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SCFD Turnout Gear

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Posted 05 January 2019 - 09:09 AM

Helmets: Cairns 1044

All SCFD firefighters will be issued a Cairns 1044 helmet.  ESS Innerzone 2 Goggles and the internal Defender visor will be installed in all department issued helmets.  Helmet tetrahedrons will be Scotchlite triple trim matching the yellow and silver trim found on SCFD turnout gear.


Firefighters are free to use personally owned helmets at the discretion of the SCFD Department Chief.  These helmets must be NFPA 1971 2018 edition compliant and the color of the helmet must match the rank of the firefighter.  Firefighters may also customize personal or department issued helmets with stickers and helmet bands.  Firefighters must also use a helmet shield that matches the SCFD color scheme and pattern.  Firefighters are not authorized to void any NFPA certification on any turnout gear in any way.


Helmet Shield and Colors:

Probationary Firefighter- Yellow Helmet with Black Shield

Firefighter- Black Helmet with Yellow Shield

Firefighter/EMT- Black Helmet with Black Shield

Lieutenant- Red Helmet with Black Shield

Captain- Red Helmet with White Shield

Chiefs- White Helmet with Gold Leaf Shields




Turnout Coat and Pants: LION V-Force


All Firefighters will be issued two coats and two pants fitted for them.  Turnout gear will be tan gear with yellow and silver Scotchlite triple trim for firefighters.  Turnout gear will be tan gear with orange Scotchlite triple trim for Lieutenants and Captains.  Chiefs will be issued white turnout gear with yellow and silver Scotchlite triple trim.


SCFD will be written across the shoulder blades in the same yellow color as the trim color.  Firefighters will also be issued two name plates with their last name printed on them in the trim color.  These are fastened to the gear through buttons sewn into the coat.  


Name plates and turnout coats or pants cannot be laundered in the station.  They must be sent to the department ISP certified cleaning location.







Structural Firefighting Gloves: Pro-Tech 8 Titan Pro Gloves


Firefighters will be issued two pairs of Pro-Tech 8 Titan Pro Gloves for structural firefighting.  These can be laundered in the station or they can be sent to the department ISP certified cleaning location.




Extrication Gloves: Dragon Fire Next Generation First Due Rescue Gloves


Firefighters will be issued one pair of Dragon Fire Next Generation First Due Rescue Gloves for vehicle extrication and other non firefighting applications.





Hoods: GORE Particulate Hood Ultra C 6.2


All firefighters will be issued two GORE Particulate Hood Ultra C 6.2s.  These can be laundered in the station or they can be sent to the department ISP certified cleaning location.




Boots: HAIX Fire Hero XTREME, 11" Leather Boot


All firefighters will be issued one pair of HAIX Fire Hero XTREME, 11" Leather Boots.






SCFD uses SCOTT Air-Pak X3 Pro SCBAs.  The cylinders are SCOTT 5.5 4500 PSI bottles.  These will provide approximately 45 minutes of breathing air.  These air packs are equipped with Snap fittings for quick changes.  The low pressure regulators will show the unit number.  The tensioner band will have the letters SCFD written across it on and IdentiFire band and the high pressure regulator will also have the unit name written out.






SCBA Facepiece: SCOTT AV-3000 HT


All firefighters will be issued their own personal SCOTT AV-3000 HT face piece for their SCBAs.  These will be equipped with IdentiFire decals on the mask for accountability and identification purposes.  The identifiers will show the firefighter's name across the bottom of the face piece.





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