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Please, read carefully those terms of service. In a few seconds you'll see the button to agree to terms.

Terms of Service

Please read our Terms of Service before continuing:

  • 1. Members may not hold multiple accounts. Doing so will result in disciplinary action against the user, and deletion of all additional accounts. Full members may apply to open a second account, however only the primary account will be able to get a supervisory position, and the accounts may not work in the same division
  • 2. Members may not use excessive language. Cursing and swearing excessively will not be tolerated, as this is an all ages site.
  • 3. Members agree to adhere to rank and file. This is a site that works on the basis of rank and file, requiring members to comply, else the game will not work.
  • 4. Members agree to follow posting code. We ask that members posting radio traffic do so with quotations, interpersonal conversation, only heard by those there with apostrophes and actions with an asterisk When posting in large calls, or answering emergency dispatches, please update the topic note accordingly. All material submitted to this site is reserved for use by the ERT, including, but not limited to posts, private messages, pictures and character information.
  • 5. No advertising permitted, without prior written consent. This is on two grounds, one ads generate the funds required to host this site, and without them, the site disappears, and second is that we apeal to a small crowd and if we focus our energies elsewhere, then the tiny crowd is stretched too thin between too many games, and they all fail.
  • 6. If you have a problem, contact someone, or report it! This saves a lot of mess,and will resolve your problem much quicker than if you try to handle it yourself.
  • 7. Use of parts of this site on other websites constitutes fraud and is illegal. Many pieces of this website are original, and are protected by copyright, including the layout. Other parts are used by licence and belong to their respective owners.
  • 8. Members are not to be disrespectful, childish, inappropriate, to other members, and shall not disobey staff orders. Failure to maintain a mature image of yourself can result in removal of certain features.
This will serve as our policy on inactivity and returning to the ERT afterwards.

Planned Leaving
The ERT understands that there are many things in people's lives other than the ERT, and there comes a time that some people have to step aside from the ERT for short periods of time. This is accepted by the ERT under the following terms:
You announce your leaving, and if possible a time of returning. This would be best done with as much notice as possible.
If in a position of authority, such as a training officer, or supervisor, you recommend a replacement for your position if there is not a deputy available.
This is to ensure that we can continue to function in your absence, and that everyone can continue enjoying the experience to it's fullest. Please note, that we will do our best to accomodate your return, however there is no guarantee you'll be placed in the same position, or with the same rank.

Unexpected Leaving
We also understand that there are times when you have to leave ERT for any number of reasons, from emergencies, to loss of internet and much more. However, due to the nature of this, as we don't know what's happening, you'll be treated as an inactive account, and removed from rosters, and placed in the inactive group setting. This is solely to prevent members from missing out on certain positions being held by a person no longer in them.

Returning to the ERT
Regardless of reasons for the Leave of Absence, we do welcome back all members on a leave. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the game, positions are not guaranteed, nor is rank. Certain ranks are appointed and changed, or may be attached to a seat only. If the seat is not vacant, or not needed, then these positions will not be returned. For those with an extended planned LOA, it is recommended that they contact COPA to receive appointment. You will most likely not be returned to your previous seat! If your leave was unannounced, an explanation is customary, however not required. Depending on circumstances, you may be returned to your position, or placed on a different position of lower authority than before. All members returning from an unannounced LOA will be subject to a month long probationary period in which they cannot receive promotions to higher authority, to ensure that they shall remain active. Just because you were in a high authority position before does not entitle you to the same rank upon your return.

Responsibilities of the Supervisors
Department supervisors, Divisional Heads, Unit Supervisors and Unit Leads will be responsible for maintaining an active roster listing. The Supervisor will be required to inform COPA immediately if the official listed roster has ANY discrepancies from your personal list. This will make sure that you have ample resources and are not overburdened. If a supervisor suspects that a person is inactive, they should inform COPA so this account can be archived, and the position filled. If a supervisor is not satisfied with the activity of a member, it is policy to contact the member privately with a member from COPA to come to an acceptable solution, whether it is a transfer, or a leave of absence.

If you have any questions, please PM District Commissioner Burke (dcburke) or email him at dcburke@ertrpg.com. All staff members of this site have the right to use their personal discretion in the handling of member issues, and any problems can be dealt with through dcburke.