is here.  A few seconds later, I hear the door open and he comes inside and tells me hello.*

‘Hey, Dad.’

*I keep sitting on the couch, absentmindedly playing something on my computer.  He comes over and gives me a hug.  As he walks over to the kitchen and talk to Mom, I keep thinking about what I’ve been looking at for the past week.  I guess he didn’t notice the shirt that I’m wearing.*

*Walking into the kitchen, I see Hailey working with something on the stove.*

‘Hey, hon.’

*I give her a hug from behind as I look over her shoulder and into the pot, trying to figure out what we’ll be eating for dinner.*

*I listen as Nick pulls into the driveway, and then over to Kyle.  I keep focused on the pasta in the pot as Nick gives me a hug.*

‘Hey.  How was work?’

‘All right.  How about you?’

‘Not bad.’

*I watch as Hale goes back to the food, so I guess that I’ll go ahead and get a shower.*

‘I’m headed to get a shower.  Anything that I can do for you now?’

‘No at least not until you get clean.’

‘Will do then.’

*I smile as I head upstairs and get my shower.  When I come out, I get dressed in a pair of jeans and a T-shirt.  I head downstairs and see what I can do to help Hale.*

‘Now what can I do for you, hon?’

*I get my assignment from her to take over the stirring of the pasta.  I give it a few whirls before she moves me onto some other stuff, like getting the plates out so that we can go ahead and serve dinner.  I call Kyle over to go ahead and set the table, since that’s normally his job.  A few seconds later, he comes in and I start handing him plates that Hale has finished with already.  In a few minutes, we’ve finished getting everything set up.  We all sit down and say grace before we start eating.*

*I finish with the italian sausage and I take a seat at the table. As we eat I glance at Nicholas, trying both to judge his mood and to find a good time to bring up what I'm trying to.  I figure that dinner isn't the right time, so I’ll wait until after.  As we keep eating, I notice Nick eying Kyle’s shirt, but he really isn’t seeing anything.  I hadn’t noticed it before, but now I do.  I’m not that surprised, but I figure that it can’t hurt to ask him about it.*

‘Kyle, what’s up with the new shirt?’

*I set the tale for my parents while I keep wondering when they’ll ask about my shirt.  I’m really not looking forward to talking about it, but I do want to get it over with.  When my mom brings it up, I figure that I’ll just go for it.*

‘I swapped with Craig.  He had a USAR shirt, so I swapped it with him for one of the new gray KVFD shirts.’

*I sigh before I continue and get to the meat of the conversation.*

‘But I’m thinking about applying for it in the future.’

*I listen to the conversation, before I raise an eyebrow.  As a part of the USAR team, I know that it’s only for County Fire and Sheriffs.*

‘Kyle, you can’t get into the USAR team, it’s only for County Fire.’

‘For the rescue techs, yeah.’

‘Well, then what are you going to apply for then?’


‘Kyle, you know that you actually have to be an engineer to do that…’

‘I know that.  I know.’

‘So then how are you going to be an engineer then?’

‘Well, I’m thinking about making some changes.’

‘Okay, like?’

‘Well, the engineering at Crescent Falls is okay, but it’s not great, so I’m thinking about transferring to another school.  Maybe Clemson.’

*Nick and I are both sort of shocked when Kyle mentions about changing his major, let alone going to South Carolina.  I don’t want to trample on him, but that was definitely out of the blue.  He’s got to have some reasons to that.*

‘Why Clemson, Kyle?’

*Busted.  I don’t really want to drop my main reasons why, but I have several, so here goes nothing.*

‘Well, they’re a nationally recognized school, and they have an excellent engineering school.  They have good sports teams, and the town is based around the college, and they’re away from home, so it would force me to be more independent.*

*I hear Kyle talk about moving, and I don’t want him to move away from home, but I knew that this would happen one day.  He seems pretty set on it, but I don’t know why he’s set on Clemson.  There has to be something more there that just what he’s saying.*

‘Kyle, I’m going to shoot straight with you.  You’re one of the most independent kids that I’ve ever seen.  You went to a school that forced you to live on campus, and you don’t even come home every weekend.  You’ve got excellent grades, and I think you’re in something that you like with nursing.  You’re only working on your gen ed’s, so you can transfer most of them and you won’t lose that much time, but why are you trying to change for engineering?’

‘Well, I wanted to help people, but nursing wasn’t the way to go.  I don’t like medicine as much.’

*I sigh, because I sort of know what Kyle is trying to do, but I don’t want to waste the money and make him unhappy at the same time.*

‘Kyle, if you want to be a firefighter, that’s fine.  But you don’t need to get a college degree, waste four years of your life and waste a couple hundred grand.  In fact, you’re only hurting yourself because someone else is going to get promoted over you.’

‘I know, dad.  I want to be a firefighter, but I feel like that’s not my potential.  I feel like I can do more, but I know it’s not medicine.’

*I nod.*

‘Yeah, I know.  I felt the same way as you do now.  Lucky for me, I was able to find fire engineering in my senior year of high school.  I don’t want to tell you to take a year off, but you transferred a lot of AP credit, so you have the chance to graduate in three years.  I you want, take a year off, but you’re going to graduate in three years.  That may mean that you are taking 20 hours a semester, but it will look a lot better to an employer than just saying that you took a year to “find yourself.”’

‘I don’t know.  I need to think about it.’

‘Look, take your time, but if you can’t, then you will miss out on the applications and you’ll have to take another year at Crescent Falls.  Sound good?’


*I keep looking down at my plate as I keep eating.  I don’t want to say anything, but he made a great point.  I don’t want to change but nursing isn’t for me.*

*We finish up eating, and I go ahead and clean the plates off and put them in the dishwasher.  Nick and Kyle help with their plates.  Once they head off and do whatever, I finish tossing everything that I can into the dishwasher, toss in a soap packet, and start it up.  I sigh as I head upstairs.  I glance over at the TV and I see Nick watching something on the news.  I head upstairs and I go ahead and start doing some laundry.  As I work on doing uniform pants, I think about what I wanted to bring up, but it’s not the night after what happened at dinner.  I sigh and finish putting the batch on.  Once I finish, I head to the bathroom and I get a shower of my own.*

*As the evening news goes to commercial before the sports segment comes on, I turn off the TV, the living room lights, and I make sure that all of the doors are locked.  I put the alarm on stay and make sure that one set of lights are on in the kitchen before I head upstairs and start the TV.  I climb in on my side of the bed and pull the sheets over me.  I lean back, waiting for the news to come on.  In a few minutes, I hear the shower stop and in another few minutes, Hailey emerges from the bathroom.*

*I take my makeup off after I grab a pair of underwear as I leave that on the floor next to the shower.  I throw the pad away and start the warm water before I climb in and take a relaxing shower, thinking about what I wanted to talk about, and the bomb that Kyle dropped at dinner.  I wash my hair and then climb out, get dressed, and take a hit of Listerine.  I finish and then I head outside.  I take my slippers off and leave them by the side of my bed, get under the covers, and start watching the news on TV.  I roll over to him since I know that there won’t be any intrusions and this is probably the best time to bring up what I wanted to bring up.*

*I feel Hale roll over to me with her head resting on my chest as I feel her in a T-shirt.  I look at her back, and I manage to read some of the shirt that isn’t blocked by the covers.  I laugh when I see it’s an old CRFD shirts and shake my head.*

‘Going for some nostalgia, I see, eh?’

*I see her not laugh or chuckle, or even smile as I determine that something is wrong.  To get her to laugh again, I start rubbing my leg up against her’s and trying to tickle her.  She smiles and even chuckles before she shoes my hands away.*

‘Stop it!  C’mon, really?’

‘If you insist, my dear.’

*Once the news ends, I flip the channel to a marathon of some sitcom.  The silence hangs over the room for a bit with the exception of the crowd laughing on the TV.  I finally get up the guts to ask what is up, hoping that it isn’t something that is major.*

‘What’s going on, babe?’

*I hear Nicholas finally break the silence with his question.  I swallow hard to get the lump that just formed in my throat out and blink hard before I start to answer.*

‘What did Kyle say about Clemson?’

