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2018 Christmas Party Invitation

28 November 2018 - 05:16 AM

The annual Christmas party is coming up, and I'm inviting everyone and their families to the fire house again.  This year, we will be starting the Christmas party during the week of December 17th, and it will continue through the New Year hopefully.


If you guys have any questions, then shoot me a message on Discord or on here.  You don't have to RSVP, but feel free if you want.  I hope to see all of you there for some character development and some traction.

SC Explorers Christmas Tree Sale Fundraiser

28 November 2018 - 04:50 AM

*I pull up to the instructor parking for the academy and I turn my truck off.  I slide my phone into my job shirt pocket after unplugging it and then I put my baseball cap on.  I zip up my job shirt another inch or so before I get out. As I step out and into the bitter cold, I walk into the office.  I say hello to the guys and shoot the breeze with them before heading out and getting everything to set up the sale. We’ve already got the wrapped up trees stacked up behind the office building, right near the academy’s F-250.  As Brooke and Dave show up, I get the trees into the 250 and I drive over to where we need to unload the trees, right near the front gate. Once we get the trees dumped out, I leave Dave to set them up while Sarah and I go and grab the tables and the tents that we need.  Once we get those to the right spot, I head back to the academy shop one last time to grab the generators, extension cords, and the lights. I drive those over and I stop the truck just off the side of the road. I get the generators placed and then I get the lights set up.  More importantly, I get the heaters hooked up beneath the tent that Dave and Sarah just set up.*

‘All right guys, let’s get these sold, and let’s get out of here.  It’s cold out here.’

*I put my department Hi-Viz parka on as we finish setting up the signage up as the kids start coming in.*

SCFD Squad 7

16 October 2018 - 07:07 AM

Squad 7 is a new unit of the SCFD.  It is a rescue-pumper that is attached with the special operations division.  This will respond on technical rescue incidents as well as hazmat incidents as a support unit to rescue companies and hazmat companies.  The purpose of the squad is to conduct search and rescue or RIT operations on a working fire.  This truck can function as an engine in its first-due area as well as a truck company in light rescue situations, such as car accidents.  These trucks carry car extrication equipment as well as light rescue equipment.  


Squad 7: 2018 Pierce Enforcer (1250 GPM Pump, 500 gallon tank)

(Photoshop Credit to FF Garbus)




Driver’s side –

Rear Cab Compartment

  • ABC extinguisher

  • Class B extinguisher

Pump Panel

  • Controls for the Pump and generator

  • LDH Intake

  • 1 2.5” intake

  • 1 2.5” discharge

  • 1x 5” intake/discharge 

First Compartment (Behind Pump Panel)

Top shelf

  • Various nozzles

    • 2x 1 ¾” Variable Gallonage Fog Nozzles

    • 2x 1 ¾” Smoothbore Nozzles

    • 1x 2 ½” Variable Gallonage Fog Nozzles

    • 1 x 2 ½” Smoothbore Nozzle 

    • Piercing Nozzle

  • 2x Large Spanner Wrenches

  • 2x Small Spanner Wrenches

  • 2x 2 ½”1 ½” Reducers

  • 2x 5” to 2 ½” Reducers

  • 1 x 2 ½” to ½” Reducer

  • 2x 1 ½” 2 ½” Increasers

  • 2x 2 ½” 5” Increasers

  • 2x hydrant wrench

  • Hydrant Adapters

  • 1x 4 in to 5 in adapter

  • 1x Foam Eductor

  • 2x 5'' Storz to 4"

  • 1x 4'' to 2 ½ Male & Female

  • 1x 5" to 2 ½ Male & Female

  • 1x 2 ½ Quick Connect

Middle Shelf

  • 4x 100’ 1 ¾” Cleveland Load (Coupled in 2 sections of 100’)

  • 1x 100’ 2 ½” Denver High Rise Load

  • 4x 75’ 2 ½” Denver High Rise Load

  • High Rise Bag

    • 2x 2 ½” Smoothbore nozzles

    • 1x 1 ¾” Smoothbore nozzle

    • 1x 1 ¾” Variable Fog Nozzle

    • 2x Spanner Wrenches

    • In Line Pressure Gage

    • Pump Pressure Card

    • 12 foot 2 ½” section of hose

    • 2 ½” to 1 ½” Reducer

    • Gated Wye

Bottom shelf 

  • 4x Traffic Wands

  • 1x Drink Cooler

  • 1x case of 28 bottled water

  • 1x case of PowerAde

Second Compartment (Over the wheel well)

