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Stabbing on School Grounds

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#41 D. Johnson

D. Johnson


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Posted 04 June 2018 - 02:04 AM

*I as i continue to chase the suspect down Nobel I raise my rifle constanly to the suspect, noticing that back up is no where in sight I pick up my speed on the suspect and try for a take down by hitting him with my rifle*



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Deputy Dan Johnson


#42 M.Lockheart



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Posted 04 June 2018 - 02:16 AM

*Turning on to Columbus street I see Johnson chasing the suspect I pull in front of the suspect as he tries to vault over my car and trips at the same time I hop out of the cruiser and body slam him to the ground*


'Put your hands behind your back'


*I grab his right arm  and try to cuff his arms while he is still resisting*

#43 D. Johnson

D. Johnson


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Posted 04 June 2018 - 03:52 AM

*I Lockheart slam the suspect on the ground after he falls to jump his patrol car. I continue to run up to him where I see that the subject is resisting arrest. when i get to him i sling my rifle on my back and assist Lockheart by going hands on. i get my left knee on the suspects shoulders as Lockheart trys to cuff him and i draw my taser*




*I notice the suspect calms down a little but is still resisting*

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Deputy Dan Johnson


#44 J. Scott

J. Scott

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Posted 06 June 2018 - 01:03 PM

I stand eagerly waiting to hear the whole story behind what has transpired here. The brief pause seemed like an eternity.


"Look, my friend owes this guy some money. He didn't have it so they got into an argument. The other dude went completely ape shit and stabbed both of us." he explained.


"So your friend owe's the suspect money? Then you do know this guy?" I ask.


"I don't personally know him, but Ethan does, but they're not friends or anything...he just owed him money." he tried to explain.


"How much money are we talking about here?" I asked.


"I think he said 4 grand." he replied.


"Wow. So your friend owe's him 4 grand, he didn't have the money, so then the suspect stabbed both of you when he found out you didn't have the money to pay him back? Is that right?" I clarify.


"Basically." he replies.


"So you don't personally know this guy, but your friend Ethan over there does?" I ask.


"Well, like I said, he just borrowed money from him, they never met before that." he clarifies.


"So your friend is borrowing money from a random stranger? How did he even know to borrow money from him?" I ask suspiciously. Something still isn't adding up. I think there's a key piece of information being purposefully omitted. 


"Look, I don't know much, I just came to back Ethan up. All he told me was that he heard from a "friend" that this guy could get him what he needed since he was "connected"." He tell me.


"Get him what he needed? Connected? Are we talking about borrowing money from a mobster or triad here or are we talking about something else here? I'm really not getting this whole story." I say to him not buying what he's selling.


"I'm sorry officer, but that's all I know and I really have nothing else to say." he says realizing that he's probably said too much already.


"You have nothing else to say because you choose not to tell me anymore?" I ask.


"yes sir. I've told you everything that you need to know." he replies. He's obviously hiding the key to this whole thing, probably to protect his friend or even himself. I continue to try and coax it out of him but he refuses to say anything more.


I personally think that at least the other victim, and maybe even this one, are into something shady, most likely drugs. They get product from the suspect (who's probably triad based on the description and the statements the victim made), and now for some reason they don't have the product or money to pay the guy back with so they get stabbed. Lucky they didn't get shot and killed. It's a hunch, but I can't prove any of it based on this guys statements. He's hiding something, that's for sure.


"So you fought the suspect before you both got stabbed? Can you describe that part of the incident for me?" I ask.


"yea. So I stood back, and Ethan confronted the guy, told him he didn't have all the money, and he started shouting and cursing back at us. He was yelling that my Ethan was a deadman and that he was going to kill him and kick the shit out of him. Ethan tried to calm him down and tell him that he just needed more time but the dude just wasn't having it and punched him. Ethan tackled him and I tried to pull them apart, but the guy pulled out him knife as I pulled Ethan off of him and stabbed him. Ethan hit the ground and then the dude came at me before I knew it. We swung at me and got me in the arm and he hit me across the face and knocked me out I think. Next thing I know Ethan's on the ground and I'm bleeding all over the place. I panicked and thought I was going to die." he tells me.


"So did you friend land any hits on the guy?" I ask.


"Yea, he hit him a few times, that's why I tried to pull him off of him. I'm not sure where he hit him but I know he landed a few punches....but it was in defense. The dude attacked Ethan first." he replies.


"Okay then, can you give me a description of the suspect?" I ask. He describes the suspect the same as everyone else. He describes the knife as a hunting style sheath knife, but is vague. It happened fast so I'm not surprised.


"Do you guys have any weapons on you?" I ask. 