*I hear Hailey ask something about Kyle and his school, which throws me off, so I respond hesitantly to her question since I don’t know what it has to deal with the issue at hand.*

‘Nothing much, I mean you heard him.  He just said that he’s considering it.’

*I again swallow hard since I know that I can’t avoid the inevitable much longer, so I ask the only other question that I can think of.*

‘What’s gonna happen if he goes?’

*I hear Hailey ask what will happen once Kyle is gone, so I’m kinda confused, but I’m thinking that this can’t end well.  I start saying silent prayers as I try to think of a feasible answer.*

“I don’t know, why?’

*I feel Nick’s heartbeat quicken as I take a hold of his hand and prop myself up on his chest with my other arm.*

‘I know you’ve seen the My Cousin Vinnie movie right?’

*As Hailey continues to bounce around the subject, I remain worried, but I attribute it to her psychology stuff as I answer her.*

‘Sure, but where is this going?’

‘You know the scene where she mentions her “biological clock”?’

‘Yeah..  Why?’

*I know that this is the tip of the iceberg, so I decide that there is no holding back, so I dive straight in.*

‘Mine is too, Nick.’

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Sergeant Hailey LeBlanc

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Posted 28 April 2017 - 12:45 AM

‘Mine is too, Nick.’

*Although I get a vague understanding of what Hale is talking about regarding pregnancy, I still don’t know where she is going with this, so I decide to look like an idiot so I can make sure that I am getting all of the information that she is trying to give me.*

‘I know that.  What about it?’

*I hesitate for a moment as I hear Nick ask me to spit it out, so I decide to do just that.*

‘We can’t wait to have kids forever, Nick, and I want kids.’

*Relieved a bit of what was just said, I try to add some comic relief to the conversation so that it doesn’t sound so terrible.*

‘What that one down the hall isn’t enough for you?’

*I chuckle slightly and smile as I rest myself on my arm on Nick’s chest.*

‘No, he’s enough for now, but I still want to actually have our own child.’

*I nod when I hear Hale mention that she wants to have her own kids.*

‘I understand that, but this isn’t something that is spur of the moment.  I mean what about what happened when we were first married?  What if it’s worse next time?’

*I nod when the issue of my ectopic pregnancy comes again.*

‘I know, I know.  But damnit, I want a daughter.’

‘Whoah.  Whoah.  A girl?  Those weird things that have moods like my wife?’

*I chuckle and punch Nick in the arm again before I continue the conversation.*

‘Seriously.  I want a child, and I can’t wait forever.’

‘You know that you’ll be off work for a while and they might not let you keep the SAU job.  We have to talk to Kyle about it, and a lot of other stuff, but I want a child with you as much as anything.’

‘I know.  I know…  But, I don’t really care about my job if it’s put up against my family.  Family is the most important thing right now, and it always will be.’

‘We can get the ball rolling if you want, but I think that we need to see a doctor first since there is the obvious.’

‘I’ve already looked online.  There is no need to go the the doctor.  They just say that we needed to wait for a few months and then try again.’

‘I don’t know, hon.  I would never do anything to hurt you.  I’m just kind of worried.’

*I prop myself up on an arm and look over.*

‘Look, we waited way over the time we were supposed to.  It was an accident that caused it the first time, so it can happen again.  I’m not doubting that, but I have to at least try.  I won’t be able to live with myself as my final fertile years run out.  Plus, you deserve it.’

‘It’s not about what I deserve or not.  It’s about you.  I don’t ever want to see you go through that much pain ever again.  I could never do that to someone I love.’

‘Like I said, we’ve got to try.’

‘I know hon, I know.  I want another child too.  There is nothing that I want more.  I just don’t want to subject you to that.  I love you babe.’

*I smile when Nicholas tells me that he wants to have another child since I wasn’t sure about if he would or not and I was majorly concerned.*

‘I love you too honey.  I don’t know how to say it.  I can live with the pain.  I’ve got plenty of enough scars on me to prove that.  I can’t wait to get this ball rolling on our family.’

*I give Nicholas a kiss before I get back to my position I was in before and rest my head on his chest with my eyes facing the TV and our feet.  I continue to ponder the situation and try to see if it will be feasible.*

*I kiss Hailey back as I lean back on the pillow and think about the conversation that we just had.  I don’t notice Hailey’s breathing change, but I decide to just let her sleep or pretend to sleep since I don’t want to wake her.  I watch her and turn off the TV before we fall asleep.*

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Lieutenant Nicholas LeBlanc, Paramedic, Search and Rescue, HazMat, Diver

Engine 11

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"You might be a firefighter if your entire wardrobe is t-shirts your friends gave you from their

departments for your birthday, Christmas, anniversary, etc."


"If Prometheus was worthy of the wrath of heaven for kindling the first fire upon earth, how

ought all the gods honor the men who make it their professional business to put it out?"

- John Godfrey Saxe

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Posted 30 April 2017 - 02:33 AM

*I leave the station and head home.  Kyle’s will be finished with his hast class in a few hours and he’ll be heading home soon after, so that’s when I’ll have to make my move.  I keep going over my mental notes.  This is not something that I wanted to talk about, but Kyle needs to hear this if we’re going to make this kind of a decision.  After a few minute commute, I pull into the garage, with Hailey’s spot empty.  I head inside, unlock the house and turn off the house alarm.  I head inside, and kill some time for a few hours.*

*I yawn and roll over, shutting off my alarm.  I spend a few minutes looking at my phone before I get up and get dressed.  After about half an hour, I check the clock and decide to head to class.  I sit through a lecture for just under an hour and then I head back to my room.  I pack up my stuff and walk downstairs.  I toss my stuff in my trunk and then I head home.  I open up the garage door and I just kill my car behind my dad’s.  I press the trunk opener on my dashboard before I walk to the back of my car, grab my stuff, and head inside.  I see my dad sitting on the couch and I tell him hello as I put my stuff down by the stairs so that I can carry it up to my room later.*

*I sigh as I hear the garage door open.  Suddenly, I’m nervous again.  As Kyle walks in, I give him a few minutes to get settled.  As he sits down at the couch, I hit the power button on the remote and lean forward.*

‘Kyle, we need to talk.’

*I grab a drink and I head over to the couch.  I take a seat, looking to see what’s on, but my dad suddenly turns the TV off before I can see what’s on.  When he makes the comment about needing to talk, I raise an eyebrow, trying to think of what I did.*

‘Ok…  What’s up?’

‘Look, when you started vollying, it was pretty strange for me.  While I’m extremely proud of you for doing that, it makes me nervous because I know exactly what you’re doing.’

‘Dad, you’ve already told me all of this.’

‘I know, I know.  Look, like I said then, firefighting is a great job.  You make a difference that you can see a lot, and you will make a lot of great friends.  But, there is no reason that you should be volunteering.  You can be a paid guy, especially with your experience.  However, it’s a very different job.  You see a lot of things that you shouldn’t have to see.  I spent four years on Rescue 1.  I saw stuff that will always haunt me.  That was the second truck that I ever worked on.  Some of those car wrecks I will never forget, and I see a some of them on a pretty normal basis.’

*I pause for a moment as I change topics and I still try to gage Kyle’s attention.*

‘When you get a call, you’re going to a tragedy.  It could be something as simple as a smoke alarm going off at 4 in the morning, or it could be someone’s house on fire and they are watching from the sidewalk as everything they own turns into an orange glow.  But, sometimes it’s tragedies for your fellow firefighters.  You can smash your head against a wall as hard as you can, but sometimes there’s just that guy who you just can’t save.  It’s a trying job on your family too.’

*I lean back, now holding onto the Coke that I had from the refrigerator earlier.*

‘I doubt that you remember this, and we never told you about this after.  I was a put on a fire truck for one of the few times while I was in college on 9/11.  I remember calling your mom for almost an hour before I finally got through to her, and I told her that we had gassed the truck up, and we were preparing to respond to a terrorist attack.  Now this was after the towers collapsed in New York, so we knew what we were facing.  Luckily, nothing happened to us, but in the days after, we lowered our flags to half mast, and we got a call and I was out in the woods for a few days.  You always asked your other to drive you past the firehouse that I worked at, and every time you saw the flag, you kept thinking that I died.  I would hate for you to ever have to answer that question for a kid of your own.’


