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Dr. Grant's Home

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#1 Dr. Grant

Dr. Grant

    EMS Physician

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Posted 17 March 2019 - 09:11 AM


23 March ave.







4 Bedroom - 2.5 Bathrooms - Features 2 car garage and smaller 1 car garage (used as a home gym).


Chris' Car - 2017 Ford Edge



Nicole's Car - 2015 Toyota Rav4


Dr. Christopher Grant, DO, MPH
Associate Medical Director, Shiloh County FD (MD - 2)
Attending Physician
Emergency Medicine
Shiloh County General Hospital

#2 Dr. Grant

Dr. Grant

    EMS Physician

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  • 56 posts
  • Character Hometown:Reno, NV

Posted 17 March 2019 - 09:12 AM

Full Name: Christopher Stephen Grant




DOB: February 12, 1983 (Aged 35)
Attending Emergency Physician, Shiloh County Hospital
Associate Medical Director (MD-2), Shiloh County FD Emergency Medical Services


Previous Residences (including hometown):
Reno, NV (1983-2008)
Misselette, AL (2008-2012)
Los Angeles, CA (2012-2017)

Height: 6'3" (190cm)
Weight: 181lbs (82.1kg)
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue


Dr. Christopher Grant hails from the outskirts of Northern Nevada, where he spent much of what little free time he had adventuring in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Christopher attended University of Nevada Reno and earned his Bachelor's of science degree in Biology in 2005, and subsequently his Master of Public Health Degree in 2007. He is no stranger to hard work, and balanced an incredible schedule of full-time work as an EMT-Intermediate for the local EMS agency and full time studying. In 2008 Christopher attended Medical School in the semi-rural southern US and was granted his DO degree in 2012. That same year he was given the opportunity of a lifetime, and matched an emergency medicine residency at a large urban hospital in Los Angeles, CA. For 4 years, Dr. Grant was challenged and confronted with the effects of extreme poverty and violence that the big city had to offer. After four years in the "urban grinder", Dr. Grant finally sought the opportunity to leave. With his wife, young daughter, and unborn son he moved across the country to pursue his next goal in life, to work as an EMS physician.

Employment history
EMT-Basic - REMSA Ambulance Special Events division Reno, NV (2001-2002)
EMT-Intermediate - REMSA Ambulance Service Reno, NV (2003-2008)
Community Outreach Health Education Coordinator - Carson City, NV (2008)
Emergency Medicine Resident Physician - County General Hospital - Los Angeles, CA (2012-2016)
EMS Fellow, Emergency Medicine Attending Physician (Part-time) - County General Hospital - Los Angeles, CA (2016-2017)

Nevada State EMT-Basic (2001-2002)
Nevada State EMT-Intermediate/85 (2003-2011)
Certified EMS Instructor (2006-Present)
Bachelor of Science in Biology (University of Nevada, Reno, 2005)
Masters of Public Health - Community Education (University of Nevada, Reno, 2007)
Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (Southern College of Osteopathic Medicine, 2012)
Board Certified in Emergency Medicine (2016)
Board Sub-Specialty Certification in EMS Medicine (2017)



Dr. Nicole Grant, PhD (Wife - aged 32)

Nicole "Nikki" Grant is a clinical psychologist working in Crescent Falls University's student wellness center. Nicole, originally from Los Angeles, graduated from Cal State Dominguez Hills with a B.S. in Psychology (2010), and earned both her masters (2012) and eventually her PhD (2016) in psychology from the University of Southern California. Nicole met her husband, Chris Grant, on a blind date set-up through a mutual friend. While it wasn't exactly love at first sight, she eventually fell for the young medical intern, and they were happily married in the Spring of 2015. Nichole enjoys yoga, fresh ground coffee, and oddly enough...baseball, which stems from her high school days as an all-league softball player.


Courtney Grant (DaughterAged 3)

The Grant's oldest child. Courtney enjoys princess movies and dressing up.


Adam Grant (Son - Aged 1)

Adam is the youngest Grant. His hobbies include running around, making a mess, and napping.

