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In Topic: Dump Truck Vs Bus

06 November 2018 - 04:38 PM

*I'm walking down the hallway of Shiloh County Hospital towards the staff break room. Time for a quick snack and a breather. It's been a busy night. Just as I reach the door, my pager goes off.*


'That's weird.', I think. Usually, I get calls and messages on my hospital VOIP phone. It dawns on me....that's the EMS pager.


*I hastily grab it from my waste band, and take a look*


'MCI Activation-MD Required: Bus. Pls call FD EMS dispatch'


'Shit' I mutter to myself. In over a year, I have never had an actual MCI activation, in fact, this pager's only gone off twice, both were from the EMS shift commander asking questions about a crew screw-up.


I walk into the staff room and head over to the locker room area. I get on the phone and call EMS dispatch to get the information. I place them on speaker mode as I quickly change from my scrub pants into the pair of EMT style pants that I have in the locker for just such an event. I change my tennis shoes to boots, grab the pull-over job shirt I have hanging up. I finish getting the details and hang up my phone. I leave the locker room, break area, and hastily move to the ambulance triage area. Hidden in a cabinet in the EMS radio/med control room are two jump bags. I grab both of them and head out into the ambulance triage area towards the back door into the ambulance bay. 


'I got an MCI activation. Dump truck vs Bus, 15+ confirmed casualties. Monitor MedNet and the radios.' I tell the ambulance triage nurse and the nurse monitoring the EMS radio as I leave. They look at me puzzled, then spring into action notifying everyone they can about the pending influx of patients.


MedNet is a cool computerized tool that all of the area hospitals utilize. It allows hospitals to publish how many beds are available and whether or not they are open to receiving patients. Its very useful in situations like this, where coordinating with other hospitals to spread the burden of an MCI like this around the area is important. 


I head out into the ambulance bay where my response car is parked in the back corner. I unlock the door, pop the trunk and throw my bags into the back. The bags are mostly extra supplies, field surgical supplies, and MCI related equipment.


I head to the driver's side and get in. Before I take off, I shoot a text to Dr. Braun:


Got an MCI activation. enroute to dump truck vs bus. 15+ pts


After sending the text, I type the address into google maps. I start the engine, and pull out of the ambulance bay, pausing before pulling out into traffic. I pick up the car radio, turn it on and move it to the EMS dispatch channel.


"MD-2 enroute to North Third" I say. "MD-2 copy" I hear in response.


*I switch the radio over to Ops 1 to get a preview of whats to come, then I pull into traffic with lights and siren going. God it's been a long time since I've done this."

In Topic: Dr. Braun's Office

16 June 2018 - 04:44 PM

I walk to the office door and look at my watch.




The door is closed. He's probably not here yet. I knock and try the door. It's locked. I hear someone walking down the hallway and turn around. Dr. Braun is walking up.


As he approaches I greet him, juggling my coffee with one hand.


'Good morning.' I say to him. He greets me back.


'So how was your trip to Florida?' I ask.


Dr. Braun's been on vacation for a week in Sunny Florida. I've had to attend the county EMS board meeting and meetings with the Fire Department brass on his behalf for the past 2 weeks. I'm meeting him today to talk about all the pending changes coming down the pipe.

In Topic: Emergency Department

16 June 2018 - 04:37 PM

Sjostrom leaves without answering.


'Okay then.' I say to myself, not thinking too much into it.  I ask the patient instead and essentially get the same information. 


'Ok so you did get knocked out?' I ask the patient.


'I think so, Maybe for a minute.' he replies.


*I check his neck and head. Nothing seems out of the ordinary except for some dried blood, probably from his arm wound. He denies any pain and seems alert and oriented.*


'Ok so I want to do a quick CT scan of your head since you did get knocked unconscious. A blow hard enough to do that is more than capable of causing a bleed in your brain. I think it's unlikely but I'd really rather be safe than sorry with that. Other than that we're going to get that tourniquet off and see what kind of bleeding we're dealing with here. Once we get that under control hopefully it will be a matter of cleaning it out and stitching it up.'


*The patient agrees. I pull out a pen light to get an even closer look at the wound. I poke a prod it for a second. I see exposed muscle. This is going to require multiple layers of stitching.*


*I ask the man to move his hands and fingers. He does so. I check his feeling around the wound and below. Everything seems intact.

As a nurse finishes his vital I take a quick glance at them. Everything seems normal. I walk out of the room and over to a computer to start writing up the orders.*

In Topic: Emergency Department

06 June 2018 - 10:41 PM

*I put some gloves on and make a line straight for his arm to take a look.*


'Hi, I'm Dr. Grant, I'm just going to take a quick look at your arm.' I say as I inspect it. I see a single wound, fairly large, but decently clean cut. Should be easy enough to suture. 


'What kind of knife was it? Any other injuries? Loss of consciousness?' I ask.

In Topic: Emergency Department

06 June 2018 - 09:55 PM

*I sit at the nurses station, working on my charts. I'm aware that there are two stabbing patients coming in. The trauma team is in the trauma bay working on the first patient who just got brought in. I got delegated to manage the second patient.*


*As the EMTs enter the ER I overhear the nurse in ambulance reception asking if this was the arm stabbing and I hear one of the EMTs answer affirmatively.*


'This is mine.' I say softly to myself as I logout of the computer and stand up. 


'Trauma 10' I hear the ambulance reception nurse tell the crew. I watch them wheel the patient over to the room and help him up into the room. He doesn't seem too bad. I walk over to the EMTs.


'So what do you have for me?' I ask Sjostrom.