*I adjust my legs before I start on the next story.  Kyle’s still quiet, so I guess that’s good, but I’m not really sure.  hailey ‘s the one with the psych degree.*


‘Your grandfather worked during Katrina, and we couldn’t get in touch with him for several days, as you know.  He got PTSD from that.  It’s not diagnosed, but he has it.  I hope that you and I will never have to live through something like that in our careers, but as a fireman, that’s your job.  I mean, you’re going to see things that you don’t want to see, and that no one should ever have to see.  It’s a job that you are never going to beat, but it’s also one that will hurt you.  I don’t want to see you go through that, but I know what’s drawing you to it, and I’m not going to tell you not to listen to that.’


*I lean forward and put the now empty Coke can back on the coffee table and lean back again.*

‘Now if you want to go engineering, you’re going to work your ass off in college.  You’re going to work forty hours a week in an air conditioned office, playing with a computer and pushing papers.  It’s a steady job, and it will pay better than firefighting, but you won’t see the difference that you do.  It’s your decision, and no one else can make it for you.’


*I stay silent as I listen to my dad.  He makes a lot of good points, and it’s a pretty moving speech.  I don’t really know how to respond, but I’m going to at least try.*


‘I get it.  I mean, firefighting was something fun and like mom said, it’s good to put on a resume.  I just want to help people, but I don’t think firefighting is what I’m supposed to do.’


‘Like I said at dinner a few nights ago, I had the same feeling.  There is nothing like firefighting.  If you find something that comes close, please let me know.’


*I take a deep breath before I ask this question.*

‘I want to know what it’s like to work on a bigger city department.  Would it be possible to at least get a ride along?’


‘No promises.  I’ll see what I can do.  Any particular place?’

‘Well I mean, I guess I can’t go with you.’

‘Well, better to be safe than sorry.’

‘Well, I wouldn’t mind going to 19’s.’

‘What?  C’mon.  That’s tourist heaven.  All you’ll do is talk to people and sell T-shirts.’

‘Okay then.  Um, what about 5’s?’

‘Out here?  That’s suburban.  I thought you wanted to see a city station?’

‘Well, yeah, I do.’

‘You want to see city?  I’ll try to get you on at Station 1.  I worked for Andy on the Rescue.’

‘You think that I can get a ride on the Rescue?’

‘Well, I can at least try.’

‘That would be great.’

*I lean back on the couch as my dad turns the TV back on.  I watch the TV, thinking about the conversation that we just had.  As if the decision that I had to make wasn’t bad enough.*

Kyle LeBlanc

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Ex. Kimberly Volunteer Fire Department Member 730

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Posted 03 May 2017 - 12:29 AM

*I send a text to Nick at about 3:00 to see how his conversation went with Kyle.  He sends me one back saying that it went “good” that we can talk about it later.  I’m kind of upset, considering that it really doesn’t help me that the conversation went “well,” but considering that I have Wolf with me, let alone that I’m working in the first place, so we shouldn’t be talking about it on the phone.  I put my phone away and continue my shift.  A few hours later, I put my stuff away in my locker before I change my top, leaving my patrol pants on.  I drive home and pull into my spot in the garage.  I turn off my car, grab everything, and then head inside.  I see Nick sitting on the couch, so I shoot him a look and walk over to the kitchen.  I put my purse down on the counter and finish taking everything out of my pockets and laying it out on the counter.*

*As Hailey comes in, I tell her hello and wait for a few seconds before I walk over to her.  I don’t want to tell Hale about my conversation with Kyle, especially when he’s in earshot.  I head upstairs with her to help put on the sheets on her bed, mainly as a cover to tell her what happened, because I’m sure that she is dying to know.  As we get into the bedroom with the sheets, she spills the question.*

*As Nick suggests that we go and put the sheets on, I get his message and I head upstairs.  I help him carry the sets of sheets for the king bed.  Once we get inside, I immediately ask Nick.*

‘So?  How’d it go with Kyle?’

‘I don’t know.  I think it went well.  I mean I’m not making the decision for him, He just needs to be informed and stop wasting time.  Right now, he’s still in that innocent phase and he hasn’t seen any real tragedies.  I just wish that I could keep him in that phase.  I mean he might as well work for a fire department if that’s what he wants to do, or go to engineering school.’

‘What if he wants both?  LIke you did.’

‘I know, I thought about that.  I mean, I’ll never be the boss at Chapman, and I’ll never be able to open my own firm.  I wasted ten years by not getting on the fire department.  The more that I look at it, the more that I want to have made a decision.  But I know that I couldn’t.  He’s got the same feeling that I did.  It’s a question of what the hell am I supposed to do in life.’

‘Yeah, I get that.’

*I as we finish with the fitted sheet, we move to the top sheet.*

‘I mean, I was lucky.  My decision was kind of made for me.  I wanted to get out, and I basically fell into police, I guess like you did with fire.  I just hate to see him in danger.  Both of us have dangerous jobs, and now he will too?  I mean, shit.  Something happens, we’re all screwed.’

‘I don’t know, hon.  That’s life.  You gotta enjoy it while you can.’

‘Nick, how am I supposed to do that?  My son is debating to get a job running into burning buildings.’

‘Well, that’s family.  I tell you what though, you should have seen his face.’


‘Oh, yeah.  When I said that I’d be able to get him a ride on the Rescue?  He about flipped out.’

‘Good.  You didn’t promise that you’d get him a ride there though, did you?’

‘No, I mean I said that I could try.  I mean it’s Andy.’

‘Andy?  When did he bump to the Rescue?’

‘About a year after he made lieutenant.  He worked on the ladder down there before he bumped over.  I think the dude was seriously in love with that truck.’

‘Good for him.  Have you talked to him yet?’

‘Yeah, I called him to let him know, but I still need to get the paperwork for Kyle.  Plus, the department’s got to clear it anyway.’

‘So you think Andy will take him?’

‘Yeah, I hope so.’

‘That’s good.  I’m glad that you got Kyle with a good lieutenant.’

‘I don’t know what I want him to do, honestly.  I mean I’m so proud of him being a firefighter, but I know what it’s like and I don’t want him to suffer through some of that shit.’

‘Well, like you said, you can’t make the decision for him.  Ultimately, it’s up to him.  I am glad that you’re trying to get him on a paid department, though.  He’s wasting his time out in Kimberley, and it’s so damn dangerous.’

‘Ain’t that the truth.’

*I move over with Hailey to get the comforter on since we’re almost done with the bed.*

‘I mean they don’t have one truck that was built in the last fifteen years.  At least work for County Fire as a volly.’

‘You know he didn’t do that because of you, right?’

‘I know.  I know.  I should have come out and asked what he wanted to do with his life.’

‘That shouldn’t be your job though.’

‘I was the same way as a kid.  I didn’t want to tell my parents that I wanted to fight fire, so I started looking for other stuff to do for a career.  I guess that fire never went out, so I jumped on Cumberland Ridge.’

‘Well, at least it worked out with the ride along.  We’ll see what he wants to do.’

‘Yeah, I guess we will.’

*I put the final pillow on the bed and give Hailey a kiss as we head downstairs.*

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Sergeant Hailey LeBlanc

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Posted 21 July 2017 - 08:32 AM

*I come home from work and see Nick watching something on TV.  I walk in and put my stuff down before I walk over to him and take a seat next to him for a few minutes.*

‘Hey Nick.  Watcha watchin’?’

*I listen as the garage door opens and a few minutes, Hailey comes in.  I tell her hello as I get ready to get up and walk over to her before she comes over and takes a seat on the couch next to me when she asks about what I’m watching I shrug.*

‘Some military history stuff from World War II.’

*I listen as Hailey is silent.  She was never a big fan of history, so I’m sure that she’s not interested.*

‘How was work?’

Pretty good.’

*I pop back from her when I hear that she says “pretty good.”  Even though that’s what she says pretty much every day, she sounded rather excited, so I raise my eyebrows and ask.*

‘Really?  What made it so good?’

‘Well, I got an email today.’

‘All right…  What did it say?’

*I mute the TV as I listen to her.*

‘Well, I’m being promoted to sergeant.’

‘What?  Wow, that’s great, hon! When is the ceremony?’

‘Next Monday.’