Bottom Half

  • 2x High Lift Jacks

Top half

  • Tool Bag

    • DeWalt Impact Drill

    • Bit Kit

    • Full Bolt and Nut Driver set

    • Impact Sockets

    • Crescent Wrench Set

    • Channellocks

    • Needle-nose Pliers

    • Regular Pliers

    • Craftsman Voltmeter

    • Vice Grips

    • 25’ Tape measure

    • Snipps

    • Wire Cutters

    • DeWalt Drill

    • Hammer

    • 3 lb Maul

  • DeWalt FLEXVOLT 60-Volt MAX Lithium-ion Cordless Brushless 7 -¼” Circular Saw

  • 3 spare DeWalt FLEXVOLT 60-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Batteries and Chargers

  • Air Chisel

  • Air Whizzer Saw

  • 2x MSA 2216 Low Pressure Air Bottles

Third Compartment (Rear Compartment)

Top shelf

  • 1x 100’ Power Reel

  • 2x 100’ Hydraulic Reels

  • Hurst 12" Ram

  • Hurst 14" Ram

  • Hurst 18" Ram

Middle shelf

  • 1 Hurst Cutter S 312 Cutter

  • 1 Hurst Spreader SP 333 Spreader

  • 1 Hurst Combi Tool SC 557 Combi

Bottom shelf

  • Res-Q Jacks x2

  • All Hardware for Jacks

  • Extrication box (Duct tape, Glass saw, 4x Tire stem pullers)


  • Blitz-fire Portable Masterstream Mounted vertically to the Officer Side

Rear Ladder Compartment

  • 24’ 2 Section Extension Ladder

  • 14’ Single Section Roof Ladder

  • 10’ Folding Attic Ladder

  • 3 6’ NY Roof Hooks

  • 2 10’ Pike Poles

Back Bottom Compartment

  • Husqvarna Fire Rescue K12 Rotary Saw with Diamond-Tip Blade

  • Stihl Chainsaw

  • SawZall 

  • Box with extra batteries and blades

  • Gas and bar oil

  • RIT Bag

    • 1 HR SCBA bottle

    • Spare mask

    • Scott PaK Tracker

    • 25’ webbing coiled up

Officer Side

Pump Panel

  • LDH Intake

  • 2x 2 1/2” Intake

  • LDH Discharge (With Adapter)

  • Step well

    • Water Can

    • 25 ft. 5” Supply line LDH

First Compartment (Behind Pump Panel)

On vertical pull out compartment (Right Side)

  • 6x Water rescue vests

  • 6x Red Team Wendy Exfil Sar Tactical Helmets with ESS safety goggles

Top Shelf- Rope Rescue

  • Rope bag x4 200’ (rescue)

  • Rope bag x2 200’ (utility)

  • Bag of webbing 25’

  • Harness bag x6

  • Bag of prussic (14 in bag)

  • Hardware bag

  • Rescue 8’s x6

  • Carabiner x14

  • Pulley x8

  • Self-Capturing pulley x3

Second Compartment (Over Axle)

  • Cribbing

    • 4x4 – 10

    • 2x4 – 10

    • 6x6 – 5

    • Wedge – 10

    • Step Chocks x4

Third Compartment (Rear Compartment)

Right Side bottom pull out tray

  • 2x 25’ Portable power cords

  • 3x Circle D portable lights

  • Junction box

Right side top pull out tray

  • Electric PPV Fan

  • Hand Tools

  • 1 Rabbit tool

  • 2 30” Maxximus Rex Probar Halligans with 8 wedges

  • 2 The PIG Forcible Entry Tool

  • 1 30” Pro Bar Halligan with 8 wedge

  • 1 Iron Fox Flathead Axe

  • 1 8 lb sledgehammers 

  • 2x Flathead Ax

  • Mini Probar with lock pulling adz

  • 1 3 lbs maul

  • 1 S&D The Rex Tool

  • 2 24” Fiberglass Bolt Cutters

  • 1 Non-conductive Cable Cutter

Rear Cab Exterior Compartment

  • Hydrant Wrench

  • LDH Spanner Wrenches

  • Small Spanner Wrenches

  • Gate Valve

  • Collapsible Shovel


  • Deck gun (With ground mount capabilities)

  • Ground mount for water monitor

  • 4x 5 gallon buckets of Class B AR AFFF Foam Concentrate

  • 2x 10 ft. Hard Suction (Driver Side, accessible from Rear only)


Driver’s Side 

  • All controls to operate apparatus on Drivers Side

  • 2x Streamlight Survivor Chargers Mounted to doghouse

Offer's Side

  • Map books of Shiloh County

  • ADC map books of Shiloh County and surrounding counties.

