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SC Explorers Christmas Tree Sale Fundraiser

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#1 N. LeBlanc

N. LeBlanc


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Posted 28 November 2018 - 04:50 AM

*I pull up to the instructor parking for the academy and I turn my truck off.  I slide my phone into my job shirt pocket after unplugging it and then I put my baseball cap on.  I zip up my job shirt another inch or so before I get out. As I step out and into the bitter cold, I walk into the office.  I say hello to the guys and shoot the breeze with them before heading out and getting everything to set up the sale. We’ve already got the wrapped up trees stacked up behind the office building, right near the academy’s F-250.  As Brooke and Dave show up, I get the trees into the 250 and I drive over to where we need to unload the trees, right near the front gate. Once we get the trees dumped out, I leave Dave to set them up while Sarah and I go and grab the tables and the tents that we need.  Once we get those to the right spot, I head back to the academy shop one last time to grab the generators, extension cords, and the lights. I drive those over and I stop the truck just off the side of the road. I get the generators placed and then I get the lights set up.  More importantly, I get the heaters hooked up beneath the tent that Dave and Sarah just set up.*

‘All right guys, let’s get these sold, and let’s get out of here.  It’s cold out here.’

*I put my department Hi-Viz parka on as we finish setting up the signage up as the kids start coming in.*

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#2 D.Valentine



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Posted 30 November 2018 - 12:56 AM

*after i pull my truck into the academy parkinglot,savanna actually being a good girl for once and staying in my back seat i finally step out,savanna following to make her usual rounds  as im doing this nick pulls up in the academy pickup  fully laden with trees, growing up primarrily in New England i see nicks clearly freezeing his balls off but i say nothing, hitting the lock on my key fob for my truck and clipping my keys to my jeans and walk beside him dog in tow as i pull some decently worn but not raggy leather gloves outta my pockets and onto my hands getting odd looks from both nick and sarah as i  walk up* 'what,im not cold,you forget im from New England saying that though  yeah lets get these things sold and get outta the weather' * i then move to help set things up giving my dog a look "lay down and be nice, act cute too draw us more sales ' * i love on her a bit* and as if she understood me she lays down by the heater about as adorable as shes ever been* 

Firefighter/EMT Dave Valentine, , Search and Rescue

Truck 7


#3 E. Hawke

E. Hawke


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Posted 30 November 2018 - 01:26 AM

*With Savo sitting in the passenger seat I arrive at the place and park my SS next to one of the fire guy's trucks.  Shutting off the engine I put on my SCSD baseball cap,to help indicate that I'm helping out here, and push open the door.  Grabbing my purse I exit the vehicle wearing my blue jeans tucked into my black knee high heeled boots and a olive-green turtleneck covered up by my black leather jacket.  Letting Savo out of the car I close the door before walking away from the car and heading up to the others.*


'Well, I don't exactly know who's coming from the Sheriff Explorer's but it's at least 5 of them.'


*I say as I approach with Savo by my side, seeing Nick freezing his butt off and Dave messing with him for it before he goes to help set up.*


Deputy Evelyn Hawke






#4 Z. Russo

Z. Russo


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Posted 30 November 2018 - 03:33 AM

*I pull 400 up to where the rest are setting the tent up. I give a quick manual siren as I approach. As we step out of the truck the frigid air hits us. Katie and I grab our coffees from the cup holders. James hands me my black north face jacket from the back seat. We walk over to the rest of the group. I set my coffee down on the hood of the truck as I put my jacket over my gray polo shirt covering my off duty gun and shield.*


'Morning, What's the plan?'


Captain Zach Russo

Sheriff Duty Officer (400)





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