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#221 E. Hawke

E. Hawke


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Posted 17 October 2018 - 05:41 PM

*Having grabbed all my stuff and making all my checks on the vehicle I climb into 201.  Putting my coffee in the cup-holder I close the driver's door and start up the engine.  Making my way out of the station's parking lot I key up the mic*


"201 available on patrol, Northern Ft. Shannon"


*Letting go of the mic I make my way towards Bay Street.  With the Mustangs in the playoffs and the stadium being on that street I figure it's the best place for trouble to occur.  Especially since tonight is a home game and the divisional series is tied at 1 game each.*


Deputy Evelyn Hawke






#222 J. Scott

J. Scott

    Probationary Deputy

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Posted 18 October 2018 - 03:33 AM

*I get into 208 and have a seat on the passenger side. It's Caldwell's turn to drive again. He had me drive the entire last week and I can tell he misses being behind the wheel.*


Caldwell turns on the engine and we proceed out of the lot. '208's available, patrolling Delmore' I say over the radio.


'Well you were right. By a damn field goal. They beat them by a damn field goal.' I say to Caldwell in reference to a recent pro football game. Caldwell bet me breakfast last time we worked that his team would beat mine. There was no way. His star QB was out on injury, half the receiver corp has butter fingers, and I swear I'm faster than their starting running back; Yet they managed to beat my team. Unbelievable. A 4 game winning streak beaten by a bunch of losers....at least in my opinion.


'I mean our defense just didn't show up, and you guys did.' I said trying to justify the upset.


'Well, sir. I'm a man of my word. If you don't have a preference I know a place on Washington by the high school.'

#223 J.Patterson



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Posted 21 October 2018 - 06:21 PM

*im heading south to my patrol area electing to take the scenic route by the waterfront parks i roll up to a redlight,i take note of the traffic,which is backed up,thats not normal,my light clears and i proceede to head through the thicking traffic at thispoint im scratching my head as i get to the intersection before the bridge i spot flashers on the bridge or just after it,so i flip my lights on and try to push through the now practically standstill traffic alternating my sires as needed till i arrive at the south 1st street intersection,theres a dodge caravan into a fire hydrent and up its ass is  of all things a smartcar,i park up with my lights on and flip my traffic advisory lights on as i key  my mic* "220 from county,ill be out as a car into another car and fire hydrant on the intersection of bay street and south first,will advise" i open 220s door grabbing my traffic vest as i step out,imeditally spotting what looks like a 17 or 18 year old girl upset and crying as shes exchanging insurance info with a women in her 60s*


teen girl: 'im sorry im srry*sobs* i looked down at my phone and my foot slipped off the brake,dont tell my dad i got the car as a gift for college'

* i look back at the smoart car,outta state plates from Wisconsin,i sigh mentally at the girl as it had to be one hell of a drive as she starts to yammer about not even having her belongings in town yet i get in talking distance the girl sees me and her face goes so white you'ed think she saw a ghost just now*


me: hi there im sergeant patterson,that wreck behind me yours,the backed up traffic had me curious,do either of you need me to call medics?'


*the teenager still white as a zombie start sobbing and nodding her head 'please dont take me to jail' she wimpers the older lady  now speaks* 'hello sergeant,im just exchanging info with her im fine,wasent even gonna sue or anything,i was young and nervous once' *the teen sighs like she had been holding her breath for ever her face regaining color*


teen girl: 'thank you thaaank you thank you...im super sorry about your van, now im new in town and i dont have a car,lawschools off to a great start'


*i chuckle trying to further ease tension* 'accidents happen,youll be alright the countys a fairly decent place,what are you going to lawschool for?and can i get both your names please'


both women nod and hand me there licences the elderly women  has a last name im not even gonna attempt to pronounce,and the young girl is one heather silverton i dont even bother running them as both licenses are new so i know there valid heather then speaks up*


heather:' im hoping to either be a paralegal,or maybe a state policemen,moved here for the winter and fall semester'


*i nod handing there id's back both cars look driveable so theres no report to make,i see a semi trying to get buy and i wave him through  as the city shuts the water off and i second guess myself about not running there id's* 'hey actually i need your licences back both your cars look driveable i just needa run you right quick' *botth women nod and i start heading back to 220 climbing in and punching there id's into the computer,when heather s pops a flag mentioning something about domestic violence,when i pull the report as best i can from my MDT coupled with the fact the only heather silverton i can find is in her mid 20s i start to doubt her college story the nervousness,the anxiety,i move to step out walking back over* 'here are your id's,ms silverton mind hoping in my front seat got a few questions to ask' *i shouldent but i fel obligated to,she nods walking over and i angle my scren back at me,as she shuts the door  she speaks* 'whats wrong,sergeant?'


