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In Topic: Parade Room

03 May 2019 - 04:18 PM

*I step into the parade room for this first shift back, fully expecting to be placed on probation and with another officer for 'training'. I have no doubt there will be a lot of new faces, and I fully expect to not see anyone familiar at all. I stand back, waiting for the officer in charge to give me my assignment, standing at ease.*

'DeVito, here.'

In Topic: Locker Room And Fitness Centre

22 April 2019 - 07:38 AM

I walk into the locker room, pulling off an old and very worn out department tee before changing into my newly issued duty uniform. I longingly run my fingers over the place where my old insignia would have been, before fastening everything up and straightening my uniform.


A probie. Again.


It's a slight.. more than a slight blow to my ego to be a probationary deputy after training so many myself but I suppose I have to prove myself all over again - hopefully I can build half as much of a reputation as I had before.


I check over my uniform, making sure everything is crisp, just as I like it. If I was going to hold others to a high uniform standard I'd be damned if I didn't follow it myself to the letter.