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Emergency Room

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Crescent Falls University Medical Center (CFUMC) is a medium-sized medical center capable of definitively dealing with most all medical patients and some trauma patients. Built in the early 1960s, CFUMC has undergone many extensive renovations over the years to keep up with modern trends in healthcare.


The emergency room is certified in the following areas of emergency care:

  • Level 3 Trauma Center - CFUMC is capable of dealing with most trauma patients, however, it lacks the 24/7 staffing of specialist surgeons necessary to earn it a higher trauma rating. Patients requiring specialized care are either diverted to Shiloh County Hospital prior to arrival, or are treated, stabilized, and transferred out once stable.
  • STEMI/Chest Pain Center - CFUMC is staffed with a cardiac catheterization lab and is fully capable of definitively dealing with patients who have a confirmed ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction (Heart Attack).
  • Stroke Center - A full stroke team is on call and in house 24 hours a day to intervene and manage all confirmed or suspected stroke patients.
  • Perinatal/NICU Center - This hospital is capable of treating and caring for most acutely ill children less than 30 days old.




Isolation 1 & 2 - Negative pressure rooms, used primarily to isolate patients with potential infectious disease. When isolation is not needed, these rooms are used for regular ER patients.

Exam 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 - Enclosed rooms holding multiple beds, separated by curtains. Modern hospital designs favor single occupancy rooms in the ER, however, this ER was built in the early 1980s. Despite recent upgrades, such as the addition of negative pressure isolation rooms, the ER retains its original 1980-1990s era design.

Curtain Area - Areas of beds out in the open, with privacy only provided through the use of retractable curtains.

Fast Track - A more modern concept, the Fast Track room, formerly a suture room, is used for patients with very minor complaints that can be assessed and treated rapidly, without tying up a regular ER bed.

EMS Room - Some say that this room used to be a janitor's closet, and the size sure confirms that. The room contains a refrigerator with juices and generic brand sodas (mini-sized) as well as small selection of pre-packaged sandwiches (typically left overs from the cafeteria). The door code to enter is well-known by local EMTs & Paramedics as 911#. Due to the room's incredibly small size, only one person can enter at a time. Two is possible, but the fit is rather tight.


The hospital was renovated in recent years, making it decently pretty on both the inside and outside.

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