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Posted 07 November 2018 - 04:31 AM

*Going on hour number five, I can only imagine what Hailey is facing.  I’ve felt pain before, and I know that she has, but watching someone else go through it is something just makes me feel like shit.  She keeps trying to change positions and I keep trying to get her to focus on her breathing, but each contraction just seems to get worse for her.  I know that she’s already had the epidural, but she’s still in pain. There are also all kinds of instrumentation that are attached to her, and I really do feel sorry for her.  I keep stroking her hand and trying to take her mind off of it. It’s probably just as much for me as it is for her, but I just want to do something. Another three hours later, Kyle’s there now and it gives me a chance to take a few steps outside of the room to take a break.  It’s getting dark outside already, but I still don’t think that she’s anywhere close. The last few times they came by to check her, she had only dilated about 7 cm, so he had at least 2 to 3 more to go. I really feel sorry for her.*

*As I sit in the hospital, I know that Nick is trying to help me by keeping my mind off of it, but it’s not helping me.  It’s helping him though I’m sure, so that’s why I’m letting him keep doing it. I keep trying to pivot my hips to reduce the pain.  It’s helps a little, but still not all that much. Thank god I took the epidural. As I go on hour 8, I know that I could have up to 12 more hours.  Luckily, they said that I’ve already dialated about 6 or 7 cm, so at least I’m past halfway. In literally the 12th hour, I can feel something change.  It feels like I’ve got to shit. I guess the baby’s coming. I hit the nurse call button and when Francine comes in, I tell her and immediately she goes and gets my doctor and a few other people.*

*When Hailey tells me that she thinks that she needs to start pushing, the rush of adrenaline starts as I get ready to go and get the rest of the staff, but they’re all ready on their way since she hit the button.  I take a step up near her head and I grab her hand as she starts following the doctor’s instructions about when to push. I don’t want to get in anyone’s way, but I still want to be near my wife while she gives birth.*

*As Nick takes my hand, I start trying to push when the doctors want.  All of the books that I read talked about not contorting my face, but they had no idea what the hell they were talking about.*

‘Ok Hailey, I need you gently push.’

*Yeah, no.  What the hell does gently mean.  I try to give my best impression of “gently” as I start to push.  A few minutes into pushing, it gets rather nasty down there. It’s the same muscles I guess.  That’s a major hit to my self esteem. In addition to God only knows how many people looking at my crotch, now this.  I put it out of my mind as much as I can for now as I keep pushing. The process goes about fifteen minutes or so, and I guess according to plan.*

‘Hailey, here’s your daughter.’

*I watch as my doctor stands up with her and places her on my belly as they clean her off.  It’s an overflow of emotions. Physical relief, but also love and happiness. I look up at Nick, extremely tired, but happy.  I tighten my grip on his hand and smile as they hand our daughter to me. I sit up and hold her. Everything went well, which is exactly what I asked for, but also I finally get to hold my daughter.  After about a minute or so, they take her from me to cut the cord. That’s that new medical research I guess. They let Nick cut the cord, as was our preference. They first check the heart rate before they claim the cord.*

*The take our daughter from Hailey and they claim the umbilical cord.  They claim it off near our daughter and also near Hailey as they let me cut the cord.  I cut where they tell me, and honestly it’s not like the movies. There’s a bit of fluid that comes out, and of course she’s crying.  I’m a bit confused by the section of the cord that they wanted to keep before they hand our daughter back to Hailey.*

*I watch, still recovering from the actual birth while they cut the cord before they hand her back to me for a few minutes before they do another examination.  Then I’m asked to breastfeed her. I let her calm down for a bit before I bring her over to my left nipple. She takes a bit, but eventually she latches on and starts.  I watch as she does. It’s a very strange feeling, but not necessarily a bad one. Francine tells me that she is going to make the ID bands up for us and asks what her name is.  Nick and I look at each other and smile before I look back to her and give her the name that we picked out.*

‘Julianna Katie LeBlanc.’

*Francine smiles before she walks out of the room.  A few minutes later, they come in and bring the ID bands for us.  They first give Nick his before they give me mine and then Julianna’s around her ankle.  They also take two sets of footprints, give her a shot of Vitamin K and then they give her a set of eyedrops.  When Francine tells me that she’s done for a few hours before she gives Julianna a bath and another exam. As they leave us alone, Nick and I hold Julianna for the first time.*


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