‘I’m so proud of you.  I'll definitely be there. You really deserve it.  I know you worked really hard for it.’


‘So what’s your new spot going to bet?’

‘B-Platoon ESS.’

‘That’s great, babe.  Where are you in the county?  Ft. Shannon still?’

‘Well, it depends.’

‘Okay.  On what?’

‘Well the position is Countywide.’

‘All right, well that’s good.  Hopefully they’ll put you out here or somewhere.  I’d hate to see you down in Delmore or South Ft. Shannon.’

‘We’ve had this discussion before.  There’s nothing wrong with being down there.  We’re being paid to protect those people just as much as people in Oxnard or Arcadia.’

‘I know, it’s just that Delmore and South Ft. Shannon are the more dangerous areas of the county.’

‘You mean to tell me that you think that I can’t handle myself?’

‘No, that’s not what I’m saying.  Not at all.  I just worry about you a lot.  You know that.’

‘Yeah, I know.  But still, if I’m down there, then it’ll make it easier on some of the younger guys.’

‘True, but still, you’ve done your time down there.’

‘So what?  I’m old and I need to just retire?’

‘What?  No!  That’s not what I’m saying.  You’ve definitely done a lot of work down there and to be honest, it worries me.  I don’t like thinking of you down there and no offense, you’re not the most intimidating cop in the world.’

‘Oh, so this is the way that you’re going to beat up on my appearance?  I thought that you were better than this.’

‘No, honey.  You’re beautiful and you don’t need to change a thing about yourself.’

‘You just said that I wasn’t intimidating enough to be a cop.  I’ve been a cop for years, even with my appearance.’

‘I know babe, and like I said, you’re a great cop.  And like I said, you don’t need to change anything about yourself.  You know that I love you and I’m extremely proud of you.’

‘Then what’s so wrong with my appearance?  You know I work out twice a week, I use all of these wrinkle creams, I paint my nails once every two weeks, I trim, I shave my legs.  And I do all of that myself. I get my hair done once a month. There isn't much more that I can do. What do you want? Plastic surgery?’

‘I’m telling you hon, you’re beautiful and there’s nothing that you should change about yourself.  Trust me I appreciate everything that you do.  You’re perfect, just the way that you are.’

‘It doesn’t sound like it.  I mean what more do you want me to do?  You know I’m not twenty anymore.’

‘No I know.  Like I said, you’re beautiful.  You’re more beautiful than some of the twenty something year old models on TV.  You may not be in twenties or even thirty, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.’

‘So now you’re saying that I’m old?’

*Son of a bitch, I can’t catch a break.  That, or I’m just a stupid asshole.*

‘No.  I’m saying that I’m old.  We’re growing old together, just like we said at our wedding.’

‘So I am old?’


‘No I get it.  I’m old.  I’ve peaked.  It’s all downhill from here.  Soon I’ll be be fat, old, and wrinkled like a prune.’

‘Babe, no.  I’m sorry.’

*As Hailey gets up and walks out of the room and walks to the kitchen, I follow her.*

‘Hailey, trust me.  I’m sorry.  You’re absolutely beautiful. You’re perfect just the way you are.  There’s nothing more that you could possibly do to make me love you any more.’

‘Except being ten years younger.  Cradle robber.’

‘Babe, what do you want me to say?  How many more times do you want me to say that you’re perfect?’

‘I don’t want to hear you tell me anything.  You’ve made it pretty clear that I’m old and not your type anymore.’

‘What are you crazy?  How can you say that?  You’re not your type?  There is no woman who can make me crazy like this.  You’re a genius, you’re the nicest person I know, you are great with Kyle, and like I’ve said a million times, you’re perfect.’

‘Flattery’s not going to get you anywhere.’

‘I’m not trying to flatter you.  That’s all true, Hailey.  I mean what do you want me to say?’

‘I just wanted you to be proud of my new job.’

‘I am.  I’m over the moon.  You’ve worked so hard for this promotion and I know it’s where you always wanted to work.  You deserve it.’

‘And I deserve better than this right now.’

‘Yeah, you’re right.  You do.’

*A little shocked now, I turn around from the sink and rest myself on the counter.*

‘So what?  What are you trying to say?’

*I sigh before I lean against the wall and continue to my point.*

‘I’m not saying anything.  I made a mistake, I shouldn’t have said anything.  Look.  I don’t want you working in bad areas if you can help it because I love you.  I want you here for as long as possible.  I want to GROW old with you.  We’re both still young and again, like I said just after I proposed, I can’t wait to experience life with you by my side.  You’ve given so much to me and I just want to return just some little small thing to you.’

‘Nick, you didn’t do anything special for me.  That night…  Yeah, I will always owe you, but I chose to go out with you after that and I chose to marry you.  That night you restored my faith in humanity.  It changed my life.  But I didn’t go out with you becuase I thought that I owned you something.  I went out with you because you’re a great guy.  And the more we went out, I saw just how good of a guy you are, I saw just how good of a father you are, and I saw just how wonderful you are.  I didn’t choose to marry you because that was your consolation prize as my knight in shining armor.  I wanted to marry you because I love you and I want to spend my life with you too.’

‘Then why are we fighting?  Look, we’ve both said things that we regret.  We’ve known each other for four years and we’ve only been married for three.  I’m so happy to be married to you, and I’m sorry for everything I’ve ever said that hurt you.  I didn’t mean any of them.’

‘Me too.  I love you.’

*I walk over and give Nick a kiss.*

*I meet Hale halfway across the kitchen and return the kiss.*

‘I love you too, and I’m so proud of you.  Congrats, babe.’

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Lieutenant Nicholas LeBlanc, Paramedic, Search and Rescue, HazMat, Diver

Engine 11

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"You might be a firefighter if your entire wardrobe is t-shirts your friends gave you from their

departments for your birthday, Christmas, anniversary, etc."


"If Prometheus was worthy of the wrath of heaven for kindling the first fire upon earth, how

ought all the gods honor the men who make it their professional business to put it out?"

- John Godfrey Saxe

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H. LeBlanc


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Posted 25 August 2017 - 02:21 AM

*I finish my paperwork a little later than I’d like to, so I quickly head down to my locker and grab my purse and my civilian clothes.  I don’t have time to change out of my uniform if I want to make it home and to change into my dress for dinner tonight.  A few minutes later, I park my car in the garage and then I head upstairs.  I take off my uniform and I lay it out on the bed.  I take the dress that I had planned to wear out of the closet and I drape it on the bed, next to my uniform.  Then I get the shoes and the rest of my clothes.  I smell myself and I nod.  I don’t smell like sunshine and roses, but I don’t have time to take a shower and it’s nothing that my perfume won’t drown out.  I take off my work bra and panties and then I put a nicer pair on.  I toss the old underwear in the bag in the closet for my delicates.  I stand in the kitchen and I look over my makeup.  It looks nice, but because I was only going to work I didn’t cover all of my freckles.  Then, because it was also done fifteen hours before, it’s a little shabby.  I sigh as I get the makeup remover out and I wipe all of my work stuff off of my face.  As I finish that, I walk back over to the bedroom.  Nicholas always says that I don’t need it, but I think that it makes me look better, so I take out a pair of Spanx and pull it on.  I do my best to pull it over my bra strap, but I can’t get it all of the way there.  Next, I put on the purple evening dress that I chose and I pull it on.  I zip it up as much as I can, but I still can’t get the hook at the top.  I walk back into the bathroom and continue with my makeup.  I warm up the water and wipe my face off before I put my foundation and my concealer.  Next comes my eyeliner and mascara then the blush.  I’ll do my lips later.  I undo the bun that I’ve had since work.  My hair is somewhat curled from being pent up all day, but I’m looking for some more, so I start by using the curling iron.  As I’m working on all of that, I hear Nicholas come in.*

‘Hey hubby.  Happy Anniversary.’

*I finish working at Chapman and I walk in.  I was lucky because today I was able to stay in my shirt and tie, so all I’ve got to do is change pants and grab my coat.  I walk upstairs and I see Hailey working on her hair.  I walk in and give her a hug and a kiss from behind.*

‘Watch the curling iron- it’s hot.’

‘Wow I don’t even get a “welcome home?”’

‘Sorry, I’m just trying to make sure that you don’t burn your face.’

