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Posted by R.Dunne on 17 October 2018 - 12:32 PM

*I hear the Lieutenant mention something about forgetting to check reverse lights and oil and raise my gaze to fix on a point just past her, so that I'm looking in her direction.*


'No, I didn't forget.'


*I don't elaborate, ignoring the urge to give more information and instead take another long draw of my vape. I don't check fluids until I turn the truck on, and I don't turn the truck on until my partner is out and ready to go. It's the right order to do things, and I don't bother to explain the right way to everyone anymore. I stop trying to focus on her and look at the ground, since the ground doesn't get nasty when you stare at it. I rub my finger over the textured button on my vape pen, intermittently taking long drags of the juice and glancing at the two women as they talk.*