Dr. Christopher Grant, DO, MPH
Associate Medical Director, Shiloh County FD (MD - 2)
Attending Physician
Emergency Medicine
Shiloh County General Hospital

#3 Dr. Grant

Dr. Grant

    EMS Physician

  • EMS

  • 56 posts
  • Character Hometown:Reno, NV

Posted 18 March 2019 - 07:43 AM

*I enter the house through the garage. It's around 5p. The home alarm can be faintly head giving a couple beeps in the distance notifying that the door has been opened. I can hear the kitchen sink running.*


Nicole: 'Is that you babe?'


Me: 'Nope. Don't mind me. I'm just an intruder here to rob you out of house and home.'


*I close the door behind me and make my way to the kitchen*


Nicole (Jokingly): 'Oh really? Well my husband's stuff is upstairs.'


*Nikki is washing something in the kitchen sink. Her back is to me. I put my backpack down on the counter and sneak up behind her and wrap my arms around her body.*


Me: 'I have not come for that. I've come for you.' 


*She giggles a bit*


Nicole: 'Oh brother.'


*I give her a little kiss and release her and go back to the counter to grab my backpack.*


Nicole: 'So how was your day?'


Me: 'Well...only 30 patients in 10 hours. So...typical. How about you hun?'


*I make my way to the living room*


Nicole: 'Not bad. Typical mom day. Cleaned...chased the ferrel children around...cleaned some more.'


*I enter the living room and see Courtney watching an animated TV show on the TV. She turns around and sees me. her eyes light up and she gets up and runs towards me. I put a huge exaggerated smile on my face as I see her come towards me.*


Me (To Nicole): 'Sounds exhilarating'


Courtney: 'Daddy!'


*Courtney gives me a big hug. I hug her back....and just as quickly as the hug came, she was over it. She let go and went back to her TV show. I look around the room.*


Me: 'Where's Adam?'


Nicole: 'Oh..he was really fussy. he's upstairs taking a nap...or tearing his crib apart...one or the other.'


*I laugh...oh he's a devil baby sometimes. I turn back around. Nicole has finished and leans against the kitchen counter to talk to me.*


Nicole: 'So...our loans are due.'


*Ugghh...Loans. While mine makes up the vast majority, between the two of us we owe as much as a home to the federal government still for our educations. I can only thank the lord that I only need to pay for 4 more years before the balance is forgiven.*


Me: 'So we're going to put $2,000 on yours, $6,000 on mine, and $1,100 for the house?'


Nicole: 'Yeah, that's what we talked about right?'


Me: 'Yea. This is the most painful experience of my life. I worked my butt off this past month working extra and here it all goes, with one click on the computer.'


Nicole: 'Hey..4 more years.'


Me: 'True that' 


*I go have a seat in the living room near Courtney. She's watching the TV show intently, not even noticing me there. It's something about an amphomorphic pink hippo. I sit there quietly for a moment. Nikki comes over and has a seat next to me on the couch. I look over at her with a stupid look on my face.*


Me: 'So what if I was to take that loan money and go to Acey Beach and bet it all on black?' (Acey Beach being a near by Indian casino).


Nicole: 'I'd probably say you had Bipolar one and were in acute mania.....then I'd have to shoot you.'


Me (With a big smile on my face): 'Are you diagnosing me?' 


Nicole: 'Hypothetically'


Me: 'Hypothetically?'


Nicole (Trying to hold a serious face): 'For real.'


Me (smiling again): '..and you'd shoot me?'


Nicole (smirking): 'Yeah. Probably.'


Me: 'Wow.....it's a tempting offer.'


Nicole (smiling): 'Shut up'


*She slaps my shoulder jokingly.*


Me (sarcastically): 'Ah abuse...ah....no more...police...help..'


*I fake struggle to get up, getting up eventually.  I've got to get out of these dirty work clothes.*


Nicole: 'Oh babe, check on Adam for me and make sure he's not tearing up his crib. I just spent half the day cleaning that room.'


Me: 'Got it. Oh...and dinner? Chinese? Grub Hub?'


*I start making my way up the stairs.*


Nicole: 'Yea that's fine....but no spicy!'


*I make my way to the top of the stairs*


Me (Jokingly): 'Oh stab a knife through my heart will ya?' 

Dr. Christopher Grant, DO, MPH
Associate Medical Director, Shiloh County FD (MD - 2)
Attending Physician
Emergency Medicine
Shiloh County General Hospital

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