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The residence of Allison DeVito

22 April 2019 - 05:38 AM

Introducing Allison DeVito





Born in Truilit in 1991, Allison lives in the outskirts of Kimberly in a small cottage on the next plot of land from her family home. Her parents bought the cottage intending to help keep her close to home, and to give her "space"; in the hopes she'll meet a nice young man. Grateful to be away from her loving yet overbearing family, she joined the sheriff's department after getting an associates in Paramedic technology from the local college. Her sister Anna, had moved away after an identity crisis, living in a southern state now. After 3 years with the department, she left the department to work as a critical care unit technician while she worked through resolving personal health issues. After several years she decided to return to the sheriff's department, missing the feeling of being on the streets. She lives alone with her dog, Elise, a newfoundland.