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20 April 2019 - 03:33 AM

Before Breslin heads down the stairs I shout:


"Evals are on your desk, right?"


"Yep" she shouts back as she heads downstairs.


*I head into the EMS office, head to the supervisor desk, sort through all the clutter of crap and find the stack of evaluations. I rummage through the desk and find an empty manila envelope and place the evals in it. I write Station 7 Crew Evals with sharpie on the front, seal it up, and leave the office. I proceed down stairs and back to the Logistics van.*


On to my next stop.

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19 April 2019 - 06:46 AM

'Well you forget...I used to work as a developer for a game company before I went to P school.' I say. 


'I mean I was a tad rusty to start but I've gotten back up to speed. Bling Bling is guaranteed going to be in this. I think I'll make him a boss battle...where you have to defeat him to get the enchanted crack pipe or something. Not sure yet.' I say.


'Anyway, I'll send it to you when I get home. I just have to add your phone online as a "test" machine and you can play it as I update it.' I say to her.


She continues to play around with it.


'So sorry for leaving you in the dark...I wasn't exactly expecting to get my ankle caved in while playing flag football with the weekend warrior crew.' I said.


'So like I said...hopefully only 2 more weeks of purgatory and I can be back on the bus.' I pause for a moment.


'Anyway, they sent me around to pick up crew evaluations from all the supervisors. Why it's not electronic? I can't figure out...but you know how shit works around here.' I say.


'Oh, and I dropped off that box of ECG paper you needed in the supply room.'

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19 April 2019 - 04:50 AM

Mid-hug I look over to the old beat up logistics van.


'Yeah, I should probably park that out back....' I say, slightly ashamed that I'm driving that piece of trash around.


'I asked for a magnetic strip to put on the side that says "Won't molest you", but the guys at fleet maintenance didn't think that was funny.'


'So, in two day I get the screws taken out of my ankle, and hopefully I can get scheduled for a physical ability test in the next two weeks and be back in this hot mess.' I say.


*I reach into my pocket and pull out my iPhone 8. The case is beat to hell, but the phone underneath is pristine.*


'So my mom actually flew out here to help me out for a few weeks after my little accidente. So to keep myself from going stir crazy, I picked up my laptop and starting making an app.' I say as I navigate my phone.


'You remember that stupid mobile game idea we joked about the night we ran on that crack head who thought he was the dalai lama? Well....*I hand my phone over to her*...I started working on it.'


The screen is filled with a colorful, decently photoshoped, graphic splash screen with a stylized "CRACK RPG"  in big letters textured like cracking concrete. A small pulsating button glows on the bottom "Push to start".


'The graphics are shitty stick figures for now but it's a start...who know...I might keep it that way. Just like the game Stick RPG...it's still really early and simple, but it's somewhat playable'

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19 April 2019 - 03:20 AM

*I pull into a parking spot. The crappy old ford Logistics-1 van they have me driving around in is caked on the inside with grime. The cup holders are sticky and full of 15 years of gunk. The dashboard is peeling...this thing should have been retired years ago. The A/C sucks, but at least the AM/FM tuning knob works, even if I can't read the station number on the display.*


'There she is.' I say as I put the van into park. The station reflects in my sunglasses as I give it a good look. I put the van in park and get out.


I walk around to the back and open the back door. The back is filled with...crap..who knows what any of this stuff really is. I grab a small sealed cardboard box and close the back doors, locking them before I do so. The box is light and gives me no trouble.


I walk towards the station, my ankle holding up pretty well. It's supported well in the small soft supportive brace, that you can't even notice with my pant leg covering it.


Only one more week of this crap, I think to myself. I've been stuck at HQ doing paperwork, filing, organizing, ordering supplies, whatever they could find for me to do. I've been stuck in this personal hell, known as light duty, for almost 2 months. Now with my final surgery, to take the hardware out of my ankle, only a few days away, I'll hopefully be back in action in two weeks tops.


I walk inside and head to the supply room, dropping the box down on an empty space on the shelf, I pull out a sharpie and write "ECG Paper" in big letters on the side of the box. I head to the common area hoping to snag Breslin for a second. While saying "hi" is definitely on the agenda, my real mission for being here was to not only drop off the ECG paper, but to pick up  employee evaluations from Breslin. 


As I walk out I happen to catch her as she enters the garage.


"Partner!" I say loudly to get her attention. I walk over. 'They finally let me out of my cage for some fresh air' I say. '...it's freaking torture...but at least the gossip is good.'

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08 February 2019 - 05:19 PM

'Not even. I wish there was etoh on board. slipped on an ice patch on the stairs heading up to my apartment. foot lost traction, went backward to the stair below and I landed full weight on it awkward.'


'didnt hurt at first but when i saw it pointing the wrong way... I had my neighbor drive my ass to the er.'


'these pain drugs are awesome. dr is talking 2 surgeries'