‘Yeah, you’re right.  That wouldn’t be a good anniversary present.’

*I keep hugging her as she keeps working.*

‘You look hot, babe.’

‘Well thanks, but I’m not done yet.  Can you go ahead and pull up my Spanx and zipping me up?’

‘Why did you put the Spanx on?  You know you don’t need ‘em.’

‘Well, it makes me thinner.’

‘Why would you want to be thinner?  You’re already perfect.’

‘Thanks hon, but I’m not as young as I once was.’

‘Yeah.  You’re prettier now.’

‘Yeah, right.  Thanks for the complement.’

*I pull her Spanx up above her bra strap and then I zip her dress up.  I let go of her from the waste and I kiss her neck on the opposite side of where she’s using the curling iron.*

‘It’s not a compliment, it’s the truth.  Besides, you look almost to good to let out of the house.’

‘Well, if I look that good, then we definitely need to go out so you can show me off.’

‘Works for me, baby.  Now just the freckles need to make an appearance.’

‘Yeah right.  I’ve already got the makeup done.’

*I walk over into the bedroom to change my clothes.  I get my dress belt out of my closet and my suit as I change, leaving my undershirt, button down shirt, and tie on.*

‘I don’t know why you insist on covering them up.  That’s one of the many things that makes you so beautiful.’

‘Meh.  They’re so uneven.’

‘But it’s that natural beauty.  I’m telling you, we waste more money on makeup than anything else.  I don’t know what it is, but beauty companies would pay you big money for whatever it is that makes you so beautiful.’

‘All right, what did you do?’


‘What’s with all of the flattery?’

‘There is no flattery.  I’m so happy to be married to one of the most beautiful women in history, and we’re going to celebrate that tonight.’


*I finish with curling my hair so that there are some tight waves and I walk out to the bedroom where I put my heels on before I put on my perfume.  I finish and I walk downstairs to the counter where I switch one of my normal purses to one of my evening ones that matches the dress.  About a minute later, Nicholas comes down.*

‘You look very handsome, hon.’

‘Yeah, but not good enough.  I mean I have to compete with you.  I don’t want to walk around with people trying to figure out who I got to marry someone like you.’

*We grab everything as we walk out to the truck.  I back out of the driveway as Hailey comes over and climbs in.  I shut the garage door and drive toward Ft. Shannon and where Hailey made the reservations.  A few minutes later, we park and I get out to open up Hailey’s door.  I shut her door and lock her truck as we walk around the corner building and head inside.*

*As we drive into Ft. Shannon, I know where we’re going, but I want to make it a bit of a sport.  I want to see how well Nick knows me, and how well he can take directions  I guess you could say that I’m a bit twisted.  I continue to give out some small hints, and I’m kind of surprised that Nick doesn’t guess it earlier, but he eventually does.*

*I drive into Ft. Shanon as I half wonder and half navigate through the city, I figure out the restaurant.*

‘Ahh, Deruvo’s.  Good choice.’

‘Yeah, I guess that you could say that I know my husband well.’

*I undo my seatbelt and grab my purse as I see Nicholas hustle to get out of the driver’s seat and around to my side of the truck, so I decide that I’ll take a little longer to get out.  He opens my door and I step down.  We walk over to the restaurant and as we approach the hostess’ stand, I hear them ask if we have a reservation.*

‘Yes, LeBlanc for two at 7:30.’

‘Ahh yes, we’ve been expecting you.’

*As Hailey and the hostess lead us to the table, I figure that I’ll make a joke.*

‘Well that’s something that I never want to hear from a jewelry store.’

*Hailey shoots me a look from over her shoulder and I smile back at her.  As we arrive at the table, I wait to gage Hailey’s reaction.*

*I roll my eyes and glare over my shoulder at Nicholas.  It’s a playful look, but it was still a bit out of place.  As we arrive at the table, I can quickly see that the tables around us do not have the same center piece as this one does.  Instead of a few normal flowers, we have eight red roses and four white ones.  As I sit down, I look to the hostess.*

‘Wow, thanks for the arrangement for us.’

‘That wasn’t our idea.’


*As I sit down feeling like a little bit of an idiot, I look over to Nick and I see him smiling.*

‘Wha…  Did you…?’

*As we sit down, I can’t help but smile as I see Hailey trying to figure out where the arrangement came from.*

‘Yes, I did.’

‘But how?’

‘What do you mean?  I called them.’

‘But how did you figure out that it was here?  It was supposed to be a surprise.’

‘I know, but I wanted to surprise you too, so I called around and eventually found out that you had the reservations here, so I brought flowers here on my lunch break and then had them set it up.’

‘Then why did you act like you didn’t know where we were going?’

‘Well then it wouldn’t be much of a surprise then, would it?’

‘Well you got me.  I thought the hydrangea in my locker was the flowers that you got me this year.’

‘Oh come on.  I can’t let you down.  We’ve celebrated every year like this, so why stop now when there’s no end in sight?’

*I smile when I hear Nick’s comment and I’m getting ready to respond when the waiter arrives and takes our drink order.  As he leaves, I take Nicholas’s hand and get ready to open up the menu.*

‘I love you.’

*I give my drink order and take Hailey’s hand.*

‘I love you too.  Happy Anniversary, Hailey.’

*We order and eat before we head home.  Once we get home, Hailey and I sit down at the kitchen table and we get ready to open our gifts.  Of course, I let her go first as we each open up the cards from each other.*

*After eating a fancy dinner, that I know was a bit pricey, we return home.  I walk through the door and put my purse on the counter before I start to take my heels off.  Nick also starts putting his wallet, phone, keys, and the rest of the stuff that he carries onto the counter next to my stuff.  After a few years, I guess that we’ve colonized the counter space.  I put everything up on the counter before we sit and open our gifts.  I open the medium sized box and I see that it’s one of those tumbler things that is supposed to keep drinks cold or something.*

‘I’ll find a use for this.’

*I watch as Hailey looks at the Olive tumbler, but she doesn’t look all that pleased.*

‘Check out the back.’

*I turn the cup in my hand and I see that he got an image of my badge printed on the cup, number and all.  Plus my name right above it.*

‘Wow, thanks, hon.’

*As Hailey looks at the badge, I smile a bit.  But then she goes to put it down.*

‘You’re still missing it.’

*As Nick tells me that I’m still missing something, I’m a bit confused.  The brand name is on the top and there isn’t anything inside.  I flip it over and I see that he got writing on the bottom of it as well.  I have to squint a little as I read the dates off.*

‘HWL DOB: 8/14/83, HWL+NBL: 6/23/13, Married: 8/24/14.’

*I look at the rest of it and I see that it’s all in a heart on the bottom of the cup.  I smile as I give him a hug.*

‘Wow.  This is amazing, hon.’

‘Well, I figured that you could use it and you’d be able to think of me.’

‘Yeah, you know that I will.’

*I lean back in my chair and look at the cup for a little more before I look up at Nick and slide him his present.*

‘Well, mine isn’t anywhere near as thoughtful, but here you go anyway.’

‘Well, if it came from you, then I’m sure that it will be perfect.’

*She slides me the box and I unwrap it.  Next, I have to use my finger to break the tape on the back of the box, holding the two halves together.  I pull the tissue back and I see that it’s a jewelry case with the SCFD crest on it.  I open it up and I see my name on the top left, her name on the top right, and our anniversary date, all in gold thread.  I look down and I see that she had “I love you” and her name stitched into the felt at the bottom.  I pick up the post card from inside as well and read it.*

‘I thought that you could use something else on your dresser that would remind you of me.’

*There is also an arrow point to flip the card over, so I do and I see that it’s a membership to some fire shirt club.*

‘This is great hon.  I like all of the sticking.’

*I smile as Nick goes through the box.  He’s got some stupid smirk on his face as he does, but when he gets the message to flip the card over, he looks like a fifth grader trying to do calculus, until he figures it out.’

‘I’m glad, because I actually did the one at the bottom before they put the panel in.’

‘Really?  Wow, that’s great.’

‘Yeah, I thought so.  Like the card says, it’s just something else to remind you of me on your dresser.’

‘Why would I need that when you’re in the flesh only five feet away?’

‘So you don’t have to wake me up whenever you leave for work!’