  • SCBA bracket for officer

  • Siren and air horn Pedals, air horn pulls

  • Thermal Imaging Camera

  • 3x Radio Chargers mounted to the top of the doghouse

  • Officers hook mounted to the side of the doghouse (Newark Hook)


  • 2x Backward facing seats with SCBA bracket

  • 1x Forward facing jump seats with SCBA bracket

  • 3x Radio Chargers mounted to officer side doghouse

  • 3x Streamlight Survivor Chargers mounted to doghouse

Rear Driver side Compartment

Bottom Shelf

  • Driver Gear with SCBA

  • 1 2.5 Gal. Water Can

  • 1 ABC Fire Extinguisher

Middle Pullout Shelf

  • 1 30” Pro Bar Halligan with 8 wedge

  • 1 Iron Fox Flathead Axe

  • 1 30” Maxximus Rex Probar Halligans with 8 wedge

  • 1 The PIG Forcible Entry Tool

  • 4x Streamlight Box lights

Top Pullout Shelf

  • 3x Traffic Vests

  • 2x Accountability Boards

  • ICS Kit

Rear Officer’s side Compartment (Medical)

Bottom Pullout Shelf

  • ALS Bag

  • C-Spine Kit

  • Trauma Kit

  • O2 Bag

  • Head Blocks

Middle Pullout Shelf

  • LifePak-15

  • Medical Gloves

  • Portable Suction Bag

  • Airway Bag

Top Pullout Shelf

  • Drug Box

  • Mass Bleeding Control Bag

  • Folded Heavy-Duty Reeves Stretcher (Mega Mover)

  • Stokes Basket (Mounted to compartment side, between door and compartment)

  • Backboard (Mounted to compartment side, between seat and compartment)

Front Bumper

  • 1x 1 ¾ Discharge

  • Driver side, 150’ 1 ¾” hose line - Scorpion loaded with variable fog nozzle.

  • 2x Hydraulic Ports below the bumper

Hose Loads


  • Bottom Line: 200’ 2 ½” Hose with stack tip nozzle (Flat Load)

  • Top Line (Driver Side): 200’ 2” Hose with 1 ¾” Couplings with variable fog nozzle (Minuteman Load)

  • Middle Line (Officer Side): 200’ 2” Hose line with 1 ¾” Couplings with variable fog nozzle (Minuteman Load)

  • Booster line (Officer Side)- 100’ 1” hose with variable fog nozzle on retractable reel


Far left

  • 200’ 2 ½” Hose line with stack tip nozzle

Middle left

  • 1,000’ 5” line “dead loaded”

Middle right

  • 200’ 2” With 2 ½” Couplings, Smoothbore Nozzle

Far right, top

  • 150’ 2” with 1 ¾” Couplings, Smoothbore Nozzle 

Far right, bottom

  • 300’ 3” Hose line, dead loaded


Personnel Responsibilities


  • Fire

    • Role: Initial Sizeup and Search and Rescue with the plugman.  If short staffed, act as backup man. 

    • Equipment: Hook, TIC

  • Car Extrication

    • Role: Supervise the scene.  Assist where needed.

    • Equipment: N/A

  • Technical Rescue

    • Role: Supervise the scene.  Assist where needed

    • Equipment: N/A


  • Fire

    • Role: Pretty self explanatory…  Drive and supervise pump panel

    • Equipment: N/A

  • Car Extrication

    • Role: Position the truck out of the way for other apparatus.  Set up tools for extrication and the protection line.

    • Equipment: N/A

  • Technical Rescue

    • Role: Assist the Officer.  Medical Assist, if needed.

    • Equipment: Medical Equipment, other various.


  • Fire

    • Role: Use the nozzle to put out the fire.

    • Equipment: Nozzle and hoseline

  • Car Extrication

    • Role: Man the protection line and do the cribbing.

    • Equipment: Nozzle and cribbing.

  • Technical Rescue

    • Role: Obtain Various equipment requested by the rest of the crew.

    • Equipment: Various

Backup man:

  • Fire

    • Role: Support the nozzleman and assist with Forcible Entry

    • Equipment: Irons (Flathead ax and Halligan)

  • Car Extrication

    • Role: Use the spreaders.

    • Equipment: HURST spreaders tool

  • Technical Rescue

    • Role: Primary Rescuer

    • Equipment: Various


  • Fire

    • Role: Catch the hydrant.  Then assist the Officer with searching inside of the building.

    • Equipment: Hydrant Wrench, 6’ Hook and Halligan

  • Car Extrication

    • Role: Use the cutters.

    • Equipment: HURST cutter tool

  • Technical Rescue

    • Role: Secondary Rescuer

    • Equipment: Various

Fire and EMS Radio System

16 October 2018 - 07:00 AM

The SCFD uses Harris XG-25 Radios.

Each of these radios have unique identifiers, allowing everyone to know who is transmitting. This is identifiable to both dispatch as well as anyone monitoring that particular channel.

Each position on each unit has a radio issued to it. Each radio is also paired with a shoulder mic, two batteries, two belt removable belt clips, a long range antenna, a black leather radio strap, a leather radio cup, and a bluetooth receiver built into SCBA masks.

