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25 April 2019 - 02:22 AM

*As Stonewall works his way up into the attic, I look back at my crew on the line.*


'Stonewall.  *Breathe* Take the nozzle.'


*I turn back toward the guys as I move backward to the scuttle hole.*


'How you guys doin' on air!'


*I watch as they check down and I see a few of them look up saying that they're low.*


'All right, we're gonna get out of here.'


*I turn back to the guys in the attic.*


'I'm calling command, let's get out of here.  Leave the line there.'


*As I step down from the attic, I key the mic after I click out of my regulator.*


Me: "Squad 7 to Command."


IC: "Go ahead."


Me: "Command, I've got a few guys here who are running low on air.  We're going to go ahead and back out."


IC: "Copy Squad 7.  Take your equipment with you.  BREAK South Fourth Command to Engine 19."


19: "Go ahead Command."


IC: "19, I need you guys to stretch a line following Squad 7's.  You guys are going to head in."


*As we're coming out of the house, working the line with us, I see the guys from 19.*


Me: 'Hey, it's right to the right up in the attic about twenty feet back.'


19: 'All right, you guys get up there?'


Me: 'We got in the attic but we couldn't get to the fire.  The truck guys opened up a scuttle hole just off to the left of the stairs like five feet or so down the hallway.  You're gonna need an an attic ladder to get up in there.'


19: 'All right, we'll get it.  Thanks man.'


Me: 'Yeah man.  I guess we're clearing.  I dunno why they wanted us to take our stuff with us.'


19: 'Probably.  Perks of being a SOC company.'


Me: 'Something like that I guess.'


19: 'Hey, sorry to hear about your guy.'


Me: 'Yeah, he's one of the truck guys.  Thanks man.'


*I pat him on the shoulder as we walk out of the house.  I go ahead and take my helmet, hood, and mask off as I walk outside the house.*


Me: 'Hey Chief, what's up?'


IC: 'I'm going to go ahead and release you guys.  We're just going to hold two and two.'


Me: 'Works for me.  We're going to go ahead and pack everything up and get outta here then.'


IC: 'Sounds good.'


*As I walk back over to the trucks, I pass the truck first.*


'Pack it up boys.'


*I get back to my truck and I go ahead and sling my airpack down onto the bumper.  I head back to the rear of the truck where we grab some of the spare bottles.  I bring the two that we in the chute and I bring it with me.  I rest one of the bumper attack tray.  I swap my bottle and then I bring the air pack over and put it back into my bracket.  When I'm done, I slide the old bottle back into the chute and then I put my air bottle into the bracket in my seat.  I toss my coat in the engine and then I look at the guys as they're already racking hose.  I climb up on top of the engine and I help them get the preconnects racked before we work on the supply line.  Once we get finished, I look to the guys as I climb down.*


'All right, we're going to the hospital to see Kyle.  Miller, you're detailed to the truck to drive them.'


*I get into the engine, put my headset on and press the PTT.*


Me: "Squad 7, 911."


911: "Go ahead."


Me: "Squad 7's going to be clear, available."


911: "Copy Squad 7."


'All right Simmon, SCH.'

In Topic: South 4th St Job

22 April 2019 - 12:43 AM

*I hear Garbus come back into the room and tell us that he found a way into the attic and when he says to get a second crew, I shake my head.*


'We we only have the one line, so when we get relieved, we'll get one from the next guys.'


*I shut the line down and climb down from the attic ladder.  I click out of my air to conserve it as we walk back over to the hole that Cook found.  When we get there, he's got it closed up.  Smart dude.*


'Nice one, Cook.'


*I see the rest of the guys coming with the attic ladder.  As my guys start to set it up and Cook and Garbus reach up, trying to get up into the attic, I key the mic.*


Me: "Squad 7, Command."


IC: "Go ahead."


Me: "Command, we have found access into the attic.  We're going to be knocking the fire down here.  Be advised, we have a hole opened on the Alpha- Bravo corner.  We knocked a good portion of fire from there, but we're getting into the attic now."


*Once the guys get the attic open, I clamp the line in an "S" shape around my leg and I start flowing water into the attic.  Once it rains back down on me, I shut the line down.  As I look up, I can see the remnants of a ladder in the attic from the homeowner.  Oh well.  If you think my ass is getting on a wooden ladder in the attic that was on fire, you've got another thought coming.  I point it out to the guys as the try to get it out of the way for Stonewall while he gets the attic ladder in place.  I don't like making entry without a line to cover the guys, but we only have one.  I look at the guys.*


'I'm going to hog the nob again until we at least get into the attic.  Cook, I want you following Miller here with a hook in case we need it once we get there.  Watch the floor guys, if it's at all unstable, get the hell out of there.'


