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In Topic: I-484 MVC

20 February 2019 - 06:36 AM

*As Simmon brings me the cribbing, I set it on each side and then I give the car a good shove.  It doesn't move, so we're good.  I take the Halligan and I take the adz and I have it set up in the corner of the window as I drop my defender visor.*




*I smash out the window only to find that it's tempered glass.  Damn safety precautions.*


'Jose!  Glass saw!'


*While I wait for that, I make a purchase in the window with the adz as well.  Once Jose comes back with the saw, I go ahed and I cut out the driver window and the windshield.  As we work on that, I look over to Miller.*


'We're taking every door, we're rolling the roof.'


*I walk over and then I head to the driver door.  I grab the irons and I take the adz and I jam it in to the door as far as I can and I call for some strikes from Miller.  He gives me three good hits before I crimp down and then crimp up, trying to open up the side of the door.  Once it's done, I adjust and get a bigger purchase point before I pull it out and I let Miller in with the spreaders.  I then grab the cutters and I open it so that I can go ahed and cut the door away so that we can do a total door removal.  Once Miller gets it open, I go ahead and cut some of the metal components after Miller takes the electrical lines off.  Once we're done, I take the door off and then I let Miller take the door and carry it away from the car.  I then get in near the patient so that I can take the plastic and expose the airbags.  When that's done, I pop back out and I grab the cutters so that we can take the other side of the car.  We're taking the A and B posts.  I turn back to Simmon as we get ready to take the B post on the other side.  I get my shoulder under it to kind of support tit from falling in on the patient.*


'Need a roof hook!'


*As he comes back, we can go ahead and start peel the roof back.  I wait for Miller to cut that B post and I get Simmon to put a shoulder into the roof so he can support that side.  I call Cook over so that he can take one side of the hook and Miller can get the other when he cuts the B post so that we can make the crease and peel the roof.*

In Topic: I-484 MVC

20 February 2019 - 05:43 AM

*As Miller asks if I want him to check the doors, I tell him yes and also I try to get him to open up the hood.  He tries, but he can't get the hood up.  Great.  As Simmon lets some of the slack out with the chains and the straps, I grab the Halligan from my set of irons and I take the adz and I slam in into the grill to pull the plastic away.  I then take the forks and I spike the hood and I eventually look down and I find the latch for the hood.  I start spinning the Halligan before I can open the hood.  I put the Halligan under the hood to keep it open as I pull my cable cutters out so that I can cut the battery terminal.  Once it's done, I take the Halligan out and I let everyone know.  I look to Miller and I see him say that he can't get the door open.  I sigh and I look over to him.*


'Okay, get the Hurst tools over here.  Simmon!  We're going to crib this car.'


*I grab my Ardis tool and I make sure to cut the curtain airbag on the driver side.  I then walk over to the back of the car where I lay down on my side while Simmon brings me some 4x4s and some step chocks.  While I wait, I key the mic.*


“484 Command to Rescue 1, be advised, we have all Southbound traffic stopped at this time.  I’m going to need you to suicide up Southbound side and set up behind the Squad."

In Topic: I-484 MVC

20 February 2019 - 03:42 AM

*I wait for a response from the truck as I head back and I go to grab the tools.  I see the guys pulling the Hurst tools off and the cribbing racks.*

‘Hey, I need all of the cribbing you can get.  Cook, Jose, I need chains and tow straps to that axle.  Miller, I need the K-12 to the railing too.’

*As the guys start getting everything ready, including moving the Squad to the correct position so that we can attach the tow straps and the chains, I walk back over the car.  The back passenger wheel is hanging off the edge of the bridge, so there’s a good chance that we’ll have to pull the car onto the bridge, but we’re probably going to at least make a relief cut in the guard rail so that it will flex when we pull it up.  Considering that it’s the only thing that is holding the car down is the railing, this is going to be difficult. I figure that we’re going to get the car onto the road and I sigh and I walk over to the patients. Neither are conscious. Terrific. I sigh as I look over and see Simmons and Cook hooking up to the front axle so that we can hold the car if shit were to hit the fan immediately but also so that we can pull the car out when we get the chance.  I also walk back to the truck and I grab another set of irons so that I can spike the hood and open it up and get in there. I wait as the guys get everything ready to go. I move the cribbing and everything else from behind the truck as we get ready to move the squad and pull the car up. As I do, Garbus comes over. I look back and I see that they have all lanes of traffic stopped. I rip the velcro on my traffic vest and I toss it back toward the Squad where it lands on the bumper. I then go back over to the car as Garbus walks over to me.*


'Check out over the guard rail.'


*As he looks over, I put my extrication gloves on and wait for him to look back up at me.*


'So that car in the water. I need you to send somebody down there and check it out. if you guys can't reach it with the stick, that's fine. We'll get a marine unit down there and they can get them.  We're going to work on this extrication up here.  I may need help up here because this is going to suck.'


