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#57784 Backyard Fire

Posted by M. Price on 19 June 2018 - 01:24 AM

*Staying cool indoors with the aide of AC I take the next call coming in*


'911, where's your emergency?'


'My backyard's on fire! My garden, my bushes, my cabbages.  No wait, my cabbages are fine but my shrubbery!'


'Where's your emergency?'


'122 Summer Road, Oxnard.  Everything alongside my backyard fence is on fire.  Well, almost all of it anyways.  It's starting to get to my shed.'


'Is anyone hurt?'


'No, no one's hurt, I don't know how this started I just looked out the window from my kitchen and saw flames practically everywhere!'


'Ok, stay on the line so I can get more info I'm sending help now.'


*Muting the call I see again that Oxnard FD is again busy with another call so I call up County FD to deal with this.*


"County to FD, Engine 11 due to 122 Summer Road in Oxnard for a fire in the backyard"



Call Notes:

Nothing in the shed is flammable

A tree in the backyard of the property is over 150 years old but it's also not on fire so ignore it

Again, the cabbages are fine