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19 March 2019 - 07:35 AM

*The sun's light shining brightly through my living room window and the sound of my coffee maker beeping wakes me up.  Slowly opening my eyes I roll myself up to standing position and stumble a bit when I trip over my skirt trying to walk; so I take it off.  Walking over to the kitchen I grab a mug from the cupboards and pour myself a coffee.  Setting the mug on the counter I go about the kitchen to make Savo's breakfast before grabbing the mug and going back into the living room.  Sitting back down on the couch I take a sip of coffee and turn on the TV.*


"We're here in Fort Shannon Park where a small group of prote"




"The polic"


"Blue's Clues, Blue's Cl"



*Not really finding anything on I shut off the TV and take another sip of my coffee as I get up from the couch.  Walking back into the kitchen I place my mug on the counter and move further to my bedroom.  Grabbing a pair of jeans from my bureau I slip them on over my black tights that I'm still wearing and go into my closet to grab a pair of knee high heeled boots.  Leaving my closet I go to my bed and sit down while I tuck my jeans into the boots as I put them on.  Pondering if I should still wear the same beige over the shoulder sweater and white tank-top I decide that I really don't care right now and leave my bedroom.  Seeing Savo eating as I head back into the kitchen, I grab my mug of coffee and take one final sip before dumping the rest of the brew down the sink.*


'Savo be good, I'll be home in a bit'


*Leaving the kitchen I grab my jacket and purse from the living room as I proceed to the front door of my house.  Putting on the jacket, slinging the purse over my shoulder, I open the door and exit my house closing the door and locking it behind me.  Walking to my car I get in and find the keys tucked away somewhere.  Inserting the keys into the ignition I start up the SS, buckle up, shift to drive, and drive out of my driveway.  Not too sure of where I'm going but I just didn't feel like staying home.  Perhaps I'll get breakfast and go see a shrink.*

In Topic: The Hawke's Nest: Evelyn Hawke's Home

16 March 2019 - 06:04 AM

*Drifting asleep I feel a blanket being put over me so I just curl up a bit more to get more comfortable and nod off into dreamland.*

In Topic: The Hawke's Nest: Evelyn Hawke's Home

16 March 2019 - 05:53 AM

*Hailey seems to want to take over feeding Savo so I nod and hand her the can.  With a yawn I leave the kitchen and go back into the living room.  Instead of sitting down on the couch I decide to just lay down on it.  Sleeping here might not be so bad.  Did it before when my ankle was healing from being shot.  The drugs probably had a helping hand in that though.*

In Topic: The Hawke's Nest: Evelyn Hawke's Home

16 March 2019 - 05:47 AM

'Oh, shit, yeah.  I usually feed him before I leave work and when I get home.'


*Putting down my apple juice I go back to the fridge only stopping at the counter to grab the bottle of apple juice I brought out.  Opening up the fridge I put the apple juice back and pull out the can of dog food I opened up this morning.*

In Topic: The Hawke's Nest: Evelyn Hawke's Home

16 March 2019 - 05:37 AM

*Not saying anything I just smile and take a sip of my apple juice.  A bit unsure of what to talk about now and not really wanting the turn on the TV.  At this hour there isn't anything on anyways.*