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Break In

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#1 M. Price

M. Price

    Supervising Dispatcher

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Posted 21 March 2019 - 03:21 AM

"911, where's your emergency"


"Someone broke into my house"


"Where are you?"


"I'm under my bed"


"What's your home address?"


"72 Wren Street, Oxnard"


"How many and are they armed"


"I don't know, I just heard a window break.  Haven't gone to check but I'm hearing two voices downstairs.  I live alone so I know someone is breaking into my house"


"Ok, hold on, I'm sending the Sheriff's Department right now"


*Muting the call I get on the radio for SD*


"County to Sheriff, need some units to respond to 72 Wren Street in Oxnard.  Caller reports possibly 2 people have broken into her home."

#2 M. Caldwell

M. Caldwell


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Posted 22 March 2019 - 05:51 AM

*Hearing the call go over. I pick up the mic.*


"201 show me going. 7 minutes out."


*I flip my lights and siren on with intention of killing them when I'm halfway there.*


"Can I get a unit to back?"

Deputy Mike Caldwell





#3 J. Scott

J. Scott


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Posted 22 March 2019 - 06:43 AM

*Finishing up at the disturbance at the deli and deal with Bling Bling. I hear the call go out*


'203, show me clear from scene. Add me to that call on wren st. I'm about 4 minutes out'.


*I jump into my car and pull out of the business park. Hitting the lights an siren.*

#4 J. Scott

J. Scott


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Posted 09 April 2019 - 05:58 AM

*a few blocks out I turn off my lights and siren.*


The MDC notifies me of an update. I take a quick peak:


> RP hung up.


*As I near the address I grab the radio*


'203 on scene' I say as I pull up to the address,


A car is in the driveway, I don't see anyone. Nothing appears out of the ordinary.


I quickly get out of the car and make my way up the driveway of the home. As I start to make my way up the front door opens and a man walks out.


'Is there something I can help you with, Officer?' he asks me.


'Yes sir, we received a call from this address about a break in.' I say as I make my way up to him.


'Break in?' he asks with a puzzled look on his face. 


He must have realized something because is face immediately looked annoyed. He gave an exaggerated chuckle.


'Look, I'm sorry officer. My wife's mother lives with us, because she has bad dementia, and she gets really confused.' he starts to explain.


*I finish approaching him and stand there to hear the explanation. Looking over his shoulder, into the home, I see nothing appears out of place.*


'It gets so bad sometimes that we never leave her here alone. Except today, my wife's car wouldn't start over at the grocery market, so I had to leave her mother here alone just for a few minutes so I could jump my wife's car. Turned out the car was broken so we had to get it towed to the shop. Long story short, it took us longer than we expected. When we finally got home, I had forgotten my key to get back in, and the whole damn placed was locked up, so I kind of had to break the damn window to get in.'


A little elaborate of a story, but I guess it's plausible.


'She must have got confused when I did that and called you guys....I'm sorry.' he finishes his explanation.


'That's fine.' I say. 'Do you have any ID or anything on you, sir?' I ask.


'Uh...yea sure...' He replies as he grabs his wallet out of his back pocket.


A woman comes to the door and stands next to the man. I presume it's the man's wife.


'Everything okay, hon?' the woman asks with a concerned look on her face as she looks at me.


'Yeah...your mom called the police,' he says, obviously annoyed.


He hands me his ID.


*I take the ID and look at it*


The woman turns around and looks back into the house.


'Momma! You called the police?' she asked in a shocked voice.


I hear a faint frail voice in reply: 'Well I didn't know who you was. You just come in breaking the window..'


The woman starts to argue back to her mother in the house: 'You wouldn't answer the door, momma!'


'I ain't answering the door. Lord knows what hoodlums are out there breakin' windows.' the voice argues back.


The address on the ID matches the current address. I'm satisfied. 


I hear a car pull up in front of the house behind me. I take a quick peak. It's 201.


*I hand the ID back to the man and I take another peak into the home.*


I can barely make out the old woman seated on a floral themed blue arm chair in the back of the living room.


'Everything okay ma'am?' I ask loudly.


'Yea...them hoodlums breakin' my glass...can't use the door like proper folk.' she then proceeds to start rambling.


Okay. I buy it. I'm satisfied.


'Alright then. You guys have a good day.' I say as I turn around to leave.


'Thanks officer. Again, I'm sorry for the trouble.' he says apologetically.


'There's no trouble.' I say walking down the driveway towards Caldwell who's walking up. I grab my shoulder mic.


"Dispatch, 203, there's no break in, cancel assisting" I say


*The man retreats back into the home and closes the door*


'It's all good. Senile grandma got left home alone and got confused when her daughter and son in law came home. They forgot their key, Grandma wouldn't open the door, everything was locked up, so they had to break a window to get in. Man's ID matches this address and Grandma's okay so....' I say delivering a brief recap.


'...You miss me?'

#5 M. Caldwell

M. Caldwell


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Posted 19 April 2019 - 02:13 AM

*Seeing Scott walking down the driveway*


'...You miss me?'


'Only all day and all night baby! How you been? I heard they let you out for good behavior.'

*I say as I bro handshake hug Scott*

Deputy Mike Caldwell





#6 J. Scott

J. Scott


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Posted 19 April 2019 - 03:51 AM

'I heard they let you out for good behavior.'

'Shit man, people talk shit about working lock-up but honestly, it's not horrible. It's actually kinda boring. This is the shit I missed.' I say.


We start to walk back towards out cars.


'Other than that, I've been good.' I say. I suddenly remember something: 'Oh...bro I forgot to text you. You remember that blondie I matched on tinder the other day? Well....she turned out to be fucking psycho...' I say partially laughing. 


'Anyway...you hungry at all? It's about that time.' I say as I look at my watch. 

'Want to take a quick meal at Five Guys? I can tell you all about blondie, and maybe you can give me some more shit for thinking that the O'Toole (The starting pitcher for the local MLB team - the Mustangs) is the most overrated player in the league....it'll be fun.' I say trying to convince him.


I know it won't take much convincing.

#7 M. Caldwell

M. Caldwell


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Posted 19 April 2019 - 04:07 AM

'Listen, I heard stories about COs getting slimed before, Thats all I needed to hear to say no to lockup'


*Walking down the driveway*


'I'm always down for a good burger and a good psycho girlfriend story, Meet you over there?'

Deputy Mike Caldwell





#8 J. Scott

J. Scott


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Posted 19 April 2019 - 04:24 AM

'Yeah lets do it.' I say as I walk over to the car.


*I get in, and grab the radio*


"203, clear scene and available." I say over the air.


> 'Copy, 203'




I start driving to Five Guys.

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