*I click in just before I climb up the ladder, I can feel the heat coming from behind me.  I contort myself again so that I can throw some water back there.  I can definitely see thick black smoke up here.  This shit's still burning up here.  As I get my waist up through the hole, I can feel my head clink against the wooden structural components of the roof.*




*I don't want to throw much more water in the back, so I look the the guys below me.*


'Miller, come take this line.  *breathe* I need the irons first.'


*As they get passed up to me and Miller climbs up the ladder just below me and takes the nozzle.  I recognize that we're pretty close to each other.*


'No homo.'


*I try to crack a joke as I start sounding the area around us.  As I get it done and everything feels good, I shrug to myself as I pull myself into the hole on my belly.  I start trying to sound ahead of me as I work my way back toward the center of the house where the peaked roof is so that I can get off of my belly.  As Miller enters the attic, followed by Cook, I take the line and pin it with my leg for him as we get up into the attic.  As I get back on my knees, I sound in front of the guys.  God I hate truck work.*


'Getting close to the vent up here.'


*I can feel the smoke lifting as we get closer to the vent, but I can also feel heat.  The smoke it not that turbulent so we're not on top of it yet, but it's black.  That's not good.  As we keep advancing, the heat gets pretty bad, so I turn to Miller.*


'Spray some damn water on this shit.  *breathe*. It's hot as balls.'


*While he does that, I look at my shoulder gage.  I'm only at about a third of air left, so I turn back to the guys and yell.*




*I wait for a few seconds as I bounce back and look to the guys on the line.*


'How are you guys on air?'

In Topic: The Woodlands Of Shiloh County

16 April 2019 - 05:00 AM

*As the clock hits 4:00, I sigh while sitting at my desk at Chapman.  I still have to go over research reports and FHAs and designs from some of the guys to get them out before the weekend.  I decide to go ahead and open up one of the FHAs.  Probably not a smart move.  80 page document.*


'Damnit Stocker.'


*I'm not really upset that the guys were so thorough, but I just don't want to read the documents now.  I minimize it and I know that the research will be bad and so will the designs.  At least backtracking through the calculation sheets.  I rub my hands over my eyes and I glance over at some of the stuff that I have on the walls in the corner office.  I sigh and sit upright in my chair and I start reading through Stocker's FHA.  Methodology looks good...  Applicable codes and standards looks good.  Granted, those are copy and paste, but I still want to make sure before they get sent upstairs to Warren.  As I get finished with the template, I get down to the specifics.  As I start reading that, one of my ETs comes in.*


Jim: 'Hey Nicholas, did you see about the Cathedral in France?'


Me: 'Huh?'


Jim: 'That famous Notre Dame Cathedral is burning.'


Me: 'Oh shit, thanks Jim.'


Jim: 'Yeah, no problem.  It looks pretty bad from what we're seeing.'


Me: 'Lovely.  Thanks for letting me know.'


*As he walks back out to his desk in the cubical farm, I start googling information on it.  When I find a news article, I spend a few seconds reading it before I send it to Hailey in a text.*


"Notre Dame Cathedral is burning."


*I keep reading where I find out about all of the relics that were inside of the Church and all of the records.  I shake my head.  I know what it's like having all of the records in one place.  All of my family genetic records went from Nova Scotia to Baton Rouge for safe keeping.  At least things that that haven't burned, but there are a lot more information and a whole bunch more records in Paris.  I sigh before I take another few seconds.  It's Thursday, and I know that the guys want to get an early start on the weekend.  I'm not really one for doing a whole lot of heavy work on Fridays, so we normally have meetings for different projects and it's also time for the guys to collaborate.*


'Screw it.'


*I unplug my Mac from the display and charger dongle, causing my dual monitors on my desk to go dark.  I slide my chair over and I grab my computer bag where I put my laptop in, followed by some of the papers that I'll need for work tonight.  Even though I doubt that I'll be doing anything.  When I'm done, I look around my office, grab the rest of my things before I shut the light, lock the door, and leave the office.*


'See you guys tomorrow.'