"I don't, no sir." he replied. I've been watching the medics looking all over him for additional wounds and I haven't seen anything suspicious, so I believe him.


"What about your friend?" I ask.


"I don't know sir." He replies.


It looks like I'm not getting anymore information out of him. I think I'm done here.


'Where are you guys taking him?' I ask one of the EMTs.

#45 E. Sjostrom

E. Sjostrom


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Posted 06 June 2018 - 06:18 PM

'We're taking him to Shiloh County'


*Answering the deputy as we get the patient onto the stretcher and fold it up.  Since we're done here I grab the jumpbag and sling it over my shoulder as we wheel the stretcher back to M2.  As we load the stretcher into the back with the patient I climb in with him and shut the doors behind me while Jackson gets back into the driver's seat.*


"M2 clear, enroute to Shiloh County Hospital with 1.  Stab wound in the arm.  ETA 5 to 10 minutes."


*As Jackson gets us going I start working on the PCR.*


EMT Erika Sjostrom

Medic 2

#46 A. Blackburn

A. Blackburn


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Posted 06 June 2018 - 07:06 PM

*As others get to work I go back to 200 and grab stuff for the investigation.  Heading back to the football field I tape the scene off with police tape as I tell people to get step back from the scene.  As I finish taping off the scene a woman approaches me.*


'Excuse me, I'm Miss Moore, I'm the one that called'


*Seeing Caldwell and Scott busy with trying to talk to the victims I decide to take this one as I pull out my notepad.*


'Alright, did you see what happened?'


'No, not all of it.  I work as one of the groundskeepers here.  Heard some yelling coming from over here.  When I came over to check it out I saw them fighting.  One guy stabbed the other two then ran off.  After that I ran back into the school and called you guys.'


'Did you hear what they were fighting about?'


'Money I think, my guess is drug money but I can't be too sure.'


'Did you get a good look at the guy who did this?'


'I already said black hoodie, jeans, looked asian.  However, no I didn't get that good of a look at him.'


'Alright, that's good enough for now.  I'd like to get your contact info for possible follow up questions.'


'Oh, sure'


*She gives me her contact information and I head on over to Caldwell and Scott.*


'Alright, what have you two learned?'

Lieutenant Andrew Blackburn

Platoon Commander (200)



#47 A. Breslin

A. Breslin

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Posted 06 June 2018 - 08:56 PM

*Hearing sparks say to decompress I prep the dart and put it into the pelural space between the ribs. Hearing a satisfying hiss as the air releases from the chest cavity.*


'Darts in'


*I say as I go back into the bag and get some kerlix and tape to make bulky dressings to support it. I get up and lower the stretcher.*


'Lets get him packaged.'

Paramedic Lieutenant Alyssa Breslin
EMS Duty Officer (EDO-1)

#48 M.Lockheart



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Posted 09 June 2018 - 01:28 AM

*After slamming the suspect down to the ground I wrestle with him a bit till Johnson comes over




*After Johnson says he was going to taze the suspect he calms down a bit but is still resisting I cuff his right arm while reaching for his left then cuffing it*


'Sir calm down'


*After the suspect calms down I stand him up and walk over to the side of my patrol car*


'Is there anything on you that would stick me poke me or harm me in anyway?'


No pig


*I search the suspect and find a wallet and a knife with blood on it I set him inside and walk to the truck and grab an evidence bag for the knife I then walk to the front seat and run the suspects infromation seeing he is know for gang violence and drug distribution walking over to Johnson*


'You want a ride back to your cruiser?'

#49 D. Johnson

D. Johnson


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Posted 09 June 2018 - 06:42 PM

*After we get the suspect detained and put in the back of the vehicle i hear Lockheart ask if i want a ride back to my crusier*


"Yeah man. Dude hell of a day?"


*As we get in to the crusier the shit head opens his mouth*

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Deputy Dan Johnson


#50 L. Sparks

L. Sparks


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Posted 16 June 2018 - 04:25 PM

*I finish dressing the abdominal wound as Breslin decompresses his chest. He's breathing much easier now. I know it was successful. I take a listen to both lungs, they're even now...good.*


'Alright we're all set.' I say as I start to throw things back into the bag.


*Breslin and I lift the patient and onto the stretcher without incident. I hang the monitor on the side of the stretcher as Breslin starts throwing bags on the stretcher wherever she can fit them. As I start securing the patient to the stretcher I notice something I hadn't noticed before, something metallic looking in the guy's waistband. I reach for it and carefully pull it out. It's an 8" blade still in its leather sheath. 


"Woah." I say in genuine surprise.


'Hey deputy.' I say to Caldwell softly, not trying to make a big scene about it. 'Found this in his waistband.' I say as I show it to him.


Paramedic Logan Sparks

Medic - 1

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