me "i ran you,you look 18 but the name that came back is either stolen or your in your mid 20s'* i angle the scren so she can see and she gulps* 'please dont tell my husband...he-hes a violent man,i dont want to be hit again the cars bought in his name but im running  i went to the cops back home but they brushed me off,my husbands a city councilmen i cant devorce him out of fear for my life' * i nod to her processing everything,her tone her tells even bodylanguage* 'so why make up a story about the car being a collage gift,your not in wisconsion anymore you dont need to be afraid' *she nods allbeit slowly and i slip her a domestic violence card i keep in my center console s she speak again*

heather: 'you saw through it that easily huh,i supose with my report its not the hardest to figure out thats why i wasent giving the insurence info,my husband thinks im visiting family in green bay...' 

*i nod cutting her off*

'and if a report gets filed,look you needa get help the legal way theres counseling,hotlines even lawyers that help battered women,technically i can arrest you the car actually came back stolen,reported 3 days ago i shouldent but if i can educate im gonna take it, heres some domestic violence help lines im cutting you a huge break,when i shouldent,my numbers also on the back of the card,leave the county and i will arrest you for a stolen car,ok you cant keep running away from your problems,ill should impound the car as i ran it but j spouse of the cars owner,again,your getting a huge break anyway as nothings being filed about the wreck,your free to go' *she nods moving to climb outta 220* 'thank you sergeant patterson,and i wasent kidding about trying to get into law  i want to make sure my husband sees prision time for how he beats me' * i nod waving to her as i step out and key my mic* "220,to dispatch im gona be wraping up here soon the wrecks resolved itself you can show me avalible" *i move to hand  the older women her info back* "ill stop traffic so you both can pull away,drive safe both of you,and if your looking for a shop  i know a buddy in kimberly who runs a tow service,feel free to drop my name if you want he'll cut you a better deal as hes looking for the work' *both women nod and move back to there cars each missing a light,the caravan a right taillight the smartcar a left headlight *i move to take my vest off as i climb back into 220 clearing myself on the mdt as the smartcar pulls away she honks and waves i wave back as i resume heading to my patrol area killing my lights and slipping into thinning traffic*


'i hope i dident just fuck my career....'


Patrol Supervisior-Sergeant Jason Patterson




#224 H. LeBlanc

H. LeBlanc


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Posted 23 October 2018 - 12:50 AM

*After gathering all of my equipment, I bring it down to my car and I start putting it away when my phone rings.  I see that it's the babysitter, so I answer the phone and I barely realize that I've been on the phone for the past half an hour.  I don't rush, but I hurry up with the rest of my checks and start the car.*


Me: "211 to County Ops, are you holding anything in the Essex area?"


Ops: "Negative 211."


Me: "Copy.  Show 211 available, patrolling in the Essex area."


*I put the mic down and kill the car radio so that I'm riding in silence.  I got clearance to go home, but I don't really want to do that because I know that if I go there, I'll stay there for the entire shift.  Besides, I need to trust sitters more, but that's damn hard to do.  I sigh and shake my head as I drive out to Essex.*

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Sergeant Hailey LeBlanc

Field Training Officer

#225 M. Caldwell

M. Caldwell


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Posted 23 October 2018 - 08:48 AM

'I know that place. They make great pancakes'


* Me and Scott drive through the hood. We pass by a Black Lives Matter mural*


'Scum of the earth'


*We drive up to the light and I hear screaming. I look over and see some hoodrat with a 40*


'Cheers motherfuckers!'


*He screams at us.*


'Ok let's do some crime prevention. Do you know what a dis con is?'

Deputy Mike Caldwell





#226 J. Scott

J. Scott

    Probationary Deputy

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Posted 27 October 2018 - 09:08 PM

'Disorderly conduct' I reply. 


*I look closer at the individual. My eyes almost squint.*


'Hey, that's Bling Bling.' I say as I recognize him.


'Yea, that day you called out sick and I was placed with Morales I got to meet him.' I say.


'Typical trouble making crackhead it appears.' I said.


*The radio comes to life, I hope that's not our call.*

#227 M. Caldwell

M. Caldwell


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Posted 27 October 2018 - 09:21 PM

*I laugh at his name as the radio goes off.*


'Later Bling Bling we'll fuck with you later.'


"208 Show me going to that home invasion, were not far out"

Deputy Mike Caldwell





#228 D. Johnson

D. Johnson


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Posted 07 November 2018 - 04:54 PM

*I take my stuff to 110 and check my vehicle to ensure everything is working properly when I hear everything going on with the home invasion*

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Deputy Dan Johnson


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