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28 March 2019 - 05:55 AM

*Yawning when it's almost noon.  Only been here an hour or two but I'm already tired.  Probably because I'm hungry.  Need my Chicken Salad.*


'911, where's your emergency?'


'Hi, hello, this is Vice-Principal Stewart at Meadowlark High School in Oxnard.'


'Ok, Mr. Steward, What's your emergency?'


'Vice-Principal.  Eight of our students started fighting in the hallways on the second floor.  We're unable to get them under control.'


'Is anyone hurt?'


'I'm in my office, I'm told one of the boys is stabbed... wait, hold on...'


*Mr. Vice-Principal Steward lowers his phone to talk with someone in the room.  I faintly hear his voice as he sounds even more alarmed.*


'Ok, sorry about that.  We have another injury.  A girl just trying to pass by the brawl was pushed down the stairs.  She's 5 months pregnant.*


'Alright, stay on the phone so I can get more details I'm sending the Sheriff's Department and EMS.'


*Muting the call*


"County to Sheriff's Department.  Need units to respond to Meadowlark High School in Oxnard for a brawl that broke out between students."


"County to EMS.  Need next available ALS and BLS units to repond to Meadowlark High School for a brawl.  One student stabbed and a 5 month pregnant student fell down the stairs."

Break In

21 March 2019 - 03:21 AM

"911, where's your emergency"


"Someone broke into my house"


"Where are you?"


"I'm under my bed"


"What's your home address?"


"72 Wren Street, Oxnard"


"How many and are they armed"


"I don't know, I just heard a window break.  Haven't gone to check but I'm hearing two voices downstairs.  I live alone so I know someone is breaking into my house"


"Ok, hold on, I'm sending the Sheriff's Department right now"


*Muting the call I get on the radio for SD*


"County to Sheriff, need some units to respond to 72 Wren Street in Oxnard.  Caller reports possibly 2 people have broken into her home."

Dump Truck Vs Bus

04 November 2018 - 09:33 AM

*Having gotten tired of hearing about the Mustang's comeback win in the break room I arrive back at my station in time to take the next call.*


'911, where's your emergency?'


'There's been an accident, oh, uh, intersection of North 3rd and Bay Street.'


'What type of accident?'


'A dump truck T-boned a bus.  It's the Mustang's bus.  The dump truck didn't slow down at all.  Holy shit the bus just caught on fire.'


'Did anyone get out?'


'No, not that I can see'


'Okay, hold on I'm sending help now.'


*Muting the call I get on Fire's radio*


"County to FD, units due to intersection of N. 3rd and Bay St. in Ft. Shannon for a Truck Vs Bus.  Bus is reported to be on fire."


"County to EMS, Any available units due to N. 3rd and Bay Street in Ft. Shannon for a MVA involving a dump truck and a bus."


"County to Sheriff's Department, available units respond to North 3rd and Bay Street, Fort Shannon for MVA.  Dump Truck Vs Bus"


*Getting back to the call I get more info to relay to the responding units.*





The bus is the Mustang's team bus carrying team members and staff

Current time is 3:00am

Bus is on it's side and almost split open

Dumptruck is right side up with engine block smashed in

Possibly 30 occupants on board bus

Fire at the Museum

24 July 2018 - 03:34 AM

*It's nearly 8pm as I yawn from being here all day.  Sometimes it feels like I'm the only dispatcher here as the next call comes in.*


'911, where's your emergency?'


'We're on Bay Street across from the Museum'


'What's your emergency?'


'We can see smoke coming from the back of the museum.  We think there's a fire there'


'Ok, stay on the line so I can get more info.  I'm sending the fire department'


*Muting the call*


"County to FD, Engine 11 due to Ft. Shannon Museum of Natural History.  Smoke has been spotted coming from the back of the museum."

Baseball Injury

19 June 2018 - 01:38 AM

'911, where's your emergency?'


'The baseball field in Oxnard Park.'


'What's your emergency?'


'Joey stumbled when rounding 2nd base and he can't get up.  It looked like his ankle just gave out as he made his turn.  Didn't know an ankle could bend like that.'


'Ok, stay on the line so I can get more info.  Sending EMS now'


*Muting the call*


"County to EMS.  M2 due to Oxnard Center Park for an Ankle Injury on the baseball field"