*We both chuckle before I retort.*

‘Well, I guess the same can go for you.’

‘Oh yeah, right.  Waking you up is one of the best parts of my day.’

*We sit talking for a bit before we head up to our bedroom and put on our sleeping clothes.  As we sit in bed, Hailey and I keep talking.*

‘So I think that it’s time to go for it.’


*I see Hailey shoot me a look like I’m an idiot who can’t add one and one.*

‘I think you know what I’m talking about.’

*Now I get it.  I really don’t want to have this conversation again, especially on our anniversary.*

‘Are you sure, hon?’

‘Yes.  I am.’

‘But what about work?  I mean wouldn’t they have to take you out of the field?’

‘Who gives a shit?  Let’s do it.’

‘What about after?  One of us will have to be home…’

‘We can deal with that later.’

‘No, I think we need to be ready before we jump in head first.  We can’t have a baby as a latchkey kid.’

‘FIne then.  I’ll quit.’

‘No!  I would never want you to quit your job.  You love it too much.  I would never do that to you.’

‘So what, are you going to quit yours?  You make most of the money anyway.  You trying to be a stay-at-home dad?’

‘I’m not going to make you give up your job.’

‘Same here.  Look, it’s my job, it’s my body, so as far as I’m concerned, it’s my choice.’

‘So you’re going to quit?’

‘When the time comes, yeah.  I’ll can probably ride for like three months after, then they’ll put me on a desk for like five months and I’ll take maternity.  Then after that, I’m out.’

‘Are you sure?’

‘I’m sure that I want a kid.  And I don’t want to wait.’

‘Yeah, but are you sure about your job?’

‘Yeah.  Fuck ‘em.’

*I sigh as I look down at Hailey.*

‘So if you’re sure then…’

‘I am.  Are you?’

‘Well, of course.’

‘All right, well I’ll take the ovulation test tomorrow then.’

*I smile as I hear Hailey just mention an ovulation test.  I still have my reservations about her working that far along in her pregnancy, but I guess that we can deal with it later.  I give her a kiss as I shut off the lamp on my side of the bed.  I wrap an arm and a leg around her as I give her a kiss on the forehead.*

‘I love you baby.  Happy anniversary.’

‘You too.’

*I wait until she closes her eyes before I do and we fall asleep.*

*I close my eyes for a few minutes before I gently open one.  I bite my lip as I see Nick is asleep.  I do have my reservations, but I’m sure that most people do.  I toss and turn a bit, trying to get comfortable under Nick’s arm and leg.*

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Sergeant Hailey LeBlanc

Field Training Officer

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Posted 29 August 2017 - 04:36 AM

*After not doing anything for the rest of the day, I grab my wallet, phone, keys, and I walk out to my car.  I drive down to the firehouse for the weekly meeting and training.  I park my RAV-4 in the back of the station, along with most of the other cars and I head into the station.  I take a seat in the living room and I listen to the officers as they speak about their topics.  After about an hour, we go out for a training on forceable entry.  As I’m walking outside, I get stopped by Chief Turner.*

‘Where do you think you’re going, LeBlanc?’

‘Out to training, Chief.’

‘Oh no you’re not.  Not after what you pulled on that Delmore house fire last Thursday.’

‘What do you mean, Chief?’

‘If you want to brag about how your father is a SCFD Lieutenant and how your family is better than us, then you can’t be a member of this department.’

‘What?  Chief, that never happened!’

‘Not according to Firefighter McHill.  He said that you and the rest of your county buddies came in and got them kicked off of the fire scene.’

‘Chief, they weren’t answering their radios and we…’

‘Why were you even working with county?’

‘I wasn’t.  I was doing a ride along with them.’

‘What do you need to do ride alongs with them for?  You are a firefighter here.  If you want to be a SCFD firefighter then you can’t be a KVFD firefighter.’

‘But Chief…’

‘Member 730, I need your bunker gear and your radio.’

‘Chief, you can’t be serious…’

‘Either give me your equipment now or pay me for it.’

‘You know what.  You people want to knock paid firefighters, but you guys are more money hungry than anyone working for county.  You can have my gear.  I’m sad to say that I was ever associated with you people.’

*I walk out to my car with the Chief and one of the captains behind me.  I open my trunk and slide my gear bag across the trunk.  I pull my gear out and I detach my flashlight from my coat, remove my tools from my pockets and turn around.*

‘Here’s your gear.’

*I take the gear and drop it on the ground in front of them.*

‘Your helmet.’

‘Oh you’re not getting my helmet.  I bought that with my own graduation money.  If you want my helmet, pry it from my cold dead hands.’

‘Well do you have a receipt for that?’

‘Again, you have got to be kidding me.  If you want to get this helmet then come and get it.’

‘Well you can’t just leave with one of our helmets.’

‘Look, you guys use Lion American Classics.  This is a Cairns 1010.  It’s not one of your helmets.’

‘Well can we see the stickers inside to make sure?’

‘No you can not.’

*I shut the door and start to walk over to the driver’s seat.*

‘We are also going to need that and any of your uniforms.’

‘Not going to happen.’

‘Are you defying one of our orders?’

‘I don’t have any obligation to you guys any more.  You guys are forcing me to leave.’

‘But you used to be one of our volunteers.’

‘Well I’m not any more.  As of now, I no longer belong to this piece of shit organization.’

*I get into my car and drive off from the station.  I’m so angry at this crap that I’m nearly feeling steam coming out of my ears.  I pull over and I call my family and let them know about what just happened.  I’ve got a plan in mind, so I definitely know what I’m doing.*

Kyle LeBlanc

SCFD Volunteer, Station 7

Ex. Kimberly Volunteer Fire Department Member 730

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*I finish putting on a T-shirt and jeans after showering before I head downstairs.  I sit down in the recliner in the living room and flip on the TV. I sigh and find something good on TV.  I shut my eyes for a few seconds before I go back to watching TV.*

‘Nick, do you mind helping me with dinner.’

‘I guess.  Do you mind giving me a minute?’


*I’m not stupid enough for that.*

‘I’m on my way.’

*I wanted to rest for a while because I just got out of a hard day at Chapman after working a 24 at the firehouse, but Hailey wants my help.  I take a deep breath and get up from my chair. I leave the TV on and I walk over to the kitchen, trying to find out what I can help with.*

‘What’s up?’

*I see Nick come down, changed out of his Chapman stuff, but still obviously tired.*

‘Well, I’m cooking one of your favorites.  Muffaletta pasta.’

‘Sounds good.  What do you need me to do?’

‘Well I’ve already chopped everything.  Can you grate the cheese?’

‘Yeah, no problem.’

*I walk over to the fridge and get out the provolone cheese that she got from the grocery store.  I take a knife and cut the circular block in half before I get the grater from cabinet below the stove.  I put it on top of a plate and I start to scrape the one half of the cheese block against the grater. I do both halves of the block before I take the grater off of the plate, careful to make sure that the cheese stays in a pile on the plate.  I turn to Hailey and ask her what else I can do.*

‘Nick and I make small talk while he works on the cheese and I work on the olive salad.  When he asks me what else he can do, I shake my head.*

‘I don’t think anything.  Just go and set the table.’

‘Will do.  Where are we eating?’

‘We can eat on the coffee table.’

‘That’s fine.  Do you have something that you want to watch?’

‘Yeah, just set the table.’

‘All right.’

*I get a paper towel, knife, and fork for each of us before I walk back over to the refrigerator and get her an Ale-8 and I get a Cheerwine from the fridge.  I bring both of them over to an empty spot on the island in the kitchen before I open up one of the drawers in the island and I get the bottle opener. I use the forks on the halligan bottle opener and I open her bottle and then my own.*


*I chuckle and shake my head.*

‘Let me guess, you’re using your bottle opener?’

‘You guessed it.’

‘They’re still screw tops.’

‘Really?  I didn’t know that.’

*I put a sarcastic spin on it as I grab the two bottles from the necks and then walk over to the coffee table in the living room.  I put the bottles down for each of our plates before Hailey brings my plate over and then hers. We sit down as she flips the TV over to some comedy show.  We watch the show for a while and when it gets to the first commercial, I figure that I’ll go ahead and broach the subject.*

‘So I got an email today.’