To turn these radios on, simply turn the volume knob. The volume goes from 0-40. You can also cut the volume in half through the shoulder mic by pressing in the button below the PTT switch. You can also change the channels on the radio by turning the know next to it. The knob only goes from 1-16, and it will not go past 1 or 16. The radio will always start in bank 1, channel 1 (SCFD Main), regardless of knob positioning. So if your knob is turned to channel 5 when you turn the radio on and you turn the knob one to the right, you will go from channel 1 to channel 6 immediately. You will NOT be on channel 5 when the radio turns on. The orange button is the emergency button. This will active an emergency panel at dispatch as well as sending out a tone on the channel. It also will open your mic for fifteen seconds. The other button on the side of the radio is the backlight (bottom circle) and the long rectangular button is the PTT. The toggle switch at the top of the radio allows you to operate from the antenna in your radio (option A), or to use a larger repeater (option B ). Radios should always be at option A unless operating in remote areas with aparatus mounted repeaters or in tall metal buildings.

These radios operate on a three bank system. In order to access the other banks, press the "M" key in the center of the top keypad row and the top side button within 1 second. This will unlock the radio, allowing you to change banks, scan, or change settings. To change banks, press the up or down keys on either side of the "M" key. To scan, press the "SCN" button at the bottom right. These banks are listed below.

Bank 1: Main bank
  • SCFD Main
  • SCFD Batt X PVT (Different for each Battalion)
  • Ops 1
  • Ops 2
  • Ops 3
  • Ops 4
  • Ops 5
  • Ops 6
  • Ops 7
  • Ops 8
  • Ops 9
  • Ops 10
  • SD Dispatch
  • SD TAC
  • EMS Main
  • SCFD Main
Bank 2: EMS
  • SCFD Main
  • EMS Main
  • SCH Notification
  • St. Agatha’s Notification
  • Crescent Falls Notification
  • Ops 1
  • Ops 2
  • Ops 3
  • Crescent Falls EMS
  • SCH Secutity
  • CF Security
  • St. Agatha’s Security
  • MCI Ops
  • MCI Notification
  • EMS Aviation
  • SCFD Main
Bank 3: Major Incidents/Federal Channels
  • 9-1-1 (Emergency)
  • ICS/Ops CMD 1
  • ICS/Ops CMD 2
  • Forestry
  • USCG
  • State PD Dispatch
  • State PD TAC
  • Airport PD
  • Port PD
  • Hazmat
  • Public Works
  • PD Aviation
  • Neighboring County Fire Dispatch
  • Neighboring County Fire TAC
  • SC Wide 1
  • SC Wide 2
​The Main bank is for most radio communications. This includes the SCFD dispatch channel, a private channel, the operations channels, SD's dispatch and TAC channels, and the EMS main channel.

The EMS bank is mainly used for hospital notification. It also includes EMS Main and Ops 1-3, allowing EMS crews to mainly operate in this bank.

The third bank is the interoperability and federal channels. These channels allow communication between agencies, but local, state, and federal.

Channel Descriptions
  • SCFD Main: Both fire and EMS dispatch.
  • Private: The private channel is to be used to communicate between other radios in the battalion for training or other simple, non incident related items. This channel is monitored and recorded by dispatch. Each battalion will have its own channel.
  • Ops: Operations channels are assigned when a call is dispatched. Responding units will call responding on the dispatch channel and then immediately go back to the operations channel that was assigned. The lower number channels will be assigned first, meaning that Ops 1 is the most commonly assigned channel.
  • ​SD Dispatch and TAC: Pretty Self explanatory
  • EMS Main: designed for simple EMS incidents, mainly BLS and minor ALS incidents. This channel will serve as the operations channel for single EMS unit responses. This is also the channel to contact Medical control.
  • Hospital Notification channels: these are used by EMS crews to alert that they are have a patient and that they are transporting. to the hospital.
  • MCI Ops: Channel used for communicating between EMS crews on Mass Casualty Events
  • MCI Notification: This is used for crews to alert other hospitals that they are transporting a patient. All area hospitals will monitor this channel when requested by medical control or the incident commander of a MCI
  • EMS Aviation: This channel is used to communicate between the ground and medevac crews
  • 9-1-1: This is used for emergency incidents, such as first responders in danger. This is the channel where emergency button activations are directed. This channel is always monitored by dispatch. In the case of an emergency, such as trapped firefighter, the IC will change a radio and the RIT team will also operate on this channel. All other firefighters will operate on the originally assigned ops channel.
  • ICS/OPS CMD: These channels are use only for large incidents, such as large wild fires, incidents with responders from five or more agencies, or anything involving federal responders.
  • Hazmat: These are used for large scale hazmat incidents such as spills and other things
  • PD Aviation: This will allow ground crews to communicate with PD air units
  • SC Wide: This allows for units to communicate with all PD, EMS, and other crews in the county, including city units.