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The Home of Emily Morris

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#1 E. Morris

E. Morris


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Posted 02 June 2017 - 06:17 AM

Located 27 Willow Street in Oxnard







Emily Morris:


Born on June 18th, 1993 in Colorado, Emily enjoyed the fine life as best she could as a preacher's daughter by snowboarding every chance she could get.  After graduating high school she went to a two year college studying law and then got a job with Denver's Police Department.  Four years later she transferred to Shiloh County's Sheriff's Department when she heard they were looking for Detectives.  Yes, it is a boring story but that's how it went.






After working two years in Denver, Emily traded in her beat up Chevrolet Lumina for this 2013 Subaru WRX-STI that she drives today.





Intruders beware, her house is protected by the following:


Benelli M4 12 gauge:




H&K VP9 9mm:




Cheyenne, her 4 year old Black Lab who isn't really trained to attack so she probably won't be that useful against intruders.




Detective Emily Morris



#2 E. Morris

E. Morris


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  • Character Hometown:Denver, Colorado

Posted 26 April 2019 - 12:46 PM

*Loving my days off I get out of the shower and grab a towel as I leave the bathroom early in the morning before the sun is completely shining.  Wrapping the towel around my torso I head to my bedroom where I have tonight's set of clothes waiting for me on my bed.  Near the state border, in Yorkshire County, Billy Talent will be playing a concert tonight and I have all the intention of going to that as I've already bought my ticket.  Pushing open my bedroom door I flick on the lights and enter my room thinking it's going to be a fun night.  Taking a seat at my vanity I grab my hair dryer and start drying off my hair as I sift through yesterday's mail.  Junk, junk, bill, junk, bill, junk. junk, letter from my parents.*




*What do they want now I wonder as I try to open the letter one-handed and when that doesn't work I put my hair dryer down.  Opening up the letter I pull out a card and pick up my hair dryer again.  As I resume drying my hair I read the card.  Happy Birthday to our precious girl the front reads.  Honestly my birthday is two months from now.  Opening up the card a check falls out and lands on my vanity.  I'll check that out later as I read the inside of the card and choosing to ignore the typical Hallmark printed message that's usually there.  Happy Birthday Emily, we hope you have a wonderful day on the day God decided to give you to us.  We love you and hope you are doing well.  We've been so blessed to have you in our lives for the past 25 years.  Mom, dad, I'm twenty-five now.  On my next birthday I'll be twenty-six.*




*Setting down the card I don't want to read it anymore as I realize now that I didn't get last year's birthday card.  They're not two months early, they happen to be 10 months late.  I love my parents, I have to because they are my parents, but then they do things like this that make me wonder if they actually care.  My dad used to be really kind and loving up until I started liking boys and then he got a bit over-bearing towards me as well as any guy I was into.  There was nothing wrong with Snake.  He was a good boy that never got into trouble.  We only broke up because he couldn't deal with my father getting in our way all the time.  The constant bible sermons didn't help either.*


*Well relax dad. In my lifetime I never stole anything or murdered anyone.  Perhaps I did tell a white lie or two but who hasn't?  It's not like it's against the law to do that unless I'm in court.  Sure I might have wanted things others have so I've coveted other people's stuff but, again, who hasn't?  Taken the lord's name in vain?  Okay, got me there too.  Honored my parents?  Well, I'm trying.  No good on keeping the sabbath holy either but at least I've never worshiped false idols.  Also, while I may not have waited until marriage I did at least I wait until I was in college before I had sexual relations with someone of the opposite gender.  That's got to count for something, right?  Nope, I'm a fornicator, a whore, an adulterer.  Thanks dad.*


*Figuring that my hair is dry enough now I turn off my hair dryer and set it down on my vanity as I get up to go to my bed where my clothes are.  My mother was just about the same as my dad in always taking his side.  She used to constantly point out that Snake was no good by mentioning the piercings he had on one of his ears.  She bitched about his motorcycle and how he needed a haircut to.  It was annoying to hear that on a daily to weekly basis.  As I slip my panties on and hook up my bra I begin to wonder what Snake is up to these days.  Last I heard he was in jail for larceny so he's probably still there.*


'Well, he was a good boy.'


*Sighing I put on my black tights and walk back to my vanity.  Putting on my deodorant and some perfume I head back to my bed.  Grabbing my loose white tank top I slip it on quick and wonder how my other friends are doing.  Steph got married and had some kids but she isn't happy.  Janice got divorced with a baby on the way.  Shawn broke his neck on the half-pipe five years ago.  Jackson hasn't been in touch with anyone since high school.  Slipping on my black leather mini-skirt that hugs my waist tightly until it stops mid-thigh I begin to wonder if any of us are doing fine.  As I tuck my tank-top into my skirt and let the loose bits overlap the top of my skirt Kelly comes to mind.  Grabbing my black ankle-high heeled boots I slip them over my feet and zip up the sides.*


*Moving back to my vanity I sit down and gather my tools for my make up.  Grabbing my brush for it first I start to apply some green eye shadow over my eyelids.  Last I heard of Kelly is that she's got a nice paying job as a secretary.  She's getting married in a couple weeks but I didn't get an invite.  That bitch, we've been close friends since we were five.  During High School I stood by her side during her pregnancy scare in our senior year.  I even bought her the damn test.  Well, then again we haven't really kept in touch since my last year of college.  My affair with that married barista while in college probably had something to do with why we stopped talking.*


'Well, it's not I knew she liked him since she never told me.'


*Not sure why I said that out loud but as I curl my eyelashes I see the check that fell out of the birthday card from my parents.  How much was that check for anyways?  Been so busy getting ready and thinking of other things I had completely forgotten to look at it.  After applying my red lipstick on my lips I pick up the check and get up from my vanity's stool.  $100.  Well, not bad, guess my parents do kind of care.  Figuring I'll cash it on Monday I tuck the check away under my jewelry box as a place to hide it.  Another reason I put it under there is because it's time to put on my jewelry now.  Opening the box up I pull out my diamond earrings and a silver necklace which I promptly put on before standing up again.*


'Alright, let's get to that rock show.'


*Again why am I talking out loud to myself?  Leaving my room I turn off the lights and head into the living room where I make sure the front door is locked.  Turning around I see Cheyenne sleeping on the couch.  She was still sleeping on my bed when I went to put food and water in her bowls before getting into my shower.  Walking into the kitchen I take a glance at her bowls to make sure that they are still full.  Confirming that she does have plenty of food and water in her bowls I make my way to the garage; grabbing my purse off the counter as I pass by it.  While en route to the to the garage I snag my black leather jacket from the closet and continue on my way until I'm stopped by the door leading to my destination.  After opening the door that's in front of me I put on my jacket, sling my purse's strap over my shoulder, and turn my head to look back into the house.*


'Cheyenne be a good girl while I'm gone.  I'll be back in a few hours.'


*Saying my goodbyes to my sleeping black lab I walk into my garage and close the door behind me.  Pulling out my keys I lock up the door in the garage and turn around after hitting the button to open the garage door.  Walking up to my Subaru I open the driver's side door and slide down into the driver's seat.  With my car keys still in one hand I check my purse for my ticket to the concert.  Seeing it there I place my purse on the passenger seat and close the driver's door.  Buckling up I slip the car key into the ignition and start up the engine.  Pressing down on the clutch I shift to reverse and back out of the garage.  As soon as I'm out of the garage I step on the brakes and hit the button in my car to close the garage door.  Once I witness the door is closed all the way I look back to make sure no cars are coming and back out of my driveway.  Ready for a concert I shift to drive, step on the gas, and turn up the music as I get myself on my way there.*


Detective Emily Morris



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