*I bring the food over and set them on the table.  I sit down, stay grace, and flip the TV channel. I take a few bites and keep watching.  Once we get to a commercial, I hear NIck’s comment. I raise an eyebrow before I hear him out.*

‘Okay, what about?’

‘From Hanahan.’

‘The other engineering firm that offered you a job back in college?’


‘Okay.  So what was the email about?’

‘Job offer.’

‘Really?  What for?’

‘Well, it’s for a Vice President.’

‘They’d make you Vice President from outside?  What’s the division?’


‘Fire research.’

‘Okay, so any drawbacks?’

‘Well, yeah.  For starters, it’s full time, so I’d have to retire from the fire department.’

*I raise an eyebrow when I hear that Nick would have to retire.  I’m not that keen on him working for the fire department, but we’ve already had this discussion.  Several times.*

‘Is that the only drawback?’

‘Well.  The job is in Houston.’

*I look down at my plate, but I raise my eyes to judge Hailey’s reaction.  I know that she’s already happy that I’d be leaving the fire department, but I really don’t want to uproot and travel a thousand miles away.*

*I jump when I hear that the job is in Houston.  What’s worse is that it sounds like he’s actually considering it.*

‘Well that’s a big change.  I mean how much are you considering it?’

‘Well I mean it’s Hanahan.  It’s a national company that does a bunch of research.’

‘Well I mean, but don’t you do a bunch of that now?’

‘I do, but there I’d be able to choose the projects that we’d work on.’

‘But don’t you basically do that now for Chapman?’

‘I do, but I mean it’s Hanahan.  The research grants almost all go to them or one or two other places.  I’d be able to write my ticket anywhere there.’

‘Well, how realistic is it that you get it?’

‘Well, I’d be working there as basically the assistant director before I got my Ph.D.’

‘Ph.D.?  That’s a lot of work.  What do you think?’

‘I don’t know.  I don’t want to do it, but they offered to pay for it.’

‘A free Ph.D.?’

‘That’s why I’m considering them.  Plus I mean I’ll have had probably 25 years in the field and working in suppression for just as long.  Coming out of a company like Hanahan, that’s writing my own ticket anywhere.’

‘True.  But I mean where else would you go?  Didn’t you say that Chapman and Hanahan are like the peak?’

‘They are, but just think how good that would sound for my own firm.’

‘Are you serious?  You want to start your own firm?’

‘Well why couldn’t I?  I’m a Senior Partner now, I’d be a VP there.  The only other way to run my own firm.’

‘But I mean that you’ve been with Chapman for years.  You worked your way up. How is a Senior Partner going to leave them and go to a competitor?  Wouldn’t VP be lower?’

‘Well I mean from a money perspective?  No. From a leadership perspective, probably.  But I mean this is what I wanted to do since I was in high school.’

‘I don’t know.  Couldn’t you move up to Kelly’s or Warren’s job?’

‘Yeah, eventually.  But I’d still have to retire from the fire department and I wouldn’t be able to do nearly any research then.  I’m already in a paper pushing job as it is now.’

‘And you think that would be different with a title like Vice President?’

‘True.  But at least it’s in the research division.’

‘Do you really want that?  You’d only get to do research.’

‘I don’t know.’

‘Just think about it.  We’d have to move for a job with a company that could just move you around later.  Why don’t you just stick with Chapman?’

‘I mean there’s just not that big of a opportunity for advancement.’

‘The only reason that you had advancement opportunities with Hanahan was that you were taking a full time job.  If you did that with Chapman, you’d move up too.’

‘Yeah, but I’ve already said I’d take a full time with them if it was offered to me.’

‘But you have to think, they’re not going to offer it to you because it’d take you at least three months before you could start.  And they’re not going to give you a position like Kelly’s or Warren’s unless you are going to start the next week.’

*I nod.  She’s got a point.  Plus I know that it’s her way of pushing me out of the fire department.  I definitely don’t want to fight her on it. It’s certainly a big deal, but I don’t know what to do.*

*After a few seconds of silence, I say it again.*

‘Just think about it.  When you you have to let them know by?’

‘Close of business next Thursday.’

‘So you’ve got some time to think about it.  Do you know anyone who works there?’

‘Yeah I do.  I’ll reach out to them and ask.  I think that most of them aren’t in research, but I’ll find out.’

‘Yep, that’s what I’d do.  Just look into it. I don’t think that you’re going to get a better offer than what you have right now.’

*We go back to watching TV, and I notice that we missed a pretty big portion of it, so I rewind the TV and start watching it from the end of the commercial where we started talking.*

*I keep thinking about what Hailey said.  I finish eating and lean back in the couch and I start thinking about what she said.  I keep thinking about it for the rest of the night. Not just the offer itself, but also about who I should call, what I should ask them, what kinds of housing that we should be trying to find.  Then I’ve got the whole dilemma with the fire department. That’s a whole other thing in and of itself.*

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Lieutenant Nicholas LeBlanc, Paramedic, Search and Rescue, HazMat, Diver

Engine 11

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"You might be a firefighter if your entire wardrobe is t-shirts your friends gave you from their

departments for your birthday, Christmas, anniversary, etc."


"If Prometheus was worthy of the wrath of heaven for kindling the first fire upon earth, how

ought all the gods honor the men who make it their professional business to put it out?"

- John Godfrey Saxe

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*I wave Nicholas and Kyle off from the front door and then head back in.  I haven't said anything yet, but I've been feeling kind of weird recently, and I've had an inkling as to what it is.  I walk back to the bathroom and grab the magnet from the counter so I can open the bottom cabinets where I hid an old post office envelope.  I pause before I reach inside, removing two different pregnancy test sticks. I walk to the downstairs bathroom and lock the door. I sit down on the toilet with my pants still on and take a few seconds.  Part of me wants to know. Hell part of me needs to know. But at the same time, I’m scared. Really scared. This happened once before and I had to have a fallopian tube removed. What if this is the same or even worse.  Not to mention the fact that I’ll be a mother.

I say a prayer before I open up the wrapper for the first test.  I read the instructions with shaking hands. I take another deep breath once I finish reading and I go ahead and pee.  When I’m done, I close the cap on the tip and leave it to sit on the bathroom counter. Once I finish, I wipe and head for the kitchen.  I try to occupy myself with other things, but the only thing I can think of is the clock. When I see that four minutes passed, I close my eyes again and saw another prayer.  It may be religious, it may be just to kill time, who knows. I walk back over to the bathroom and take another second before I look down. I see four lines, meaning the test was positive. While I should be jumping for joy, I also swallow hard.  I’m certainly excited, but I’m also terrified. I’m almost to the point of tears. I put the test in the cabinet so I can surprise Nick with it later. I also want to take the second test just to be sure.  I head to the laundry room and celebrate while freaking out since I'm finally pregnant.*

*I see that my shift is ending soon and I need to head home and pick Kyle up to bring him to school.  I wrap up my manpower and take my Class B shirt off and put it in a hanger and hang it on a door knob so I can easily take it out.  I head to the living area and chat with the rest of the guys until my relief comes in and I turn everything over to him before I grab my uniform shirt and head out.  I hang my dress shirt on the passenger seat headrest as I grab my phone to call home. I dial my home number from Hale’s contact and hear Kyle answer.*

“Hey bud, I’m on my way home.”

“All right Dad.  See you shortly.”

*We hang up and I start my truck and head home.  About fifteen minutes later, I pull into the driveway, open the garage door, park my truck, and head inside with my dirty clothes and sheets.  I bring them up to the laundry room and I put the rest my stuff on next to the hampers as I go ahead and sort everything. Once I’m done with that, I grab a shirt, tie, and dress pants and bring them to my bed.  I change into it and then I head down to my truck to head to Chapman. I grab a bottle of Cheerwine and bring it with me to my truck. As I get into my truck, I see Hale watering plants in the backyard. I walk over to her and watch as I let her know that I’m leaving.*

‘All right, Babe.  I’m off to work. Anything you need while I’m out?’

*As Nick comes up to me, I bite my lip and decide to stick to my plan and tell him about the test results later tonight.*

‘No, I’ll be fine.  Thanks. See you tonight.’

‘Sounds good.  I love you.’