*As Garbus walks off to organize his guys, I look at my guys.  Simmon crawls out from under the car and walks back over to the engine.  I stand back to watch as Simmons backs the squad up to put some tension on the line.  Cook guides them back as Miller revs the K-12 to get ready to make a relief cut.  As the chains become taught, I let Miller start his cuts.  Once Miller has it cut, I direct Simmon back.  Once he has the axle back on the road, I signal him to stop as I key the mic.*


"484 Command, 911.  Bridge vehicle stabilized."


*I take the Halligan to take the hood while Miller tries that and Cook and Simmon drop the protection line.*

In Topic: I-484 MVC

20 February 2019 - 03:11 AM

*I sit in the dayroom with the guys when I hear the tones drop.  I then hear the dispatch and wait for the address and the notes. As I get down the pole and onto the floor, I start up with the guys.*


*Of course a few “jobtowns” come back and some more double pulls as I smile and we get to the squad.  I unzip my boots and then I step into my bunker boots and I pull them up. I go ahead and I toss my hood into the cab and then I put my radio strap on and I snap it to the metal hook on my suspenders and then I follow it with my bunker coat.  I step into the truck, using my ass to slide my hood away from the center of the seat so that I can grab it and put it into my bunker pants pocket. I also get my extrication gloves out and I put them on my legs as I shut the door. I look back and I see Miller and Cook climbing in with their pants on.  Before I can get my headset on, I point forward as Jose pulls us out of the bay. As we head out, I put my headset on and I look to the guys as we lead the truck out.*

“Got us a wreck, boys.”

*I reach forward and I press the PTT on the dashboard so that I can talk to dispatch.*

Me: “Squad 7, 911.”

911: “Go ahead.”

Me: “Squad 7’s responding.”

*I hit the air horn as we get to the interstate and we cross First Street to the ramp.  I unleash the Q and the airhorn as we get up onto the interstate. I grab a pair of medical gloves from the doghouse and I tuck them into my left bunker pocket as we get closer.*

“All righty boys, let’s evaluate it when we get there.  When y’all get off, I want the heavy irons from back there.  Let’s hope it ain’t bad.”

*I see the wreck up on the slow lane side and I cringe.*

“Oh shit.  That ain’t good.”

*As we get closer, I can hear Miller and Cook’s reaction as they turn around and face the call from the back seats.  As we slow down, I key the mic.*

Me: “Squad 7, 911.”

911: “Go Ahead.”

Me: “Squad 7’s On scene.  Be advised, I got a vehicle tangled in the guardrail, possibly two people trapped.  Looks like I got a car in the water as well. Start me a Rescue and the SOC chief and place Marine units on standby.  We’re also going to need at least one more medic unit. Squad 7’s going to have 484 Command. Be advised, we’re shutting down ALL Southbound traffic at this time.”

911: “Copy 484 Command.”

*As the airbrake gets pulled, I take my headset off and I hang it up as I step out.  I grab my helmet and traffic vest from the dashboard as we walk over to the car. I put both on before I get to the car and I look over the hole in the guard rail next to it.  I can see a green truck sticking out of the water, but not much else. I guess they’re lucky that they hit the bottom footing of the bridge.*

“484 Command to Incoming units, we have a confirmed vehicle in the water.”

*I look back at the car that is still on the bridge and I can see that it’s going to be a pain in the ass to stabilize, and we’re going to have to cut.  I shake my head and point back at the truck as Miller and Cook head back.*

Me: “484 Command to Truck 7.”

Truck 7: “Go ‘head.”

Me: “Truck 7, I need you to block all lanes.  When you come in, I need you to put your stick off the slow lane side.  We have a vehicle in the water. Squad 7’s going to handle the vehicle on the bridge.  Be advised, you’re probably gonna need to take a section of guardrail.”

In Topic: Bay Area

15 February 2019 - 04:51 AM

*As Dave wets me down, I look up like nothing happened.  I notice the one random bead of water on the bumper and I shake my head.*


'Nice one man.  You got the good truck wet.  Guess that means that you're shammying it off.'


*I get up, walk into the bay and take my job shirt off and toss it into my gear locker.  I grab a pair of utility gloves and I walk out with the guys as they repack our scorpion load.  I intend to tell Dave that I'll handle it since it's my truck anyway, but I see that he's already walked off and gone over to Aaron and the other truck guys.*


'What the hell is this?'


*I see them turn around and I point to the spaghetti that Dave left on the ground when he took the line just to wet me down.*


'Look I know they put those of us who were...  Well...  Slower... On the truck, but c'mon.  It's hose.  It's literally just fooding it.  Even truck guys can handle that...'


*I proceed to take the line and I break some of the couplings and I go ahead and walk it out before we pack the line back.  I shake my head a few times as I finish getting the line packed up before I walk back and direct Simmon back.  I look over to Miller who is standing next to me so that he can set up his gear again in the truck.  Quietly, so that the rest of the guys don't hear me, I look over at him.*


'Let me tell you what.  If I'd have ever pulled someone else's line and not packed it back, I'd have had my ass chewed up one side and down the other.'


*As Simmon gets the truck back in the station, I put my gear back up on the door like I normally do.  I walk over to Aaron and I lean against the truck as they finish up whatever they were doing.*


'Since I'll be a nice guy and offer to help out, anything else you want us for?'