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Mike's Diner

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#461 E. Hawke

E. Hawke


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Posted 14 November 2016 - 11:55 PM

*Watching Eli slightly turn red from embarrassment I kinda chuckle a bit to myself*


'Do I really look that different?'


*Picking up my coffee mug I take a sip of coffee as the waitress comes over with my waffle, bacon, and eggs.  As she sets the plate down on the counter I continue talking to Eli while unraveling my eating utensils from the napkin they were in.*


'Yeah, that was a cold night.'


Deputy Evelyn Hawke






#462 E. McFeely

E. McFeely

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Posted 15 November 2016 - 02:16 PM

*I smile and laugh a little at myself, calming down from my original embarrassment.*

'It's not that you look that different, I'm just not used to seeing you outside of the uniform.'

*I take a sip of coffee as the waitress brings Evelyn her breakfast. Then I reply to her comment about the temperature the night of the haunted house.*

'It was on the chilly side.. I was lucky enough to be the chainsaw slinger, so I was nice and cozy in my flannel jacket.'

*I smirk as I bring my coffee cup to my mouth again, knowing she wasn't as lucky as I was.*
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#463 E. Hawke

E. Hawke


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Posted 15 November 2016 - 05:45 PM

'I guess that makes sense'


*Referring to how he is not used to seeing me out of uniform.  Starting on my breakfast I pick up the syrup bottle on the counter and pour it over my waffle as I eat my two bacon strips.  I would have taken my time and eaten them separately but I do want to get to work so I can work out before the shift; that's why I'm up early and having breakfast here.  Picking up the fork I prepare to get into my eggs as I continue chewing on the bacon strips while listening to Eli teasingly brag about how he was warm and cozy in his flannel jacket causing my to roll my eyes in my head a bit.  When I finish my bacon and I am about to respond to his bragging about being warm when I realize I don't actually have a response.*


'How nice, so fire starts shifts this early huh?'


*Finished talking I take a sip of coffee and get to eating my scrambled eggs.*


Deputy Evelyn Hawke






#464 E. Morris

E. Morris


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Posted 02 May 2019 - 04:55 PM

((Continued from last home life post written on 4/26/2019))


*It's was 4am when I got back into Shiloh County and it's near 5am now I turn into the parking lot of Mike's Diner.  My legs are tired, as is the rest of my body, and the only energy I have left comes from the 3 or 4 Monster Energy drinks I've had while driving.  The black tights I wore are now torn in places, my hair is a mess even when tied into a ponytail, and I stopped trying to tuck my shirt back into my skirt hours ago.  After the heels broke while dancing my black boots became white sneakers and my bra went missing after having some fun with a staff worker in the janitor's closet in between bands.  What a fun night.*


'Once upon a time I could take anything.  Anything.'


*Singing a line from a song I back into a parking spot wanting the concert to have continued.  Shutting off the engine I think about pulling out the bass that's in my trunk but I'm tired.  Grabbing my purse and exiting my Subaru I feel there's only enough energy left for me to get something to eat before going home.  Shutting the door behind me I hit the locking mechanism on my key chain and make my way to diner's door with a hum.  Reaching the entrance I open up the door and head inside to see an almost empty place.*


'Morning.  Sit anywhere you like.'


*As the door closes behind me I hear one of the waitress's say that to me to which I give a nod and mumble out a tired morning greeting back.  Listlessly I move to one of the booths in the back.  Setting my purse down on the table I slide into the booth's seats with a bit of a yawn escaping from my lips.  With the place being quiet this early in the morning I can't help but lean back and rest my eyes while waiting to be served.*


Detective Emily Morris



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