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In Topic: Parade Room

04 May 2019 - 12:32 AM

*After a pre-shift workout, a shower, and changing into my uniform I head into the parade room for roll call.  Tossing an empty cup, that used to be filled with coffee, into a trash can by the door I head to the back of the room where I find a seat.*



In Topic: Cardiac arrest

27 April 2019 - 03:30 AM

*Hearing we can clear I head back and get into 205.*


"205 clear"

In Topic: 2019 Spring Car Show

25 April 2019 - 02:07 AM

*Walking around the show and it's not as much fun as I thought it would be.  Guess I'm just not that much of a car gal after all even though I've seen quite a variety of vehicles here from old Fords from the 30s to newer exotic looking cars.  None of them really interested me much as I either ignored them or took just a second or two to get a good glance before moving on.  Stopping by a Ferrari in white paint, it looks kind of cool, I slowly walk around it to find out what type of Ferrari it is.  The badge on the back says GTO but I thought Pontiac made the GTOs.  As I'm checking out the interior I don't notice someone walking up to me.*


'Like my car?'


*Almost jumping I turn my head to see a guy in his late thirties, sporting facial hair like one of the members of the Backstreet Boys, looming over me.  He's dressed in a black T-Shirt with a Ferrari emblem on it and blue jeans.  He looks like a tool especially with the heavy amount of hair gel he used.  Standing up straight I turn to face him.*


'Well, it is nice'


'Bought it brand new.  Only has 30 thousand miles on it.  On a good day I can hit almost 200mph on I-48.  I know because I've done it a few times.'


*He says as he pulls out and lights up a cigarette.*


'Oh, aren't you worried about the police when doing?'


'Nah, not really, they'd have to catch up to me first.'


'Oh, well, that's good for you then.'


'So how about it?  You want a ride sometime?  You'll love it.  Oh, I'm Kurt by the way.'


'Evelyn and I think I'll pass but thank you though.'


'Well, alright, the offer will still stand if your interested later.'


'Well, thank you, what was your last name again?'


'Oh, it's Webber'


'Alright, Mr. Webber.'


'Oh, please call me Kurt'


'Ok, Kurt, I'm going to go check out the other vehicles here now.  It is a nice Ferrari you got here.'


'Oh, sure, you know where to find me if you change your mind'


'I sure do'


*Turning around I walk away feeling creeped out.  Throughout that conversation his eyes never once looked at my face for longer than a second.  Even now I feel his gaze on my backside.  As I pass by the front of the car I stop briefly to take a glance at his license plate.  599 GTO it reads.  I'll remember that.  As I start to walk off again I over hear him telling his friend.*


'Yeah, she'll be back.  I'll be taking her for a ride in my car and then for a ride in the back seat.'


*Hearing that, I sigh and reach into my purse as I come to a stop and turn around.*


'Oh, Mr. Webber, I almost forgot.'


*Pulling out my badge I flash it his way.*


'Since I'm not catching you in the act I'm just giving you a warning.  However, just because we might not be able to catch up doesn't mean we don't have ways of making you stop.  So slow down and obey the speed limit because we will be watching for you.'


*Not wanting to waste time to see the look on his face I turn back around and put my badge back in my purse as I walk off again to check out the other cars.*

In Topic: 2019 Spring Car Show

21 April 2019 - 07:02 AM

*Had came to the mall to buy a hockey stick at the sports store and I leave the place with three new pairs of shoes, a negligee, two new dresses for summer, as well as the hockey stick I initially came here to purchase.  As I exit through the doors leading outside my six inch high heel sandals start clicking again on the concrete sidewalk and asphalt surface of the parking lot after being silent on the mall's entryway's rugs.  As I move further into the lot I can feel my long white skirt and black/white striped sleeveless shirt flutter slightly with the cool breeze as well as my movements.  The day was certainly warmer than usual so I'm glad I wore the outfit I did as it helped me keep cool; of course the AC in the mall also helped.*


*Having spent a good couple hours in the mall I'm glad I came out just as it was starting to cool off outside.  More than that I'm also just about surprised to see the parking lot full of old and/or expensive cars for a show going on.  With my car parked nearby in the parking lot I can't help but take glances at the vehicles while passing by the outside edge of the show; even if I'm not that into cars.  Getting to my Chevy SS I store my newly purchased stuff away in the trunk and decide that viewing a car show might be slightly enjoyable.  Closing the trunk I fetch my Oakley sunglasses from my purse and put them on as I turn around to make my way to see what other cars are there.*

In Topic: Cardiac arrest

20 April 2019 - 07:11 AM

*Being told to tape up the scene I grab the caution tape from my cruiser and head up to the house.*