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Community Manager

29 August 2019 - 02:37 PM

Good morning everyone,


I am pleased to announce the promotion of member Katharine Baker to community manager. She will be in charge of our ongoing aggressive recruitment campaign as well as member retention.

Hiring Process & Academy Shiloh County Sheriff's Department

15 August 2019 - 09:52 AM

This is to explain the hiring process and then the academy curriculum


Civil Service Route

  1. Civil Service Test - This is a 100 question multiple choice test. Additional points will be given for Residence in Shiloh county, Previous LE experience and military service. This test is typically administered twice a year at the main academy building. The fee to take the test is $50 dollars. Waivers for the fee are given in some circumstances.
  2. Physical agility test - After the written tests are graded and a list is established a physical agility test is scheduled, That test consists of scaling a 6 foot fence, A pursuit run, a stair climb and a dragging a weighted dummy 40 feet.
  3. Medical assessment - this is conducted by SCFD medical officers to determine if the candidate is medically stable enough to perform the duties as a Shiloh County Sheriff's Deputy. A drug and alcohol screening is also given during this part.
  4. Psychological assessment - This is conducted by contracted firms to determine if the candidate is psychologically stable to perform the duties as a Shiloh County Sheriff's Deputy.
  5. Background Investigation - Comprehensive background investigation, References are checked.



Appointment Route


  1. Selection Process - Due to a specific need of the agency a direct hire may be approved from an external source, Bypassing the need for the civil service Process. The requirement for the SCSD academy may be waived if the applicant is already certified as an LEO
  2. Background Investigation - Comprehensive background investigation, References are checked.





Shiloh County Sheriff's Academy


Weeks 1-16


  • 0700 - Report for Duty
  • 0715 - Report to Appropriate Classroom
  • 0725 - Penal Law
  • 0930 - Classroom Tactics
  • 1030 - Department Procedure and policies
  • 1200 - Break for Lunch
  • 1300 - Report to Gym
  • 1315 - Cardio
  • 1400 - Unarmed/Baton/Handcuff Tactics
  • 1500 - End of day


Week 17


Monday - Firearm training (9MM)

Tuesday - Firearm Training (9MM)

Wednesday - Firearm Training (9MM)

Thursday - Firearm Training (12 Ga Shotgun)

Friday - Tazer training


Week 18

Monday - Tac House

Tuesday - Tac house

Wednesday - Tac House

Thursday - Pubic transit Shoot house (Traincar and retired city bus on Academy grounds)

Friday - Off

Saturday - Tactical Drill at Meadowlark Junior High school (ESS Present) Recruits report to academy Grounds @ 0630 for transport by van to Meadowlark JHS


Week 18

Monday Through Friday 0700-1500 EVOC (Sedan and SUV)


Week 19

Monday - First Aid CPR

Tuesday - Cultural Diversity Seminar EEOA lecture

Wednesday - EVOC (Van)

Thursday - Introduction to SCFD operations

Friday - Introduction to OEM and Communications operations


Week 20

Sunday - Family Day (Recruits are invited to bring there friends and family to a tour of agency. Depending on weather its held outside or in the gymnasium, Refreshments served and demonstrations are put on.)

Monday - Off

Tuesday - Union introduction

Wednesday - Shield and gun day. Assignments given out

Thursday - Dress uniform fitting. Rehearsal for graduation

Friday - Graduation Day


25 March 2019 - 02:05 AM

In absence of the chatroom site administration has decided to transition to discord. For those who don't know the built in chat that we were using had very limited functionality and wasn't mobile friendly.


Discord Link: https://discord.gg/dSmF9gP




Dispatcher Badges

22 March 2019 - 06:25 AM

This would replace the ID  as the profile picture

New Staff

05 February 2019 - 06:14 AM

Please Welcome Captain Nick Leblanc to our administrative staff. Nick has been an active member here for years. In addition, Nick has been picking up leadership roles in the fire department in absence of command staff.