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2/19 State of SCFD

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Posted 05 February 2019 - 06:32 AM

All SCFD Members; There have been several changes made to the SCFD in the past few days.  Special thanks to those who have assisted with these changes, especially firefighter Garbus.


Apparatus Changes

The largest change is the introduction of Truck 7.  This truck will work in conjunction and support Squad 7 on many scenes.  Truck 7 can work as a regular ladder company and do forcible entry and ventilation, but it can also work with an engine company to perform Rapid Intervention as well.  Truck 7 is a 2009 Pierce Arrow XT 100' Tractor Drawn Aerial.  For more information, see the Truck 7 form in the Fire Station.


Personnel Changes

Firefighter Garbus has been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and has been placed in charge of Truck 7.  In conjunction, Lieutenant LeBlanc has been promoted to the rank of Captain, and is in charge of SCFD Station 7 (More on the numbering change later).  


Squad 7 will now consist of:

OIC: Captain N. LeBlanc

D/O: FF/EMT Simmon

Backstep: Miller

PFF Cook


Truck 7 will consist of:

OIC: Lt. Garbus

D/O: FF K. LeBlanc

Tiller: FF/EMT Valentine


Turnout Gear Changes

All SCFD Turnout gear has changed.  For more information, see the "SCFD Turnout Gear" form in the Fire House.


Due to this change, all firefighter helmet shields have been updated as well.  We will also work on fixing some of the signatures for everyone to update them to the newest apparatus and roles.


SCFD Company Locations

The locations of mutual aid companies has also changed.  These have been updated in the Quick Guide to assisting agencies.  The box alarm assignments will also be updated to reflect these changes soon.

<p class="bbc_center"><img src="http://ertrpg.com/im...leblanc1126.png" alt="nleblanc1126.png"></p>
<br><br><p class="bbc_center"><br>
Captain Nicholas LeBlanc, Paramedic, Search and Rescue, HazMat, Diver</p>
<p class="bbc_center">Squad 7</p>
<p class="bbc_center"><img src="http://www.ertrpg.co...ew/service4.png" alt="service4.png"><img src="http://www.ertrpg.com/award/new/edu1.png" alt="edu1.png"></p>
<p class="bbc_center"><span style="color:#ff0000;">"You might be a firefighter if your entire wardrobe is t-shirts your friends gave you from their </span></p>
<p class="bbc_center"><span style="color:#ff0000;">departments for your birthday, Christmas, anniversary, etc."</span></p>
<p class="bbc_center"><span style="color:#ff0000;">-Unknown</span></p>
<p class="bbc_center"><span style="color:rgb(0,0,255);">"If Prometheus was worthy of the wrath of heaven for kindling the first fire upon earth, how </span></p>
<p class="bbc_center"><span style="color:rgb(0,0,255);">ought all the gods honor the men who make it their professional business to put it out?"</span></p>
<p class="bbc_center"><span style="color:rgb(0,0,255);">- John Godfrey Saxe</span></p>

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