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Jaydon Scott's Cell

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Posted 23 May 2018 - 09:02 PM

iPhone 7 Plus
As I walk out of my bathroom, half ready for work, I notice my phone start to vibrate over on my night stand. 


I walk over and see a Missed call notification:




I pick it up and curiously open and listen to the voicemail.


"Hey...little brother...I uhhhh...just wanted to wish you a good first day on patrol today. ...and uh....stay safe out there will ya? There's some really crazy places and people in this city, not like the part of town we've been living in. Just watch your back out there, and I know you're going to do great." 


*small pause*


"Oh..I uhh..I talked to dad yesterday. He's enjoying himself down in that fancy club med retirement community with Stacy. I still don't get what he sees in her, but whatever makes him happy right?" *Ryan laughs a bit*


*long pause*


"I'm surprised he still hasn't talked to you since that night you told him you weren't going to join the Bureau...I mean I'm not really surprised, he's stubborn....but uhhh...I know he'll get over it eventually. 


Anyway....uhh...be safe...do work...and give me a call tonight when you get off to let me know how things went.


Talk to you later Jay."



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