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Car Break In

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Posted 29 August 2019 - 08:01 PM

*Hearing a call come in I feel my stomach rumble as it nears 4pm*


'911, where's your emergency?'


'Corner of Lake Shore Loop and Lindsley in Essex'


'What's your emergency?'


'Someone is breaking into my car and is going through my stuff in the back seat'


'Ok, can you tell me what type of car you have and what the person looks like?'


'It's a 94 Toyota Corolla, orange.  I'm seeing this from my office window looking down into the parking lot so I can't get a good description but I know he's wearing a Bills jersey, baggy pants, and a baseball cap.'


'Does it look like he has any weapons?'


'No, not that I can see but I do carry a revolver in my glove box but it doesn't look like he's searched there yet


'Alright, hold on as I send law enforcement


*Muting the call I key up the Sheriff's Department*


"County to the Sheriff's Department.  Two units requested to the corner of Lake Shore Loop and Lindsley in Essex.   Caller reports someone breaking into her orange 94 Toyota Corolla in the parking lot outside her office.  Suspect is wearing a Bills jersey, baggy pants, and a baseball cap.  Caller also states that she keeps a revolver in her glove box"

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