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Yesterday, 01:21 AM

* Nick finally gets into ambulance after trying to get him to the hospital. I walk through the side of the ambulance to see how kyle is doing.*


'Kyle i hear you have a 3rd degree burn on your arm, don't worry man youll be fine you just got to get it treated. ive been burned like that before and its no fun, buts its better to go to the hospital for nothing than it be something and you lose your arm.'


*I put my on kyle's arm and I let him know not to worry about the truck we will figure it out. Ariana's tells me that she needs to get out to take kyle to the SCH, I hope out of the ambulance and walk to the back of the house knowing that we will be returning a man short. I Nick back at our staging area I walk over to him*


' Hey Nick just talked to kyle before he left, he's good I think I got his mind changed a little after what happened when I got burned. we can figure out a new driver when we are done here'

In Topic: South 4th St Job

24 March 2019 - 04:11 PM

*I hear Kyle say he has a victim i look over at dave and cook*


'you guys stay here im going to help kyle'


*they loom at me with the look of ok, i run around the side of the structure and get to the ladder. i climb on to the turntable and walk up the ladder to the window where Kyle is located, when klye gets to the window with the victim and I assist him getting them out and we carry down the ladder and to one of the ambulances. As we are climbing down I notice kyle is off gassing on his arm*


'Kyle your off gassing when we are done go to medic 1 and get checked make sure your good'

In Topic: South 4th St Job

21 March 2019 - 10:09 PM

*We got on scene*

Me: "Truck 7 to 911."


911: "Go."


Me: "Truck 7's on scene."




'Cook your going to be me and dave come with we are going chalie side for RIT dave and grab the 28, kyle set up the airiel and set it on the roof.'


* hop out of the truck make my to the second officer side compartment and grab a 6' NY hook*

In Topic: South 4th St Job

21 March 2019 - 09:46 PM

*I'm finishing up the morning paperwork when i here the tones drop for a working fire, i get up run to the truck and look at the computer as i throw my bunker pants on and hop in as Kyle begin to pull out of the station, I tug on the air horn string as we pull out as kyle hits the Q.*


"looks like we got us a good one boys"

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18 March 2019 - 11:44 PM

*after changing the rope on the ladder i worked out  by doing some cardio*