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#57982 LOA Russo - Medical

Posted by R.Dunne on 20 October 2018 - 08:55 AM

Man up pussy. How are you going to make it to the pancake breakfast? 


This is precisely the sort of things that really chaps my ass.  "Man up pussy"?  What does that mean?  Is that anything like "Man overboard" or "Man on fire"?  It is exactly this kind of degenerate comma abuse that creates the confusion between, "I helped my uncle, Jack, off a horse" and "I helped my uncle jack off a horse."  Please use commas!

#57964 Bay Area

Posted by R.Dunne on 17 October 2018 - 12:32 PM

*I hear the Lieutenant mention something about forgetting to check reverse lights and oil and raise my gaze to fix on a point just past her, so that I'm looking in her direction.*


'No, I didn't forget.'


*I don't elaborate, ignoring the urge to give more information and instead take another long draw of my vape. I don't check fluids until I turn the truck on, and I don't turn the truck on until my partner is out and ready to go. It's the right order to do things, and I don't bother to explain the right way to everyone anymore. I stop trying to focus on her and look at the ground, since the ground doesn't get nasty when you stare at it. I rub my finger over the textured button on my vape pen, intermittently taking long drags of the juice and glancing at the two women as they talk.*

#57932 The Residence of Rory Dunne

Posted by R.Dunne on 13 October 2018 - 01:24 PM

Rory and Aubrey Dunne's residence


Rory Dunne


Rory Dunne is a 21 year old Paramedic for Shiloh County EMS. He lives with his sister Aubrey in a shotgun-style house in the area of Oxnard bordering Ft. Shannon. He was born in Indianapolis and grew up with his younger brother Elliot and younger sister Aubrey. When he was in elementary school, he was flagged for assessment and diagnosed with high functioning autism. Working with a special education team allowed him to excel in school and when he was in middle school, he was able to apply for one of the city's magnet school programs and was accepted to a school in another part of the city, specializing in medicine. While exploring medical professions during a freshman assignment, he learned about EMS and was hooked. His sophomore teacher encouraged him to try nursing and he agreed, but kept the prehospital slant in most of his coursework. This culminated in an internship experience in his senior year working on an ambulance and in the ER, as well as starting his EMT his second semester of senior year. His senior advisor suggested he try emergency nursing because of the career prospects and he applied to nursing school at Crescent Falls State. Shortly after submitting his application he earned his national registry certificate. He came across a paramedic program while in college and started the class. He loved the course work and was able to complete it in a year, earning his paramedic license. Rory has another year before he is able to complete his BSN at the university.

Aubrey Dunne


Aubrey Dunne is a 19 year old attending school at Crescent Falls State University. She grew up in Indianapolis and lived with her older and younger brothers. Growing up she had a fondness for horses and was a competitive horseback rider. She had never had much interest in school and had done merely mediocre work throughout most of her school career, preferring instead to socialize and participate in creative pursuits. When she was 16 she was working with a new horse and was thrown from the horse's back, sustaining a concussion and spinal cord injury that paralyzed her from the waist down. She participated in a mental health program while she was recovering from the injury and decided to pursue a career in mental health, using her new perspective and creative passions to pursue a career in art therapy. She is currently enrolled in a social work program at the university and lives with her older brother Rory.

Aubrey's vehicle


Rory's vehicle