*I start walking back toward my truck.  I get in and start my truck before heading to work.*

‘Love you too.’

*As Nicholas leaves, I give myself a small pat on the back, considering that I did not think that I would be able to keep the news in.  One hurdle down, for now at least. I finish watering the plants, and I do my best to rack the hose. Of course, I’m not that successful.  Let the one cop in the family instead of the two firemen do it. I rub my hand over my belly, knowing that I won’t be able to feel anything anyway.  I smile to myself and sigh as I continue with my errands.*


*I come home from Chapman and I bring my computer bag inside with me.  I bring it in with me and I put it down next to the counter. I walk over and give Hailey a kiss and say hello before I take my keys, wallet, Leatherman, and phone down on the counter.  I sit down and exhale while I kick my shoes off and I head upstairs. I put on an old fire department shirt from college and a pair of jeans before I head downstairs. I offer to help Hailey, but she tells me that she doesn’t need help.  She seems off, but I’ll ask her later. I sit down in the living room as I lean back in the recliner. I put the TV on and find something while I relax for a few minutes. Once Jeopardy! Ends, I walk back into the kitchen and again offer to help.  Hailey tells me that she doesn’t need any help, so I go back to the kitchen table and I take out some of my papers and my laptop while I work on some work from Chapman. After about thirty minutes of working, Hailey comes over with some of the place settings for dinner, so I pack everything up and help her finish setting the table.  We say grace and start to eat. We make small talk for a few minutes while we eat the salad that Hailey just made. Once Hailey finishes with hers, I take our two bowls and bring them over to the sink. I rinse the dressing out of the bowls before I put them in the dishwasher and I grab the plates and bring them over to the table. I give Hailey her smaller portion before I sit down.  We talk a little about work before it gets quiet for a few seconds. Soon, we finish eating after some more small talk and I help her clean what we can before putting it away and the plates in the dishwasher. When we finish, the two of us walk over to the living room and flip through the channels until I find something decent.*

*I work on dinner as Nick comes home.  I’m nervous as he walks in, but I’ve already rehearsed what I’m going to say, so I need to be calm and just wait.  I ask him how his day was and I gear “good,” just like normal. As he heads up to change out of his dress clothes, I try to calm down and reinforce my guard to make sure that he doesn’t get it out of me.  It’s been a while since I’ve been tested with information like this. I get him to help me set the table a few minutes later and we sit down to eat. We say a prayer before we start to eat. We get a little more in depth about his day before he asks about mine as he gets up.  I tell him that I didn’t do all of that much but working outside in the garden and heading to the grocery store. As he comes back to the table with the plates that I already spread out for the main course. As we start eating, I stop halfway through and take a deep breath. I back out at the last second and we continue to talk about his work and other small stuff.  Once we’re finished eating and cleaning up, I walk over with Nick to the living room and sit down with him on the loveseat. Once he finds something on TV, I lean over and rest my shoulder and my head on his chest. I’m going to have to suck it up and say something, but I don’t know how he’ll take it. With all of the medical trouble that I’ve had, and with… well my age... it is dangerous.  Here goes nothing.*

‘So I found out something this morning.’

*As Hailey says something vague, I figure that this is why she’s been nervous or whatever.*

‘’Okay.  What’s up.’

‘Well I’ve been feeling a little weird the last few days, and now I know why...  I’m pregnant.’

*I look down and grit my teeth before looking up at him while keeping my head down, trying to gage Nicholas’s reaction.*

*I raise an eyebrow when I hear Hailey say that she hasn’t been feeling that well.  She told me some of it on Monday, but I hadn’t heard that she was feeling bad for the past few days.  When she says that she’s pregnant, my jaw about drops to the floor.*

‘Are you serious?’

*I start to smile uncontrollably as I listen to her response.*

*When it seems like he’s taking it well.*

‘Yep.  I took two different tests this morning, both positive.’

‘Honey, that’s great!’

*I squeeze her shoulders harder and kiss her forehead.*

*Nick’s definately taking it well, but I’m afraid that he’s not seeing the negative, which I guess is refreshing.  It seemed to me like every other time that we would discuss something like this, he was the one who saw the negative.*

‘I’m glad that you’re so excited.’

*I pop back, a little surprised by what Hale just said.*

‘What do you mean?  Aren’t you excited.’

*I stay quiet for a few seconds, trying to pick my words carefully.  I can almost feel him waiting on a answer.*

‘I am excited, but I‘m also really scared?’

‘Why are you so scared?  You’ve been a mother to Kyle for years.’

‘Nick, I almost died the last time I was pregnant.  What it happens again?’

‘Honey, you’re going to be fine.  The doctors all said that it would be fine.  We’ll go to the doctors as much as possible. It’ll be fine.’

‘But what if they miss something?  It’s not just me, it’s our baby too.’

‘I know, babe.  I know. You’re not the first person to have gone through this.’

‘Nick.  You don’t understand what I went through last time.  I felt terrible. I…’

*I can feel Hailey starting to shake as she starts crying.  I don’t blame her. I just hold her and try to comfort her as best I can.*

‘They had to remove one of my tubes.  They told me that I probably would never get pregnant again.  I didn’t even feel like a woman anymore.’


‘You don’t understand.  I killed our child. I wasn’t a suitable mother.  It was my fault. If it wasn’t for me, then our baby could be here.  It’s my fault..’

‘Honey, don’t ever say that.  There was nothing that you could have done…’

‘But what if there was?  What if our child had been born?  I think about that every day. I don’t even know what our child’s gender was and I feel like they’re part of the family.  They should have been here.’

‘Hailey.  Listen to me.  It’s not your fault.  Okay? You did nothing wrong.  It just happened and that’s it.’

*I pause for a few seconds.  Hailey’s too broken up to continue, so I start again.*

‘You’re not the only person who thinks about it.  I think about it every day. I think about what could have been, but you know what, it didn’t happen.  There’s nothing that we can do about it. We’re getting another chance, and I’ll be damned if we don’t even try.  I love you too much to waste it.’

*I listen to what Nick says, but it doesn’t make that much of a difference to me.  I didn’t know about what he had said about thinking about our child. We shoved it down and never really talked about it before, but now it helps.*

‘What if our child has some kind of disability?  I’m not in my twenties anymore and I’m not perfect down there.’

‘Oh come on, if anything you’ll be the reason that our child will be normal.’

‘No stop it, seriously.’

‘Listen to me hon.  I have dysgraphia and an executive functioning disorder.  If anything, I’m the reason that our child would have problems.’

‘Don’t say that.  My age isn’t helping.’

‘Babe, look.  I don’t care about your age.  Okay? It doesn’t matter. And it doesn’t matter if our child has any disorders or not.  There’s nothing that we can do about it, and it’s not going to stop us from loving them.’

‘I know, but I just feel like it’ll be my fault.’

‘It won’t.  Trust me.’

‘I’m so sorry.’

‘For what?’

‘For messing up your dreams of a family.’

‘Don’t say that.  Do not ever say that.  There is nothing that you could ever do to change that.  I love you. Okay? It doesn’t matter about the past. That’s over and there is nothing that we can do about it.  Let’s just focus on the present. Let’s focus on what we can change, all right?’

*I don’t say anything until Nick asks again and I nod and weekly respond with a yes.  I keep looking at the black screen. He helped a little, but I’m still scared out of my mind.  First thing in the morning, I’m calling my doctor and I’m getting the first appointment that I can.  I am excited, but I don’t know what I’m going to do.*


​'Just promise me that we aren't telling anyone. I don't want to go through what I went through last time.*




*I don't blame Hailey for what she just said. If I were in her shoes, I wouldn't want to be put in that situation. That being said, it's just going to be hard to keep it under wraps with how excited I am.  That and how afraid I am with it.  I kiss her on the head as we sit thinking about the conversation.*


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Lieutenant Nicholas LeBlanc, Paramedic, Search and Rescue, HazMat, Diver

Engine 11

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"You might be a firefighter if your entire wardrobe is t-shirts your friends gave you from their

departments for your birthday, Christmas, anniversary, etc."


"If Prometheus was worthy of the wrath of heaven for kindling the first fire upon earth, how

ought all the gods honor the men who make it their professional business to put it out?"

- John Godfrey Saxe

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