*I head out of the office and down to my truck, saying goodbye to the people as I walk past them.  I get into my truck, where I put my computer down in the passenger seat and I take a seat.  I loosen my tie after shutting my door.  I turn my truck on and I back out of my spot and I head over to the exit.  I pause for a second before I put my turn signal on and I head home.  When I get there, instead of heading in, I press the opener on the garage to open the back door where I walk out and I grab an Igloo cooler.  I fill it with some ice from the back refrigerator before I toss in five or six beers followed by some normal drinks, a few cups, and then a bottle of Makers.  I bring the cooler over to the back of my truck and I back out of the driveway and I head to Essex.  I park up on a mountainside, with my bed facing back toward Ft. Shannon.  I kill my truck, walk back and drop the tailgate.  I take a seat in the tailgate, resting my head against the back glass.  I pop the cooler and I grab a cup and the bottle of bourbon.  I pour myself a shot and I wait for a second before I tip it back.  I look over the city, with the cooler pressed against my left side and my right against the side of the bed.  With everything hitting the fan, I just need to take a break.  I just want to be away from people for right now.  I didn't explain it to anyone, but I'm tired of being around people honestly.  I've had to deal with crap at work, stuff with the fire department, Hailey, Kyle and his whole situation.  I've got a lot of shit on my plate.  I know Hailey is working tonight, so she won't expect me home.  I normally don't drink outside of home, but why the hell not.  I sit in silence for a few minutes, nursing the bourbon while I take in the view and try to just stop thinking.  I rest my head on my hand on the side of the truck while I think about all of my recent failures.*

In Topic: South 4th St Job

04 April 2019 - 03:11 AM

*As the guys finish opening the ceiling for me, I go ahead and I shut the nozzle down.  I can't really see any visible fire, but I can feel the heat up near my head when I take another step up and put it closer to the ceiling.  It's definitely still rolling up there.  I don't want to just throw water around everywhere.*


'Yo.  Y'all got the TIC down there?'


*I hand the line back down to Stonewall and Miller as one of them hands me the truck TIC.  I spin it around and I look for the fire in the attic.  Eventually, I can see a hotspot.  I keep facing that direction before I turn around to the guys.*




*They hand the line to me as I take it and I pull it over my shoulder.  I pin it against the beam of the ladder with my knee and I start throwing some water toward the hotspot.  I shut it down for a few more seconds before I take another swipe with the hotspot.  I didn't knock it.  Considering that it's across the house, there is now ay that I can hit it.  I let the line rest against the ladder as I key the mic.*


"Squad 7 to Truck 7, you find an access?"

In Topic: South 4th St Job

29 March 2019 - 04:07 PM

*As the guys bring up the equipment that we need, I see Cook carrying a 8 foot NY hook and then I see Dave come in with the drywall hook and the attic ladder while Garbus comes in with the TIC.  I take the drywall hook from Dave while he goes ahead and starts opening the attic ladder.  I see Stonewall and Miller ready to hit some fire, so I go ahead and I flip the drywall hook over, making sure not to hit anyone.  I go ahead and thrust from the knees and the hips to shove the hook into the roof.  I make four small holes in the ceiling before I flip the tool around and I shove the drywall hook in.  As we do that, I can see that there is no fire, but Garbus is telling me there is a hotspot there.  I turn my Survivor on my chest up so that it with my helmet light can see inside of the attic.*




*The guys look at me as I start shaking my head.*


'This isn't the only ceiling.  *Breathe*. There's a damn plaster and lathe.'


*I pull out some more of the ceiling and I let Cook step in with the roof hook to start pulling it.  He's having difficulties getting up to get it with the additional two feet or so above the drywall.  I decide to say screw this as I click out of my regulator to formulate a plan with the guys faster.*


'Here's the deal.  This drywall is coming down.  I'm going to pull all the way to the wall.  Then we're going to pull a trench out of the plaster and lathe.  Dave, get that attic ladder set up against that wall.  I pull toward you.  Everybody else, just hang on.'


*I decide to leave my regulator out for a few seconds while I pull some more.  I'm conserving air this way and there isn't a whole lot of smoke coming down on us.  At least not yet.  I get about a foot from the wall before I take the attic ladder from Dave e and I raise it up.  I climb up the ladder that is resting against the wall and I spin around so that I can lock my leg off and work back toward the guys.  Once I get it set up, I turn back to the guys and I point at the ceiling to Cook.*


'Take that with the hook if you can get it.'


*As he struggles to pull it, I click into my regulator and I turn to the guys.*


'Nozzle me.'


*I take the nozzle from Stonewall and I go ahead and rest the bend against the wall as I open it slowly to hit some of the heat that is in the attic.  As Cook is able to get some of the ceiling away, I can see fire.*


'Found it.'


*I knock that down, and using the reach of the stream, I throw some more water into the interstitial space.  I don't think that we're going to be able to actually get in there though until we get people in the attic.*


'Aaron, call command. *Breathe*. Get me a 10 foot NY and tell them there is fire in the second ceiling.'


*Once Aaron finishes his transmissions, I turn to his guys.*


'See if you guys can find a way into the attic.  We're going to keep hitting it from down here.'


*As Cook hands his hook over to Miller, I stay on the line, trying to knock as much of the fire as I can from the ladder while Miller keeps opening the ceiling.*