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20 March 2019 - 05:02 PM

'Johnson Here'

In Topic: I-484 MVC

20 February 2019 - 03:28 AM

*I hear the call go out in the middle of rush hour.  Because it's split between the districts, I'll at least be able to go where they are shutting traffic down.  I flip my lights on as I key the mic.*


"202 to County Ops, show me responding to the intersection of 484 and I-48."


*I then flip my siren on as I start to clear traffic through North Ft. Shannon.*

In Topic: Johnson house

11 February 2019 - 04:08 AM

A few days pass after i ask Amanda to move into my house we have her entire apartment packed minus some furniture that we are going to sell to a consignment store. after we sell the furniture we head abck to her now old apartment so we can pack.


*We get back to her apartment and i turn off the truck and we get out and go up to her apartment.*


'OK baby what should we pack first into your car?'


'Lets pack up the kitchen into my car first then we can put the rest into you truck'


'Sounds like a great plan'


*we go to the kitchen and we start with the small boxes and we start to put them into Amanda's front seat, we make about 4 trips to and from the apartment to her car but we got the kitchen and we still have room for more stuff.*


'Well that was quick and it looks like we still have room in car. want to put the bedroom stuff into your car.'


'Okay I don't why not I can put my clothes into the car and then we can see what we have left'


'sounds good how much clothes to you have left'


'I think 2 baskets and a box or 2'


*we get back the apartment we walk in and go the bedroom and I take both baskets and Amanda takes a box we go out to the car I put the 2 baskets still stacked into the back seat and Amanda puts 2 of the next to it.*


With Amanda's car full we take the rest of the apartment and put it in my truck  and we fill my cab and bed. Amanda turns in her key and we go to my house to begin unloading the cars. we finish everything around 5 and I order pizza for us and we go to sleep afterward.

In Topic: Johnson house

04 February 2019 - 04:54 PM

*After a long patrol I start to drive home and I call up Amanda to let her Know that I finished my shift and that I'm on my way home. I pick up the phone and hit her contact and I call her.*

'Hey beautiful'


'Hey honey, how was work?'


'It was good uneventful, hey I was wondering if I could come over to your place I have a question for you that I need to ask in person.'


'sure, I'm home now so just let yourself in when you get here I'll probably be in the shower.'


'Okay great *I smile* so how was your day?'


'It was good Kathy was being a bitch at work to day but other than that it was a good'


'hey baby im going to go I'll talk to you more when I get your apartment'


'okay baby love you'


'love you more'


*I keep driving while thinking how im going to ask to the question we been dating for about a year now, after about 15 minutes I get Amanda's apartment I go up the flight of stairs and I get to her door and I let myself in*


'honey I'm here'


'hey honey, what did you want to ask me?'


* I go over to Amanda I look in her the eyes and hold her hands*


'Will you move in with me?'


'OMG yes I would love to move in with you!!!!!'

In Topic: Patrol Area

20 January 2019 - 12:30 AM

*I walk out of the building with my rifle sling over my chest magazine inserted. In my right hand is my phone and I walk to my patrol car im texting Amanda telling her that I was about to get into my patrol vehicle. When I get to 202, I walk around the car to check for any problems. which I don't see. just as I finish my checks and other routine maintenance I hear my phone ding on the roof I look at phone and I smile as I read 'stay safe baby, I love you' with a kissing heart emoji. I quickly reply 'I'll try, love you too baby I'll see you when I get off' I finish the message with a kissing heart emoji. before I get into the car I chamber a round into my rifle and flip the safety on and close the dust cover. I secure the rifle in the car. I throw my bag on the passage seat I hope in and crack the vehicle on and let the computer boot-up. I close the door key up the radio "county from 202, show me available". I put the car in drive and drive off.*